Victorian Era Scavenger Hunt 2011 by eP7nKyhb


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Scavenger Hunt

   1. What are the years that comprise the Victorian Age in England?

   2. Who was the ruling monarch of this time period?

   3. How old was she when she ascended the throne?

   4. For how long did her reign last?

   5. What great “revolution” took place during this time?

   6. List any five great inventions or discoveries of the Victorian Age.

   7. During this radically changing time period in history, modern technology began to
      raise questions about the Bible. Which writing of Charles Darwin’s appeared that
      troubled many people?

   8. Find various illustrations that depict the dress and mannerisms of the Victorian
      Age, one masculine and one feminine.

   9. Which prominent Victorian magazine held popularity with the masses for its
      humor? Find a cartoon from this.

    The Victorian Age produced many famous painters. For the next few “hunts,” you
   will find the names of several such artists. Find, copy, and paste a painting by each
   one, including the title of the work.

   10. John Waterhouse

   11. Walter Crane

   12. Arthur Hughes

   13. Sir Edward Burne-Jones

   14. Sir John Everett Millais

   For many Victorians reading was the principal source of information as well as
   entertainment, poor and wealthy alike. English writers felt compelled to accept
   responsibility and provide enlightenment as well as a lifting of the spirit.
For the next few “hunts,” I have listed an author. You are to find a portrait of the
writer and paste it next to the author’s name; list two interesting facts (NO DATES)
about each author. Answer the subsequent questions about said writer.

15. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

16. To whom was she married?

17. In 1850, what very famous collection did she publish through the encouragement
    of her husband?

18. Alfred, Lord Tennyson

19. What literary piece was penned by Tennyson and tells the story of the legendary
    King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table?

20. What renowned poem recites the woeful tale of a woman, a mirror, Sir Lancelot
    du Lac, and a boat?

21. Find an illustration of the aforementioned poem and paste here. Be sure to
    research them; I suggest you go to and search the image base.
    There are numerous paintings from which to choose. Take the time and look at
    them; you may see them again soon as part of a writing assignment.

22. Charles Dickens

23. List any three novels written by Dickens.

24. Robert Browning

25. What is about Browning’s poetry that made it a difficult read and unnerved some
    readers? You’re looking for a specific genre or type of poem.

26. George Eliot

27. What is George Eliot’s true name?

28. Why the pen name?

29. Matthew Arnold

30. What famous philosopher is made mention of in Arnold’s “Dover Beach”?

31. Lewis Carroll
32. What children’s book did Lewis publish? Name the subsequent book that
    accompanies it.

33. Which real life little girl served as the inspiration for the book’s young heroine?
    Include a photograph of this “real life” child.

34. Search the web for an illustration by an artist that depicts the literary Alice and
    paste your favorite here. Some well known “Alice” artists include Rackham, my
    personal favorite, Tenniel, Attwell, and Guttman. There are several others; try to
    find something which appeals to you.

35. Oscar Wilde

36. What novel by Wilde was released as a film in 1945 and stars Angela Lansbury
    and Donna Reed?

37. What play by Wilde centers around a comical case of mistaken identity? Hint: It
    is vital to be grave or serious. (Translate this to get the original title.)

38. What children’s book by Wilde features a garden of trees, a giant, and a group of

39. Christina Rossetti

40. What very well known poem was written by Cristina Rossetti and features
    goblins, fruit, and a pair of sisters?

41. Find an illustration for this poem.

42. Who is this poet’s equally famous brother?

43. Find a painting by him that appeals to you and paste it here, including the title.

44. Bram Stoker

45. What extraordinarily famous “horror” novel did this man write?

46. Rudyard Kipling

47. What novel by Kipling features Mowgli, Baloo, and a fierce tiger by the name of
    Shere Khan?

48. Robert Louis Stevenson
49. List three well known novels by this man and find an illustration or frontispiece
    for each. N. C. Wyeth would be a great place to start. Be sure to label each with
    the corresponding book.

50. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

51. Which popular detective did this writer create?

52. What are the first names of the famous Bronte sisters?

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