; Creative and Affordable Ideas to Bring your Living Room to Life
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Creative and Affordable Ideas to Bring your Living Room to Life


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									Creative and Affordable Ideas to Bring your Living Room to Life
Your living room is the room in your house where most of the living takes
place. It's where your family gathers to watch television, read, and
generally unwind and relax after a busy day. It's also the room where
company gathers during parties and holidays. But you're struggling to
come up with decorating ideas and strategies for it, and you worry that
your budget isn't big enough to do the job justice. But with a little
planning, creativity, and ingenuity, your living room can be a relaxing
environment where you can unwind or entertain with comfort and ease.
Consider pulling pieces you have in other rooms into your living room to
use. A short, double-sided dresser can easily become a buffet when a
table runner and an arrangement of candles or a colorful flower
centerpiece is placed on top.
Use your furniture arrangement to define functional areas. Strategically
placed floor rugs, lamps and furniture can create zones in your home. You
can arrange your seating to take advantage of a focal point, such as a
television, picture window or a fireplace. You can also find affordable
component pieces that combine functional storage with fashionable
decorating lines. Tables with drawers and shelves add valuable, and a
simple desk doubles for homework, household management, bill paying and
When accessorizing your room, remember that less is more. Choose neutral
colors and accent with colorful textured throws, rugs, and other
decorative and artistic elements. Keep the balance of your room in
perspective. You don't want to overwhelm a small room with large, bold
pieces, nor do you want to place smaller, neutral pieces in a large room
where they'll get lost.
If you're working with used furniture, try distracting from worn
upholstery or a faded finish by using colorful toss pillows or table
runners. Bright curtains can distract from a faded carpet and breathe
new life into an old room.

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