Proposal for providing Contract IT Consulting Services by a902alN


									Functional Testing of a Middleware Solution

                                                                                   Mindlance Solution
                      Client Profile
   Our client is a leading financial services company              Mindlance was involved in system study & functional testing of the
    serving corporate clients across North America, Europe,         new middleware solution that acts as a central point having global
    Middle East and Asia Pacific.                                   business logic for message routing of all the business transactions
                                                                    across various branches supported by the Bank.
   Results of the functional testing were used to decide if
    the application should be integrated and deployed.          Problem
   Goals of the assignment were to evaluate functional         •   New middleware solution had to provide all the functionalities (with
                                                                    similar output) as previous solution / infrastructure with additional
    aspects of the solution in comparison to the old                enhancements in terms of new features and functions; and
    infrastructure.                                                 improvements in performance when compared to the old
                                                                    infrastructure. Bank engaged Mindlance to assess the system and
                                                                    carry out functional testing to help devise a comprehensive testing

                                                                Approach & Solution
               Client Benefits                                  •   Analysis of all the flows involved across various interfaces
                                                                •   Scenario identification across all functionalities
                                                                •   Data preparation to resemble production environment
•   This application integration helped the Bank in             •   Parallel testing where necessary, to validate results
    integrating best breed of vendor packages from loans,       •   Automation of end-to-end tasks using Shell Scripts on Linux platform
    deposit, to general ledger allowing them to operate as
    one centralized system.
•   Our client has been able to integrate and deploy the
    middleware solution by ensuring the same functionality
    as previous solution/infrastructure.
•   Client benefited from a comprehensive regression test
    suite as vendors upgrade their application regularly with
    new features and functions.


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