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									                                  NOTRE DAME CLUB OF PHOENIX
                                      The Leprechaun
                                                            May 2006
                                                                                                              Issue May 2006, Vol 6
  Shirley Baum ‘95
  480-330-6249                                                  From Our President
  Tyra Babington ‘97
                                                                                                Our Phoenix Club has been
VICE-PRESIDENT                                                                         very busy these past few months. After
  Maggie Gillespie ‘77                                                                 winding down following the many
  480-860-9182                                                                         Fiesta Bowl activities, we quickly
  Christopher Coury ‘91, ‘94 JD
                                                                                       planned our UND Night with Father
  602-440-4847                                                                         Jenkins as our guest of honor. The
SECRETARY                                                                              event was a huge success and allowed
  John Bechtold ‘63                                                                    us to share with our club members as
                                                                                       we distributed $22,000 from Fiesta
  Rev. Robert Kramer, C.S.C ‘65                                                        Bowl earnings to several of our local
  602-944-5961                                                                         charities - Maggie's Place, Andre
SENIOR ALUMNI                                                                          House, Saint Joseph the Worker, Casa
  Chuck Pilon ‘66
                                                                                       Santa Cruz and the Ara Parseghian
YOUNG ALUMNI                                                                           Medical Research Foundation.
  Taffee Cardenas ‘01            We then turned our efforts to the final planning of the Third Annual Dan Devine
6-C’S COMMITTEE CHAIRS             Memorial Golf Tournament, which was held on March 25th at the ASU Karsten golf course.
CAMARADERIE                        We were honored to have Tony Rice as our keynote speaker, and even had a guest
  Don Aspito ‘95 MBA               appearance from Rudy! With the generosity of our underwriter (Jilly’s American Grill),
                                   sponsors, golfers and volunteers we were able to raise over $20,000 for the Dan Devine
  Chuck Pilon ‘66                  Memorial Scholarship Fund!!
                                            We are looking forward to some exciting upcoming events this summer including
  Marc Echeveste ‘95
                                   the arrival of our summer service students and a community service day at Maggie’s Place,
  Jack Feix ’98, ‘00MS             and we are looking forward to another fun football season. More details are contained in
  602-421-7117                     this newsletter and, as always, look to our website at for the
                                   most up-to-date information.
  Leslie Pechkurow
CONTINUING EDUCATION                       God bless and Go Irish!
  Pat Dugan ‘58                                                                                        Hesburgh Lecture
                                           Shirley Baum ‘95                                           Wednesday, May 17th
  Maggie Gillespie ‘77
  480-860-9182                             President, Notre Dame Club of Phoenix
                                                                                                        6:30 – Reception &
  Corey Babington ‘94
  Neil Dubé ‘02 JD
                                           DON’T MISS THE HESBURGH                                        7:15 – Lecture,
  Brett Doucette
  Deborah Griffith ‘79 JD
                                                  LECTURE!                                              followed by Q&A
  Patrick Hickson ’63
  Sean Hood ’03 JD                          On Wednesday, May 17th the Notre Dame Club of
  Christopher Kramer ‘86 JD        Phoenix will present its sixth Hesburgh Lecture, this time
                                                                                                      Location TBA – Check
  Mary Jo McDonald                 featuring Professor Patrick Gaffney, CSC, who will present            our website for
  Michelle McGarry ’94 MBA
  Carrie O’Brien ‘97
                                   his lecture on “Bringing American Ideals to the Middle East;              details!
  Margaret Roberts ’77             Lost in Translation?”
  Nicolle Siele ‘05

               Quarterly Newsletter of the ND Club of Phoenix                           
               P.O. Box 1071
               Phoenix, AZ 85001-1071
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        The collapse of the Soviet Union fifteen years ago set in motion a shift in global relations that
continues to apply radical pressure for change on the political order of the Middle East. Older structures of
authority, especially in
(continued on page 5)
                  TOURNAMENT RAISES OVER $20,000
                    FOR STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS
         On Saturday, March 25, 2006, the Notre Dame Club of Phoenix sponsored
the Third Annual Dan Devine Memorial Golf Tournament. The Tournament was
held at ASU Karsten Golf Course and was underwritten for the second year in a row
by Jilly’s American Grill in Scottsdale.

        Over 120 golfers participated in the Tournament. The keynote speaker and
featured guest was Tony Rice, quarterback of the 1988 Notre Dame National
Champion football team, and 1989 Sunkist Fiesta Bowl MVP. An additional sixty
people joined the dinner which followed the Tournament. During his comments,
Tony Rice emphasized the qualities that make Notre Dame unique: family,
camaraderie, and spirituality. Daniel “Rudy” Reuttiger also made a special guest
appearance before the Tournament.

