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									                               Woolenwick Junior
                              School No 161
Good Practice - Case Study…
                              Anti-bullying Policy and Practice
                              At Woolenwick Junior they have                 Date:            11 November 2004
                              appointed a pastoral teaching assistant.
                              While this role is far broader than just an    Subject          Anti-bullying practice
                              anti-bullying initiative, the approach has     Coverage:
                              had significant benefits in the way the        Key Stages:      2
                              school can support pupils who are bullied
                                                                             Contact          Jackie Birch
                              and pupils who bully. In addition, the
                                                                             Details:         Tel: 01438 352418
                              school’s work on Protective Behaviours
                              has been enhanced by having this role.         Related Documents & Links:

                               Pastoral Teaching Assistant

                              Jackie Birch has been a teaching assistant at the school for some years but her role
                              has been developed in that time so that she gives more and more of her time on
                              dedicated pastoral support issues. She starts in the breakfast club every morning and
                              is there throughout the day. Although Jackie has a timetable, there is flexibility within it
                              for her to be available to spend time supporting individual children when they need it.
                              In particular, she has 20 minute slots after each morning and lunch break protected as
                              these are particular times when children may need attention.

                              The teaching assistants collectively share responsibility for keeping an eye on the most
                              vulnerable children in the school, but Jackie is the member of staff who takes particular
                              responsibility to overview and monitor their wellbeing and progress. She uses a
                              grading system to determine the children who particularly need support and the list is
                              reviewed regularly. The factors which might place a child onto her list will vary and
                              may be educational, social, emotional or, more usually, a combination. Jackie spends
                              time with each child that is on her list to build trust, involve them in self identification of
                              their difficulties and to practice their protective behaviour strategies.

                              The school have found that in their experience when there are incidents of bullying
                              usually either the bullied child or the child doing the bullying will be on the vulnerable
                              children list. Having a member of staff that is already in dialogue with that child about
                              the difficulties they are having means that incidents can be dealt with more effectively
                              and understood in their wider context very readily. If there is telling off to be done that
                              is still done by the head teacher or deputy. However, Jackie will then be there to help
                              children deal with the consequences and their feelings about what has happened. She
                              is a position to then help them think about how it will be different next time and to
                              introduce suitable techniques or strategies for them to use in another such situation.

                              The school is proud that the role has contributed to a significant reduction in
                              exclusions. In a challenging context they have had only 1 2-day exclusion in 3 years.

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