ATI math letter 2012 1 by U3rHqjr


									April 1, 2012

Dear Incoming Junior and ACE Nursing Students,

We are requiring incoming students (or returning students) to purchase an on-line math calculation
preparation course. The course will be offered through Assessment Technologies Institute.
( The course consists of 9 modules with tutorials, case studies, and practice questions.
You will be required to complete all of the modules except the critical care medication module and the
subsection of the Pediatrics module entitled: body surface area.

The cost of the on-line course is $50.00, which will give you access for two years. You are required to
pass a proctored 15 question exam with a score of 100%. There will be three testing dates each with a
different exam. You will have three opportunities to pass with a score of 100%. There will be no
additional exams. The exams will be given only on the dates and times posted below. You will have one
hour to complete the exam. You should plan for about 4 minutes per question. The questions will be
very similar to the practice questions at the end of each module. You will be allowed to use a calculator.
If you are not available at these dates/times at a computer, you will forfeit one of your three
opportunities to test (unless special permission has been granted).

Since you will be taking the exams on-line- they may be taken any where you have access to a computer
and the internet .In-order to register to take the exams, you must complete all of the practice modules.
We will be able to monitor your progress through the modules. We will send you the access code to take
the exam once your modules have been completed. We will also be tracking the amount of time spent
on each module.

You will need to go the site and log into the same account you created for the TEAS test,
or set up a new account. Once logged in, proceed to the payment tab and pay for the course. If you have
questions about accessing your account, please contact ATI. The course is available now- but you must
register and pay before June 4, 2012 to avoid a late fee. Instructions for registering for the exams are
included in this e-mail.Please let me know if you require special accommodations for test taking
through the Disability Resource Center.

DATES FOR EXAM TESTS (all are Eastern Standard Times)

       Exam 1 Monday June 18, 2012 6pm
       Exam 2 Wednesday July 11, 2012 6pm
       Exam 3 Wednesday August 8, 2012 6pm

Dr. Karen Barnett, RN
Undergraduate Program Coordinator

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