        This event raised over $20,000 to fund scholarships for students from Arizona. For the 2006-2007
academic year, there will be two Dan Devine Memorial Scholarship recipients attending Notre Dame. Each
scholarship recipient will receive and award of $2,500, solely from the proceeds of the Tournament and the
endowed fund established by the Notre Dame Club of Phoenix at the University.

        The Club thanks the members of Tournament Committee for their dedication to the Tournament. This
year’s Committee consisted of: John Bechtold (co-chair), Corey Babington (co-chair), Chris Coury (co-chair),
Tyra Babington, Shirley Baum, Mary Jo Devine Carver, Jim Curcio, Brett Doucette, Neil Dubé, Maggie
Gillespie, Deborah Griffith, Pat Hickson, Lou and Pam Iacovo, Peggy Roberts and Matt Schoaf.

                The Fourth Annual Dan Devine Memorial Golf Tournament will be scheduled for a date next
spring. If you would like to join the Tournament Planning Committee, please contact Corey Babington
( or Chris Coury (

                              SERVICE PROJECT AT MAGGIE'S PLACE
                                                                           The Notre Dame Club of Phoenix
                                                                  will be doing a service project at The
                                                                  Elizabeth House, the Maggie's Place home in
                                                                  Tempe which serves expectant mothers who
                                                                  are alone or on the streets.

                                                                           On Saturday, May 13 from 9:00am-
                                                                  1:00pm we will participate in one of Maggie's
                                                                  Place's Work Saturdays, which involves
                                                                  cleaning, yard work, washing cars, preparing
                                                                  food, babysitting, and other "spring cleaning"
                                                                  type tasks. We will end our time by having
                                                                  lunch with the staff, mothers, and everyone
                                                                  else helping out that day.
Quarterly Newsletter of the ND Club of Phoenix                           
P.O. Box 1071
Phoenix, AZ 85001-1071
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                 The house is located just north of Holy Spirit Church on the left-hand side, which is north of the
                                                          intersection between Guadalupe and McClintock. Please park
The Elizabeth House opened in January 2005                in the Holy Spirit Church parking lot and enter through the
                                                          gate that leads to the backyard of the home. This is a great
                                                          opportunity to get involved in one of the charities that our
         club supports! Please contact Leslie Pechkurow if you are interested or need further information at or at (602)-257-4648.

                                                            ANDRÉ HOUSE
                   The Club is sponsoring three more Notre Dame Alumni nights at André House in Phoenix: June 28,
           September 27 and November 29. André House is a ministry to the homeless and poor populations of the
           Phoenix area. Located in the heart of the Capital Mall District, it serves hundreds of people in need every day.
           André House was founded by two Holy Cross Priests in 1984, combining elements of the Catholic Worker
           movement with the charisma of the Congregation of Holy Cross. André House dedicates itself to serving Jesus
           through others, as we are challenged in the Gospel. If you’d like to attend, please contact Maggie at 480-860-
           9182 or via e-mail at: to RSVP.

                                                 CURRENT STUDENTS REPORT
                   We have great news from the University with 20 students in our Phoenix Club area being admitted in
           the “regular action” process. They are:

                  Michael L. Burdell (Sandra Day O’Connor); Pericles Kontos (Cibola High in Yuma);
           Casey M. Carney (Horizon); Ryan A. Lind (Sunrise Mountain); Rebecca Castellanos (Xavier); RikkiLynn
           London (Blue Ridge High School in Lakeside); John P. Dorney (Mountain Pointe); Maria J. Martinez (Xavier);
           James W. Gray (Tri-City Prep in Chino Valley); Rebecca L. Moss (Mountain View); Carissa J. Guthrie
           (Mountain Pointe); Michelle A. Saucedo (North High); Ryan J. Hornacek (Brophy); Andrea F. Serrano
           (Mountain View); Audrey M. Johnson (Corona del Sol); Tazbah Y. Shortey (Holbrook High); Leola L. Johnson
           (Marcos de Niza); Mary M. Skelly (St. Mary’s); Patrick A. Tighe (Seton); Robert A. Underwood (Brophy).

                  You may recall our “early action” students, who received word from the University before Christmas
           2005 were:

                  Renae E. Barilar (Xavier); Elizabeth M. Ruiz (Mesa High); Taylor A. Davis (Xavier); John F. Tierney
           (Phoenix Country Day); Heide M. Jackson (Lake Havasu High); Benjamin A. Jimenez (Home-Schooled);
           Michael A. Wrapp (Corona del Sol); Courtney A. Klosterman (Highland); JoEllen M. Koester (Xavier); Kevin F.
           McCarthy (Brophy); Matthew J. Molloy (Seton); Tara M. Prindiville (Corona del Sol).

