The Alphabet - DOC by N36PqYC


									                     The Alphabet

1. Write out the alphabet in capital (upper case)

2. Write out the alphabet in lower case letters.

3.The letter ‘m’ comes in the middle of the alphabet.
  Write the five letters which come before it and
  after it:

4. Which letter comes before?

  _______ d       _______ k   _______ r   _______ v

5. Which letter comes after?

  g_______    m ______        q _______   t _______

6. Arrange these letters into the order they come in
   the alphabet:

  c           p          k          s        e         r
  7. Look at the letters below.
     Decide whether they come near to the
     beginning, middle or end of the alphabet. List
     each one under one of the headings below:

     z q t b e o v m d p a w l c f

    Beginning            Middle               End

  Can you make up some quiz questions about the
  class encyclopaedia based on the alphabet?

  Here are some examples:
Q: If you want to look up ‘dinosaurs’, should you look
   before ‘cats’ or after ‘cats’?

Q: Does the page about ‘dogs’ come before or after the
   page about ‘Egypt’?

   Now it’s your turn.

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