Congenital factor X deficiency- An unusual cause of Intracranial

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Volume 14 Issue 1
January- June 2010

1-4     DNA damage studies in cases of Trisomy 21 using Comet Assay.
        Jayaprakash T, Ramachandra Rao K, Vishnu Bhat B, Parkash Chand, Nandha
        Kumar S
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5-8     Weight gain pattern of exclusively breastfed low birth weight and normal
        weight babies during the first six months of life
        Mohammed Faisal, Syed Manazir Ali, Maroof Jilani Khan, Azra J. Ahmed
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9-13    Serum vitamin A levels in children with protein energy malnutrition
        Ikekpeazu Ebele J, Neboh Emeka E, Maduka Ignatius C, Ezedigbo Azubike N,
        Odetunde Tola (Enugu State. Nigeria)
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15-17   Chronic diarrhea with Hyper Immunoglobulin E syndrome
        Sriram.P, Venkatesh C, Tejal Risbud, Srinivasa Raghavan, Jaykumar G.R
        Abstract I Full Text
19-23   Possible role of oxidative stress in malnourished children
        Tasneem Perampalli, S.C. Swami, K.M. Kumbar, A.N. Suryakar, Abdul Kayyum
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25-27   Centeromeric Breakage and Fragile Site Expression in Cryptorchidism –
        A case report….Ajit Kumar Saxena, Divya Singh, Gajendra Singh (Varanasi,
29-31   Paramyotonia congenita with mutation at SCN4A gene
        Rajesh K Kulkarni, Ashok D Rathod
33-38   Post binaural cochlear implant fluctuating hearing loss - A case
        study…..Ahmad H. Salahaldin, Khalid A Hadi, Razan Fakhro, Abdulbari Bene
        Abstract I Full Text
39-41   Orchidopexy for undescended testis among Saudi children: is it conducted
        at the optimal age?
        Khalid Fouda Neel
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43-45   Successful treatment of Propofol induced refractory status epilepticus with
        calcium gluconate
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47-49   Short communication: Urine iodine concentration in neonates with
        congenital hypothyroidism
        Nasir A. M. Al Jurayyan, Mahmoud I.
        Abstract I Full Text
51-53   Verbal autopsy to determine causes of deaths among under-five children
        Shah MS, Khalique N, Khan Z, Amir A
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55-57   Neonatal diabetes mellitus- A Case Report
        Sriram.P, Leena Priyambada, Nivedita Mondal, Suresh. R, Prakash .V
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59-60   Lymphangioma tongue - A case report
        Jitendra K. Singh, Devendra K. Yadav
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61-62   Acute Dystonia following brand confusion: where are we heading?
        Ubaid Hameed Shah, Sumaiyah Yousuf, Syed M Mehdi, Varun
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63-64   Bartholin’s gland abscess – a rarity in infants and children
        Jitendra K. Singh, Arunagiri Viruthagiri, Jagdish Sadasivan
        Abstract I Full Text
65-66   Congenital factor X deficiency- An unusual cause of Intracranial
        Sriram P, Venkatesh C, Nivedita Mandal, Avinash. A.
        Abstract I Full Text
67-68   Neonatal mermaid syndrome-Sirenomelia
        Sriram P, Venkatesh C, Srijit R, Sreenivasa Rhagavan, Vishnu Bhat
        Abstract I Full Text
69-70   Methotrexate therapy for placenta accreta- A rare case report
        Mahendru Rajiv, Savita Malik, Amit Mittal
        Abstract I Full Text
71-73   Bacterial Tracheitis: A case report
        Saleh Al Harbi, Rafat Mosalli
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