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					Ferret Care

You can buy a ferret from a pet store or a breeder. It is also possible
to get one by driving down to the animal shelter. Since they have the
ability to live for a long period of time just like your cat or dog, it
is best to know what you need to do.

First, ferrets are nocturnal creatures that sleep during the day. When
they wake up, you shouldn’t just tap the cage or look at them but rather
let them come out so they can run around and play. When this happens,
make sure that cords are secure, small items are hidden and there are no
small spaces that they can squeeze into. This will prevent them from
getting lost or getting hurt.

These mammals live on strict diet and you should be well aware that they
are carnivores. This means they can only be fed meat or poultry products
as they need a lot of protein. There are ferret food products in the
market so you better stock up to avoid the mistake of settling with cat
food instead.

Aside from food, ferrets need water. You can do this by putting this in a
bowl or a bottle. It is advisable to put this in a bottle so the contents
do not spill.

Your ferret can never be left in the house by themselves especially if
you have to go out for awhile. This is what the cage is for and you can
get one that measures 18” x 18” x 30” or a little bigger. The key here is
that it is spacious enough for them to move around especially when as
they grow.

Getting your ferret a few toys will also be good. This will be useful if
you have to come home late from work so they will have something to do
until you return. The toys you buy must be able to withstand their sharp
teeth and then replaced if ever it is already worn out.

The only way to keep your ferret and house clean at the same time is to
toilet train it so that waste is on the litter box and not on the carpet.
You can do so by putting some waste inside the box and carrying them when
you see that they are about to do it.

If this is done correctly, they should be rewarded with a light snack.
This trick can also be done to teach them how to do some neat tricks to
amuse guests that drop by and pay a visit.

The pet ferret should also be brought to the vet. States that allow you
to have one require owners to give them a vaccination once a year and
keep the receipts for proper documentation.

Some would say that the best time to buy a ferret is when it is very
young because they are easier to train compared to those that are much
older. But regardless of age, how things will go will be entirely up to
Ferret care is not difficult but not impossible. If you are able to
handle it, then you are sure to enjoy the company of your furry friend
for years to come and maybe even add another one as other have into their