2007 GRADUATE STUDENT
                              AND NEW PROFESSIONAL
                              CASE STUDY COMPETITION
The case study provides graduate students and new professionals the opportunity to apply appropriate theory
into practice by presenting a solution to a case that will address a challenge facing higher education.
Participants can sign up as a two-member team or individually, with individuals being partnered into teams
during a mandatory meeting at the convention (Sunday, April 1 from 1:00-2:00 PM; location TBA). In addition
to meeting teammates, participants will also receive all instructions and the actual case at the mandatory
meeting. Each team will be given an opportunity to present their solution to the case on Monday, April 2 during
the Joint Meeting.

To register for the Case Study Competition, please take a moment to fill out the following information and
email the completed form to: 2007casestudies@gmail.com

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact anyone from the Case Study committee.


Paige Haber (phaber@email.arizona.edu)
Suzette Escobar (sescobar@princeton.edu)
Logan Hazen (hazen1@canisius.edu)
2007 Joint Meeting Case Study Coordinators

If only one person is identified below, you will be paired with another individual by the Case Study committee.

Coordinating Team Member                            Team Member
Last Name:                                          Last Name:
First Name:                                         First Name:
Street (Line 1):                                    Street (Line 1):
Street (Line 2):                                    Street (Line 2):
City:                                               City:
Zip:                                                Zip:
Phone:                                              Phone:
Cell:                                               Cell:
Email:                                              Email:

Status:                                             Status:
___ Grad Student                                    ___ Grad Student
    School:                                             School:
    Assistantship:                                      Assistantship:
    Academic Year:                                      Academic Year:

___ New Professional                                ___ New Professional
   School:                                             School:
   Position:                                           Position:
   Year in Profession:                                 Year in Profession:

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