; Websites that Help You Get and Stay Organized and in Control
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Websites that Help You Get and Stay Organized and in Control


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									Websites that Help You Get and Stay Organized and in Control

Now that you're getting the knack for organizing your home and your life,
maybe you find yourself in need of a little extra inspiration, some fresh
ideas, or maybe would just like to connect with like-minded people like
yourself. There are many different websites out there that provide a
wealth of information, ideas and tips, as well as provide a place where
people can go and share their own ideas, mistakes, and offer support to
one another. A few of the most popular home organization websites are
listed next.

Visit FLYlady.net for tips on how to conquer the clutter in your life and
how to overcome the CHAOS factor, which stands for Can't Have Anyone Over
Syndrome. This group teaches you how to use an organizational journal
and encourages you to shine your kitchen sink often. Followers are often
referred to as FLYbabies, and the group is currently over 300,000 members
strong. Visit this site at www.flylady.net.

Large comprehensive websites such as www.ivillage.com, www.msn.com, and
www.yahoo.com all have a wealth of articles and advice available for you
on many different topics to help your home and life run more smoothly.
There are other groups out there that you can sign up for online to
become a member of to chat with people, or there are various message
boards available that you can post ideas, tips and suggestions on for
other readers.

If you're looking for websites that offer   ingenious organizational and
time-saving products, there are plenty of   them to be found on the
internet. Lillan Vernon, Harriet Carter,    Rubbermaid and Kitchen-Plus.com
all offer innovative and unique ideas for   your home, office and car.

Various newsgroups and e-mail newsletters abound on the internet. Take
some time and find a few of them that you have found to be useful, and
subscribe to them so you're always sure to get the latest time-saving
tips and organizational ideas.

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