                  We had one transfer student this year, Ben Fredlake, who has been at Notre Dame during the spring
           semester 2006, in Keough Hall. (Ben is a Seton graduate.)

                   Congratulations to all these students and their families – our Notre Dame Club of Phoenix welcomes
           you to the Notre Dame Family!

                   Our Student Send-off will be held on Sunday July 30, 2006, at 4:00 p.m., starting with Mass and a light
           meal after. All members of he Club of Phoenix are invited. We look forward to welcoming all the new
           Freshmen and transfer students (and their families) and visiting again with the upperclassmen and their
           families. Always nice to send the students back to campus and their fall semester with our blessing! More
           information will be mailed to the students in June or early July. Members of the Club who wish to attend can
           call Maggie Gillespie at 480-860-9182.

           Quarterly Newsletter of the ND Club of Phoenix                           
           P.O. Box 1071
           Phoenix, AZ 85001-1071
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                                                               SUMMER SERVICE PROJECT
                                                                   Each summer the Notre Dame Club of
                                                          Phoenix is able to sponsor three students from the
                                                          University of Notre Dame to participate in the
                                                          Summer Service Project. This program is run by the
                                                          Center for Social Concerns on campus and sends
                                                          students to all parts of the country to various social
                                                          service settings for an eight-week immersion
                                                          program. The students must complete a series of
                                                          readings, journal entries, and essays to compliment
                                                          their service experience over the course of the
                                                          summer. Our Club is fortunate enough to send two
students to Andre House, a soup kitchen providing clothing, showers, and meals to the homeless, and one
student to Maggie's Place, a home of hospitality for expectant women. This year Michelle Carr will be serving
at Andre House and Sara Weldon will be at Maggie's Place. Welcome to Phoenix Michelle and Sara!

                                                 SMILE 2006
                     The   19th   Annual St. Matthew’s Interactive Learning Experience
                                         Notre Dame Club of Phoenix

                                                  Each summer, the Notre Dame Club of Phoenix sponsors the
                                         St. Matthew’s Interactive Learning Experience – a.k.a. The “SMILE”
                                         Program. SMILE provides a weekly opportunity for enriching,
                                         positive, and community-based activities. Grade school children are
                                         invited to participate in the program, which takes place on Saturday
                                         mornings during the summer. Although the program is based out of
                                         St. Matthew’s Parish in Phoenix, the program welcomes all children
                                         in the area. Current University of Notre Dame students and
                                         members of the Notre Dame Club of Phoenix volunteer their time to
                                         provide the children with mentoring, positive role models, and the
                                         opportunity to participate in activities to which they might otherwise
not be exposed. Activities in recent years included trips to the Phoenix Zoo, the Arizona Science Center,
KPNX TV, Luke Air Force Base, Bank One Ballpark, and the Phoenix Coyotes Ice Den, as well as bowling,
swimming, arts and crafts, miniature golfing, and playground games. These activities provide experiences
that are both educational and fun, and also allow the children to develop friendships with their peers and

Additional details about this summer’s SMILE Program will be added to the Club’s website
( as they become available. Anyone interested in learning more about the
SMILE Program is invited to contact the chairs of this year’s Program, Sean Hood and Nicolle Siele:

                   Sean T. Hood                                Nicolle M. Siele
                   Ryley Carlock & Applewhite                  Fennemore Craig
                   One North Central Avenue                    3003 North Central Avenue
                   Suite 1200                                  Suite 2600
                   Phoenix, Arizona 85004                      Phoenix, AZ 85012
                   (602) 440-4849                              (602) 916-5413

Quarterly Newsletter of the ND Club of Phoenix                            
P.O. Box 1071
Phoenix, AZ 85001-1071
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         HESBURGH LECTURE (continued from page 1)
traditional Muslim societies, which defined regional, national, and religious identify, continue to face dramatic
challenges as waves of reform, rethinking, and resistance gain strength among a new generation that seeks to
find its proper place in a post 9/11 world. The United States has
recently adopted a role of unprecedented influence in the Middle East, especially as a direct military force,
claiming to promote values such as freedom, democracy, and social equality, which Americans themselves do
not question and tend to take for granted. But how are these ideals understood and how are they
implemented within the lived experience of different peoples in the Islamic world? This lecture examines the
often overlooked layers of contradiction, conflict, and misrepresentation that frequently arise when the well-
intentioned aspirations and the immense power of the United States intrude variously into the struggles
among contending groups in today’s Middle East.

