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					                                                                                  Benjamin Houlton

                 How to be proactive in your life

This essay I about being proactive, in this essay I will talk about some of the examples in my life

when I was being proactive. I will also talk about how you can make your self more proactive

every day of your life. The last thing that this essay will cover is about the movies The Pursuit of


       The first habit of a highly effective teen is to be “proactive”. What this means is that you

should not approach a situation with a bad attitude. Being proactive also means that you

should do something that will have a good outcome, rather than a bad one. Some of the

examples of me being proactive would be when my sister broke something that I worked really

hard on; I did not get all mad at her. Instead of getting mad at my sister for breaking the thing

that I had worked really hard on, I told her that it might be a lot of fun to build it again. This

other time when my mom told me that I could not have the dessert that I wanted instead of

having a fit about it I asked her if I could have one next time. In both of these situations because

I was proactive, the situation had a better out come than it might have had, if I had not been


       Some of the ways that I plan to implement that idea of being proactive to my life, is to

always think what could have happened if I was not proactive about the situation. I will also

implement the thought of being proactive by making sure that my wife and children will be

proactive in any situation. The reason that I will make sure that my family is proactive is

because I think that it might make the family a better family to be around. I also will make sure
                                                                                 Benjamin Houlton

that my family is proactive because you should always be proactive, whether it is at home or

out in public. I will also make sure that I only hang around the people that are proactive. The

reason that I will make sure that I only hang around people that are proactive, is because if I do

not I might pick up on the non-proactive things that the people do. I think that if I implement

the idea of being proactive to my life, it will make me a better person, and it might make life a

bit better.

        The movie The Pursuit of Happyness has many instances were being proactive led to a

better out come to the bad situation. One of the ways that being proactive helped them was

instead of the father just giving up the father kept pushing to help make him and his son’s life

better. Another way the dad was proactive was when the mother got all mad at the father, the

father did not get mad at the mother. The last and I think the best example of being proactive

was when the father got a better job to help him and his son’s life better all together. I think

that if the father had not been proactive in the situations that he had been placed in, the movie

would have probably have a different outcome the it had when the father was being proactive.

Even though the mother was not proactive the father was, and I thin that it really great that he

could do that, given the situations that he had been placed in.

        This essay told you about many of the things that you can do to be proactive, and make

your life better. The essay also told you about many examples about how I myself was proactive

when I was in bad situations. Finally the essay informed you about how the father in the movie

The Pursuit of Happyness was proactive even when people around him were not.

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