The Process of Becoming a Citizen

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					  The Process of
Becoming a Citizen

  Welcome to America
      What is a Citizen?
» A citizen is a native or naturalized
  member of a state or nation who owes
  allegiance to its government and is
  entitled to its protection.
       Role of a Citizen

»   Obeying Laws

»   Paying Taxes

»   Jury Duty

    Register for the Draft

»   Voting

»   Serve as a Witness
        Why Did We Leave?
Most immigrants left their home country to come to America for
  hopes of a better life here for them, when in fact, such is not
  always the case. Life can be just as bad here as it was back
  home. Its harder to find jobs, and homes especially because
  of the recession we’re in.
       What Must I Do to
       Become A Citizen?
» Complete An Application
» Get Fingerprinted
» Attend USCIS Interview & Take Tests
» Take the Oath to Become a U.S. Citizen
    How Long Does it Take?
»   The swearing-in ceremony for receiving the naturalization
    certificate will then take place from 1 to 180 days after the
          What Can We Do?
When you are naturalized, you have every right as a U.S born
  citizen except:
» A Naturalized Citizen can never be President or Vice-
  President. Both must be born in the United States.
» If there was fraud (lies) in your naturalization application you
  can be stripped of citizenship and deported.
             Who’s Involved?
»   The   Department   of   Homeland Security
»   The   Department   of   Justice
»   The   Department   of   State
»   The   Department   of   Labor
»   The   Department   of   Health and Human Services
» The United States
  allows more than 1
  million aliens to
  become Legal
  Permanent Residents
  every year, which is
  more than any other
  country in the world.
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By : Janine Smith
    6th Period

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