        Patrick D. Gaffney, CSC, is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the Institute for International
Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame. He specializes in social and cultural anthropology with a
strong interest in religion, politics, systems of authority, language and culture, symbolic representation,
ideology, violence, conflict resolution, human rights, and ritual expressions. He has extensive field experience
in the Middle East, notably the Arab world, and his current research concentrates on religion, violence, and
reconciliation in the context of strained ethnic relations and the breakdown of political and economic order.
He has published The Prophet’s Public Pulpit: Islamic Preaching in Contemporary Egypt, and he is the co-author of
Breaking Cycles of Violence: Conflict prevention in Interstate crises. Professor Gaffney has also published
numerous articles dealing with Islamic resurgence, ethnic conflict, and inter-religious relations in the Middle
East and Central Africa.

The Hesburgh Lecture series brings distinguished professors from the Notre Dame campus to its alumni and
communities while striving to encourage intellectual dialogue between alumni, community members, and the
distinguished faculty of Notre Dame. The program has been named the Hesburgh Lecture Series after Father
Theodore M. Hesburgh, President Emeritus of Notre Dame, in honor of his personal example as a lifelong

The location of the lecture is to be announced on our website, and is open to the public with no admission fee.

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUESTED (not required, but sincerely requested). Please make your reservations
by calling Pat Dugan at 602-616-3002 or by email to

         Hispanic Magazine has ranked the University of Notre Dame 13th on its 2006 list of "Top 25 Colleges
for Latinos," the fourth year the University has made the list since its debut in 1999. Notre Dame was ranked
15th in 2002, 16th in 2003 and ninth in 2004.

         The magazine based its evaluations on academic excellence, Hispanic enrollment and achievement,
selectivity, graduation rates, student-to-faculty ratio, percentage of Hispanic faculty, financial aid, cultural
programs, and support for Hispanic students. It gathered information from numerous sources including the
universities, Hispanic scholarship organizations, U.S. News & World Report's annual survey "America's Best
Colleges," and Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, which publishes a list of the top 100 institutions that
award bachelor's degrees to Hispanics.

       Diversifying Notre Dame's population has been a top priority for the University for some two
decades. Since 1987, minority enrollment has increased from 7.5 percent to over 19 percent. Currently
Hispanics constitute 9 percent of undergraduate enrollment.

Quarterly Newsletter of the ND Club of Phoenix                            
P.O. Box 1071
Phoenix, AZ 85001-1071
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         Hispanic Magazine praised the Latino Youth Leadership Conference sponsored by Notre Dame’s
Institute for Latino Studies (ILS), which, each year brings 40 top Latino high school students to campus in an
effort to foster commitment to the community and Catholic tradition, introduce them to Notre Dame, and
allow them to earn one college credit for their efforts.

         Founded in 1999, the ILS plays a pivotal role in providing an academic environment that advances
knowledge and understanding of the Latino experience in the United States. As an interdisciplinary unit, the
institute seeks to incorporate the study of the Latino population of the United States as a vital component of
Notre Dame’s academic mission and also provides an administrative home and support for the Latino student
clubs on campus.

         "Students are central to our mission and have been incorporated into the life of the institute from the
beginning," said ILS director Gilberto Cardenas, assistant provost for institutional relations and the Julian
Samora Professor of Latino Studies. "Recognizing that the needs of individual students vary, we strive to
create a sense of community at Notre Dame through maintaining a balance among education, research and
outreach. We have established a minor in Latino studies and offer a variety of classes in fields including
political science, sociology, theology, literature, history and art. We provide a wide array of research and
experiential learning opportunities, and we sponsor or subsidize a gamut of cultural and academic events for
students -- many initiated by the students themselves."

        Founded in 1987, Hispanic Magazine is the premier publication for Hispanic Americans, with a focus
on business, careers, politics, culture and stories about people and issues of interest to Hispanics. The March
issue ranked Harvard University first, followed by Princeton University, Amherst College and Yale

DON’T FORGET to check regularly for updates and new information
about club events.

Quarterly Newsletter of the ND Club of Phoenix                            
P.O. Box 1071
Phoenix, AZ 85001-1071
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Club Calendar 2006:

May                                              July
12 – Monthly Luncheon – Helen Bolino             14 – Monthly Luncheon – Summer Service Students
13 – Service Project @ Maggie’s Place in Tempe   19 – Young Alumni Happy Hour – Location TBA
17 – Hesburgh Lecture                            30 – Student Sendoff
17 – Young Alumni Happy Hour – Location TBA

9 – Monthly Luncheon – Phil Banowicz
21 – Young Alumni Happy Hour – Location TBA
28 – ND Alumni Night @ Andre House

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Quarterly Newsletter of the ND Club of Phoenix                
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