Requirement to take Muscular System RETAKE by N36PqYC


									Requirements for Eligibility to TAKE the Skeletal System Exam November 5, 2010

The student must complete the following and turn it in for review PRIOR to the
exam date in order to be eligible to TAKE the Skeletal System Exam.

   1. Write down all of the key terms from the power point including the different
      types of bones, functions, parts of the bone, and bone diseases and conditions.
   2. Frayer Model Flashcards
   3. Skeletal System Worksheet (If not turned in on Friday Oct. 23, 2010)
   4. Skeletal System Case Studies
   5. Label the Skeleton

All assignments must be submitted in your daily journal. Loose leaf paper WILL
NOT be accepted. Once this information has been submitted and verified, you will
be eligible to take the exam. Please see me if you have any questions.

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