Graphology Framework by W3uXqSq



AS Level English Language
        What is graphology?
 Originally, graphology applied only to the
  appearance of a person's handwriting
 For the purposes of your course, however,
  it applies to any aspect of the form and
  appearance of a text that modifies
  meaning in any way.
 Importantly, it is the
  qualities of any
  written or printed
  text that we first
 For example, on the
  text on the right we
  can see from the
  qualities that this
  text is a newspaper.
 Because these features are what you first
  notice you would do well to apply the
  graphology framework first in your
  stylistic analyses
 Although the graphological framework is
  not considered as important as others it is
  often overlooked.
 You should not focus too much on this
  framework, but properly applied
  graphological analysis can be very useful
  and subtle and add marks to your analysis.
   When you are analysing a text using the graphological
    framework, you will need to consider the following points:
   The nature of the characters – are they handwritten or
    printed, upper case or lower case?
   For example:                                    Uppercase text

     Uppercase text

                                                    Lowercase text
 Of course, it is not acceptable merely to
  comment that the letters on this text are a
  mixture of upper and lower case words.
 You will have to say what effect these
  features have.
 For example:
 “The main focus of the text is the initial
  headline – “BUSH KNEW”, the use of
  upper case letters adds emphasis to the
  statement and lets the reader know what
  the article is about.”
 What could you say about the other
  examples pointed out?
 Mentioning what font the text is presented
  in is also useful, although you are not
  required to know various different font
  types e.g. Tahoma, Palatino Linotype,
  Times New Roman
 Also mention the font size
 And also the font style, is it in bold,
  underlined or in italics
    You will also need to mention graphemes
    Graphemes are the letter or letter combination
     that make up a sound (phoneme)
    So for example:

   From the example given,
    you can see that ‘AR’ are
    both graphemes, BUT, they
    represent two different
   The AR in HARLEY is a
    different sound to the AR in
   There is much to say about
    graphemes as the entire
    text is made up of them!
   However in the exam it is
    better to comment on a few
    related examples or
    graphemes that are unusual
   For example:
                                   Grapheme of EZ used instead of
                                   ES – can tie this in with lexis
   Punctuation is a key feature of any written text
    and it is important to mention this within the
    graphology framework
   For example:

       The use of full stops here in
       between the words ‘TOMMY
       GUN’ replicates the sound and
       action of a machine gun.
 Another key feature of graphology is the
  organisation of the text
 This basically means how it is laid out on
  the page
 Therefore you need to mention such
  things as:
 Headings, columns, bullet points,
  numeration, borders, boxes, paragraph
  size, line spacing and use of white space

Again, it is important to mention the effect these
have on the text rather than just saying “there is a
lot of white space in this text”!
         Headings – shows clear definition
                                             Bullet points –

                                                 Short, concise

                                                   White space
                                                   making the
Columns – showing clearly ordered text
                                                   advert look
   Finally the last things you need to mention
    regarding the graphology framework are:
   Use of colour
   Logos
   Drawings
   Photographs
   Captions
   Diagrams
   Charts

As stated before, you need to state what effect
these features have on the text as a whole and if
they are effective in achieving their aims.
                   Logo – tells
Caption            instinctively
                   what the text is

Pink – the
colour of love
(softness)        Drawing of a

                 Mocked up
Now you have the tools to analyse a text
using the graphology framework!

                                The End!

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