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									Chapter 1

01- Jamal believes that a “real” man always makes the first sexual
advance in a relationship. Jamal’s thinking best reflects
   a. the gender role legacy.
   b. principles of courtly love.
   c. a lesser degree of acculturation.
   d. heterosexism.

02- Which of the following scenarios best illustrates the effects of the
sex-for-procreation legacy?
   a. A woman wants to ask a man out on a date, but she is afraid he
       will think she is too aggressive.
   b. A man has sex with his partner even when he isn’t really in the
   c. A man wants his partner to be on top when they have
       intercourse, but she is reluctant to do so.
   d. A woman is orgasmic only during oral sex, and this is upsetting
       to her partner who wants her to be orgasmic during intercourse.

03- Which one is true concerning “sex manuals”?
   a. They originated in early Greece.
   b. An early Hindu sex manual was called the Kama Sutra.
   c. They originated after the invention of the printing press.
   d. They are a very modern phenomenon.

04- The opposing images of women as the virgin Madonna and evil
temptress Eve originated during
    a. the Victorian era.
    b. the Middle Ages.
    c. the Roman Empire.
    d. the Renaissance.

05- How did U.S. involvement in World War I change the roles of
women and men?
    a. It increased equality and flexibility of gender roles by involving
       women in the work force.
    b. The advent of movies continued to portray Victorian ideals of
       men and women.
   c. American men were introduced to the rigid sexual attitudes of Europe.
   d. Women became more likely to engage in premarital intercourse.

Chapter 2

06- In which type of research is a representative sample of people
asked to answer questions about their sexual attitudes or behaviors?
    a. case study
    b. survey
    c. direct observation
    d. experiment
07- You are conducting a large scale sex survey and want to ensure that the results
are representative of the larger population. In other words, you want to minimize the
problem of
    a. ethnographic bias.
    b. replicability.
    c. demographic bias.
    d. equivalent sampling.

08- Kinsey’s studies on American sexuality were pioneering but limited,
because his sample included
    a. a disproportionate number of better educated persons.
    b. non-volunteers.
    c. large numbers of rural dwellers.
    d. mostly older adults.

09- A science writer hears of a 35 year old male who lost his penis at
circumcision. He interviews all family members, reads medical records,
and writes a book about this. This is most likely an example of which
of the following?
    a. the case study
    b. the survey method
    c. direct observation
    d. follow-up to an experimental intervention

10- Which of the following research methods allows us to draw cause-
and-effect conclusions?
             a. experiments
             b. questionnaires
             c. case studies
             d. cross-sectional studies

Chapter 3

11- Gender refers to ______ while sex refers to ______.
    a. social and cultural aspects of maleness or femaleness;
       biological aspects of maleness or femaleness
    b. biological aspects of maleness or femaleness; social and
       cultural aspects of maleness or femaleness
    c. chromosomal make-up; sex-differentiated behavior
    d. sexual preference; sexual orientation

12- Which of the following statements regarding prenatal sexual
differentiation is most accurate?
     a. Differentiation at this time is not very important.
     b. Differentiation occurs for what will be external genitals but not
        for other parts of the body.
     c. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) stimulates the development of the
        Müllerian ducts.
     d. In the absence of male hormones, female external genitals will
13- Differences between the male and female hypothalamus are
associated with the presence or absence of ______ during prenatal
     a. Müllerian inhibiting substance
     b. progesterone
     c. testosterone
     d. autosomes

14- Which of the following statements regarding fetally androgenized
females is false?
    a. The prenatal female may be exposed to excessive androgen as
       a result of drugs the mother takes during pregnancy.
    b. The prenatal female may be exposed to excessive androgen
       that is produced by her own adrenal glands.
    c. This condition is the result of a chromosomal abnormality.
    d. The external genitalia of the female are masculinized as a result
       of this condition.

15- Most transsexuals first begin identifying with the other sex
    a. in early childhood.
    b. in early adolescence.
    c. in late adolescence.
    d. in early adulthood.

Chapter 4

16- The cavernous bodies, or spongy structures are located in the
    a. introitus.
    b. vestibule.
    c. labia minora.
    d. shaft of the clitoris.

17- Maria has recently given birth and notices that she loses urine
every time she coughs or sneezes. Her physician might suggest
    a. G-spot stimulation.
    b. drinking a lot of cranberry juice.
    c. an episiotomy.
    d. Kegel exercises.

18- Douching
    a. is necessary for routine hygiene.
    b. can minimize vaginal infections if used in conjunction with
       feminine hygiene sprays.
    c. can increase susceptibility to infections if done too frequently.
    d. can make it impossible to become pregnant.

19- Dysmenorrhea refers to
    a. painful menstruation.
    b. absence of menstruation.
    c. negative emotions experienced prior to menstruation.
    d. pain at ovulation.
20- Over the past year, Maggie has increased the intensity of her
running and weight training program and has begun having her
menstrual periods infrequently, if at all. This may put her at risk for
    a. decreased bone density and atrophy of genital tissues.
    b. irritable bowel syndrome.
    c. secondary amenorrhea.
    d. cervical cancer.

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