Garage Organization Made Simple by davidkurniawanapril


									Garage Organization Made Simple
You've conquered your house, your home office, and your car, and you've
mastered the art of scheduling and cooking in bulk. But your garage is
still a cluttered and unorganized mess. As with everything else, a neat
and organized garage is attainable with just a little elbow grease and
some simple storage solutions.
First, get a handle on the mess by moving everything out to sort through
what goes and what stays. Large, clear plastic containers can help you
do this. They're great for clearing away the clutter and then using for
storage. Be ruthless with yourself during the sorting and purging
process. Don't keep paint from a project from two years ago, and if you
have parts to things you no longer have, get rid of the parts as well.
Consider adding a cabinet to your garage. Look for units that offer keyed
locks, so you're able to store poisonous materials and sharp tools out of
children's reach.
The garage is also where most of your kid's sporting goods land. To keep
bats and balls organized, purchase a hamper-style organizer. Designate a
section for each child. Add a bin or shelf outside to store messy, muddy
shoes as well.
Find a workable storage solution for all the little things in your
garage. Organize bolts, screws, nails, fasteners and other small parts
into small clear containers so you can easily see what each contains.
Organize into steady stacks or consider installing a shelving unit to
house these out of the reach of small and curious fingers.
For long-handled items, such as rakes and shovels, look for storage units
to keep everything straight or use a durable rubber trash can. Pegboards
can also be installed on garage walls, and can be a simple solution for
hanging items such as rakes or shovels out of the way. They can also be
hung on hooks. Inexpensive hooks come in a variety of sizes. Large deep
hooks are perfect for hanging a ladder and bikes can be hung and kept off
the garage floor as well.
Now that you've practiced on your house, your office and your car,
organizing your garage is a snap with a little creativity, some hard
work, and a well thought out plan.

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