10 Things Not Beneficial in the Field of IT by rezkyadsense


									10 Things Not Beneficial in the Field of IT

If you are preparing a career in IT or are new to work in the IT world. There are 10 secrets that
are not profitable you should know, secrets are mostly intended for network administrators, IT
managers, and professionals destkop support.

A. IT professionals often use jargon to cover kesalahanya

Many IT professionals cover up their mistakes with the perplexing explanation for non-technical
managers, because usually they do not have a good understanding of technology. For example, to
notify a non-technical business manager why a financial application can not run for 3 hours, then
the IT professional might say "There is blue screen on the screen that is running SQL financial
application" when the real cause is a driver update he applied to the server is not tested first.

2. Some IT professionals to develop technology based on the ability to run them

Many IT professionals who select and implement technologies based on the abilities and how
freely they can use or run them, not based on what is right is good and beneficial to the business

For example, a company would prefer to use the Windows operating system for employee
background ITnya have more ability to use Windows, when using the Linux operating system is
a better solution.

3. The IT staff or employees are the biggest obstacles in applying new technologies

One of the biggest obstacles to migration to new technology is, no approval of financial
management because of the costs. When they already have something and are accustomed to
using existing ones, they are reluctant to change it, this could be a good thing because their jobs
depend on the stability of the existing infrastructure. But they also use it as an excuse to not
spend time learning something new.

4. You will spend much time with the old technology compared to implement something new

It is interesting to work in the IT field is that we will be a lot of playing with the latest
technology available at the moment, but it is not the case in most IT jobs. The truth is that IT
professionals typically spend the time to keep and care for pre-existing technology.

5. IT vendors and consultants will admit kehebatanya when the project goes well, otherwise you
will be blamed if the project fails to run

Working with consultants ITadalah important part of the job and can be one of the more
challenging. The consultant will help provide a solution for you in working on a project, and
when everything goes well then this would be a good cooperation.
But you have to be careful, there is something wrong when some consultants will assume that
you are the cause, and claimed that the solutions they provide are correct and that works well in
other companies. Conversely, if the project goes smoothly, they will recognize excellence in
solutions that give merke and ignore the great work you have done to customize and implement a
solution for your company.

6. You will often be asked by colleagues to fix their PC problems at home that are not part of
your job

Since you are considered a person who is an expert in the field of technology or because you are
a network technician, your colleagues will often ask for help in solving problems on their PC at
home such as, how to eliminate the virus or to enable a wireless router that stopped working due
to power failure.

Some of them even bring home to your office PC for repair. If it is a fortune, then you will be
paid thereafter, but not the least of those who expect only help you for free. Helping others can
be very useful, but you must know when to help and when to reject it.

7. Certificates will not always guarantee a person to be a good employee

Human resources manager at a company is more interested in hiring someone who is certified, it
is easy because the HR department (Human Resource) to select candidates for employment with
the existing vacancies.

Certification will open up wider career, show that you are the person who organized, ambitious
and have a great desire to expand your expertise. If you have a certification in accordance with
your skills, then it will be an added value and sale value for you. But the fact is many corporate
leaders have complained to the technician employed by certification.

They generally only have good skills and abilities in the field but do not know how to manage or
deal with problems quickly because they do not have previous work experience. Then the
certificate is actually not the only indicator to measure how well a person can work.

8. You can be the most hated or most respected by your subordinates if you are an IT manager

If you can deal with a problem that can extend the working hours of your subordinates, then you
can be respected for their boss. But otherwise if you can not handle anything that may hinder the
work or to extend the working hours of your subordinates, just as suddenly the network
connection is down, then they will assume that you are the cause.

9. You will be blamed if something goes wrong silly on computer users

Some computer users will spontaneously bestow kemarahanya when frustrated. They could have
meluapkanya to you because you are an IT staff by blaming you like "what's wrong at this
computer?", "The computer is broken, why is it still installed!" Or "you apain computer? What
could turn out this way".
Yet the mistake is due to carelessness or negligence of their own, as it turns out they do not
accidentally unplug the mouse with their feet, or even spill their coffee on the computer

10. Paid in the IT field is greater than the other professions, but that's why your company can
hire you at any time outside of working hours

The need for IT professionals will continue to increase for the company, seriring development of
technology in business and community life. IT professionals for hire for large enough,
companies often increase your working hours arbitrarily, because you are considered a core part
of the company.

You could have worked more than 6 hours on the weekend to deploy (deployment) of a software
update, or even received a phone call at night to solve network problems. No compensation was
paid as long as you are well.

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