GCSEG eographycasestudiesfor June2012examination by F8bZ59


									                         GCSE Geography case studies for June 2012 examination

Paper 1 – Physical Geography

Rivers - flooding

        MEDC case study = Boscastle, August 2004.
        LEDC case study = Bangladesh, 2004

Rivers – flood control

        River Tees – shows hard and soft engineering.
        Tilgate park dam – hard engineering to stop the River Mole from flooding.

Rivers and water supply in the UK

        Kielder Water in Northumberland – shows how water can be transferred to elsewhere in the UK.


Coastal erosion and management

        MEDC case study = Newhaven and Seaford (beach replenishment here is soft engineering
         but the terminal groyne and rip-rap is hard engineering).
        MEDC case study = Holderness, East Yorkshire – shows coastal erosion and hard engineering
         defence at Mappleton.
        LEDC case study = Bangladesh – Flood Action Plan

Impacts of coastal flooding

        London and the Thames estruary.

Coastal habitat and its management

        Cuckmere Haven, East Sussex – what is this like and how is it being managed?

Tectonics – earthquakes and volcanoes

Fold mountains

        Alps – human uses: farming and forestry, tourism & HEP.


        Yellowstone.

Volcanic eruptions and their impacts

        LEDC/MEDC = Montserrat, Caribbean 1995.

       MEDC – San Francisco, 1989.
       LEDC – Gujarat, India, 2001.


       Asian tsunami, Boxing Day 2004.
       Japanese tsunami, Aril 2011.

Paper 2 - Human Geography.


Population policy

       China’s one child policy

Ageing population

       UK’s ageing population, Italy’s ageing population.


       Migration issues in the UK.

Changing urban environments

       Issues in the CBD and inner city – Birmingham & Manchester are good examples of how
        these have been improved.
       Traffic solutions – London and Glasgow.

Urbanisation in developing world cities

       Sao Paulo, Brazil.
       Cairo, Egypt.

Sustainable urban living

       Bedzed in Wallington, South London.


       Blackpool – example of tourist resort that experienced rise and fall in popularity.

Mass tourism / Positive and negative effects of tourism

       Kenya

Tourism in extreme environments

       Antartica

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