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					Tool Comparison Chart
         Look over the examples in the following chart, and then simply run a Google search on “log file analysis tools.” You might
         want to revise your search terms to get more specific results. Visit several pages, and enter the information here. (More rows
         can be added as needed.) You can customize your search to look for specific tools, such as log file analysis tools for Snort,
         Apache Web Server, IIS, or any other tool you have integrated into your design. Remember that you’re looking for tools to
         use on your network design from Chapter 1. If a tool isn’t compatible with the Windows environment and you have designed
         an exclusively Windows-compatible network, the tool won’t be much use to you. If you already know you have an Apache
         Web server, a tool specifically for Apache is great, but a tool that’s compatible with Apache as well as other platforms is
         better. Those are the rules. Now go have some fun researching tools!
         Hint: You might want to customize this form for use on other product searches or perhaps find another tool comparison
         chart that gives more information. If so, remember to cite your sources and attach those pages.

Tool           Vendor         Cost           Notes                      Location                            Compatibility   Updating

AWStats        Sourceforge    Free (open     Offers log file analysis      All platforms   Manual to
                              source)        of Web, e-mail, and                                                            new
                                             some FTP servers. GUI                                                          versions;
                                             or command-line                                                                plug-ins
                                             interface; requires Perl                                                       available to
                                             version                                                                        expand

Squid          Multi          Varied         Listing of multiple        Multi/varied    Varied
                                             tools and add-ons for
                                             Squid scripts—Web log
                                             analyzers, traffic
                                             analyzers, access, and

Logrep         Itef!x         Open           SSH, low overhead on       logrep (Tip: If the actual          Multi/varied    Manual
                              source         clients, HTML reports      address is too long, type an                        reinstall of
                                                                        identifying name, and insert a                      new
                                                                        hyperlink. Select the text, click                   versions
                                                                        Insert, Hyperlink from the
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