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									              Cheshire East Local Safeguarding Children Board
               Standing Serious Case Review Group (SCRSG)

                              Terms of Reference

1. Purpose and Aims

  LSCB Vision

  ‘Working together with communities to keep our children safe’

  Chapter 8 of Working Together to Safeguard Children (W.T) (2006) sets out the
  requirements of LSCB’s in relation to undertaking Serious Case Reviews. The
  work of the Standing Serious Case Review (SCR) Group, and these terms of
  reference should be set within the context of this guidance, and the work of the
  group carried out on behalf of the LSCB.

     The membership of this group should reflect para’ 8.10 in W.T, and should
      include senior representation from LA Social Care; Health; Police and
      Education. Other persons can be present at the group meetings, but it will
      made clear in the record of the meeting who are Group/ Panel members and
      who are persons providing information.
     The SCR Group will meet on a monthly basis and be chaired by the LA social
      Care Principal Safeguarding Manager.
     Whenever there is a need to consider a recommendation as to whether a
      case should be subject to a serious case review this standing group will
      become the Serious Case Review Panel, and an independent chair will be
      identified. The roles and guidance in respect of the Serious Case Review
      Panel are set out in Chapter 8 of WT and the panel should adhere to this and
      local guidance.
                   In making a recommendation to the Chair of the LSCB for a
                     serious case review the panel should draw up TOR.
                   The panel should set timescales for completion of the SCR.
                   The panel should direct agencies to identify Individual
                     management review authors.
                   The panel should determine the identification of an
                     independent overview author.
                   If the recommendation of the panel is that a serious case
                     review is not appropriate, the panel may still make
                     recommendations in relation to single agency management
                     reviews, for example, in terms of lessons that may be learnt.
          The Serious Case Review group should monitor the progress of on going
          The SCR group should receive the final overview report and executive
           summary of SCR’s, prior to this being signed off and agreed by the full LSCB.
          The SCR group should consider possible extensions of timescales for the
           completion of SCR’s
          The SCR group should monitor the completion of reviews that have been
           identified through the panel process other than SCR’s to ensure these are
           completed and any lessons to be learnt are identified.
          On completion of SCR’s the SCR group should monitor the multi-agency
           action plan to ensure actions are completed.
          The SCR group should ensure the appropriate publication of findings from
           SCR’s and ensure that all is being done to ensure that lessons are learned in
           order to best safeguard and promote the well being of children and young
           people in the authority.

      2.       Frequency of meetings
It is proposed that the PPSG will meet at least 4 times per year.

      3.       Quoracy
It is proposed that all organisations should ensure that there is a representative from
their respective agency at all meetings. It is recommended that at least 50% of core
members should be present to allow any meeting to go ahead.

If a Member is unable to attend the expectation is for them to send a representative.

Where a member has missed two consecutive meetings, the Chair will send them a
Non-Attendance letter and report any attendance to the Quality Assurance Working

      4.       Administrative Arrangements
                 The LSCB Administrator will minute all meetings. Minutes to be
                  circulated within two weeks of the meeting;

                 The agenda and associated papers will be circulated no later than
                  three working days before the meeting.

      5.       Vice Chair
A vice-chair will be nominated.

11.        Governance arrangements
The Group will be chaired by a Board member and will report and be accountable to
the Board. A report will be prepared by the Chair for each Board meeting detailing
progress of action plans.

These Terms of reference do not reflect the full procedures and guidance in respect
of      serious   case     reviews.      These       can     be    accessed      at
hild_protect_home/child_protect_manual_home.aspx currently under review.

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