2009 Upper Intermediate Business Communication skills 1 by U3rHqjr


									Course:        Communication Skills for Business (Upper Intermediate level)

Hours:         20 (10 weeks x 2 hours/week)

Cost:          £140

Aims & Objectives

The main aim of this course is to improve participants’ ability to communicate
in English across a variety of business situations.

The course will look at issues that face the business world today and will
encourage participants to express themselves through the use of case
studies, role plays and group discussion work.

*Indicative Content

*Content may be modified based on participants’ needs and preferences

Wk   1      Cultural differences in communication
Wk   2      Small talk and putting people at their ease
Wk   3      Exchanging factual information
Wk   4      Handling difficult situations
Wk   5      Expressing opinions
Wk   6      Negotiating skills
Wk   7      Reaching agreement
Wk   8      Analysing problems and evaluating solutions
Wk   9      Socialising in English
Wk   10     Business simulation

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