2012 Farm Business Management CDE by a902alN


									             2012 Farm Business Management CDE

Wednesday only contest- All contestants must wear official dress

Chapters may enter individuals and/or a 3 or 4 member team. In the case of
a 4-member team, the highest three scores will be added to determine the
team score.

The format of this contest parallels the National FFA Farm Business
Management CDE. In all instances, the National CDE study materials,
definitions and references are the final authority for preparation.

The contest will use resource information that includes written and
financial information from a working farm. The resource information will
be the same for both the team and individual parts.
A. Format
I. Team Activity           (90 minute time limit)         300 points total
       Problem solving evaluation of a farm business      200 points
       Team work ability                                  100 points
II. Individual Activity   (3 hour time limit)       300 points/member
Problems will be comprised of a variety of multiple choice, match, and
short answer from the following possible categories.
       Net Worth Statement/Ratio Analysis
       Income Statement
       Cash Flow Projection
       Marketing Evaluation
       Enterprise Analysis
       Risk Management
       Income Tax Management
       Business Structures
B. Scoring : Only the top three scores will count toward the total team
Individual 300 x top 3 members scores 900
Team                                          300
Total                                         1200

C. Required materials: Non-programmable calculator and two pencils

                                                                       PA CDE 1/12

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