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									Causes of forgetting | How to Overcome Lost | Amnesia | Dementia

forgetting is a form of lack of memory of something we did before. Forgotten disease often occurs in
people who have old age, but no doubt forget to also occur at an early age. For we know that the brain
has two elements of the cell. The first neuronal cells and Schwann cells.

Neuronal cells or nerve cell is often called has a function as a place to store information. In other words
all the information that we see going on memory here. These nerve cells also take information from and
into our bodies. These nerve cells that control memory, attention, perception, judgment, language, and
consciousness. The numbers in the hundreds of millions of cells.
Then the Schwann cell or cells are called crazy, is making the fatty sheath to protect the nerves. These
cells also serves to provide nutrition to the nerve.

Causes of forgetting
A. failure to store information in the nervous
Explained above we see that the information will be stored in nerve cells. The logic of this nerve cell like
a bookshelf. What we remember are stored on each shelf. Each shelf has a collection of books arranged.
This book is the one who said the information that we see. The information we see on the shelf that
already has a previous book, the automatic pre-existing information will be covered by the new
information included. Therefore we will feel forgotten.

2. information that goes into too many nerves.
An example is when you learn later accompanied also by listening to the song. So much information is

3. failure of brain function
The brain can not hold or release the information because of impaired brain cells. Disease that attacks
the nerve usually result in decreased function of the mind

Things that cause forgetting
A. Depression
2. Stress
3. Overload
4. Thyroid
5. Lack of sleep
6. Excessive dieting
7. Alcohol
8. Trauma
9. Alzheimer's

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