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									The Rise of Original Digital
Video Content in the UK

• Internet World 2008
May, 2008
Peter Cowley, MD of Digital Media, Endemol UK
Introduction to Endemol

New Customers for Video Content

On-Line Video Stats

Original Digital Video Examples

Case Studies

Introduction to Endemol
                                           Present in 27 countries…
        One of the largest independent TV producers in the world…
  International formats including Big Brother and Deal or No Deal…
New Customers for Video Content
Portals                        MSN, Yahoo!, AOL…
Radio                          Virgin Radio/C4 Radio/EMAP
Social Media                   MySpaceTV, Bebo
Mobile Operators               O2, T-Mobile, Orange, 3, Vodafone
VOD/IPTV                       Virgin Media/BT Vision/TopUpTV
WebTV                          Joost/Babelgum/Veon…
Download To Own                iTunes/Xbox..coming: PS3, Tesco
Console Networks               Xbox Live/Playstation Network
Publishers                     The Sun, Guardian, Bauer…
Advertisers / Agencies

• Very few commissions / commissioners
• Funding through: sponsorship / distribution / consumer payments /
On-Line Video Stats
• 10.1 billion online videos viewed in Feb08 (+66% yoy, 3% mom)
• YouTube, 34% share, 80.4m viewers watched 4.42b videos (42.6
   videos / viewer)
• MySpace, 50.2m viewers watched 539m videos (10.7 video/viewers)
• Followed by Yahoo!, MSN, Viacom
• Average online video viewer consumed was 2.7 minutes

• 4OD had 100m streams in 2007
• iPlayer has had 42m programmes accessed in Q1 2008, 17.2m in
   March, 14m in Feb, 11m in Jan (25% mom)
• iTunes recently launched TV sections
Original Digital Video Examples - UK
…some examples

LG15                                    YouTube
Signs of Life                           BBC.co.uk
QuarterLife                             MySpaceTV
Kate Modern                             Bebo
Sophia’s Diary                          Bebo
The Gap Year                            Bebo
Cell                                    O2 & Others
Beyond The Rave                         MySpaceTV

  An emerging trend to maximise distribution and financial return is to
  create the video so it can be a true multi-platform experience:
   – Launch on web, short clips
   – Transfer to TV, DVD etc. as long form programming
Endemol & Digital Video
Strategy for new digital partners

1. Provide full programmes for broadcaster’s ‘catch up’ service

2. License full programmes from the Endemol archive

3. Distribute clips from shows on YouTube, MSN etc.

4. Package clips/programmes from the Endemol archive

5. Create original digital video funded through commissions,
   sponsorship, digital distribution and traditional sales
Case: Cell
•    ‘The Show’
•    WAP site
•    Website
•    YouTube site
•    Social Network site
play video
Case: Beyond The Rave
• Financed by Hammer
• Produced and Created
  by Pure Grass Films
• Distributed online by
• DVD to be released
  after on-line premiere
  on MySpace

play video
Case: Gap Year
• Global on-line reality
  show: 6 countries, 6
  contestants, 6 months
• Built for Social Media
• Funded via sponsorship
  & product integration
• Premier on Bebo
• Possible TV show

  Auditions launched in
  December 2007,
  travelling begins May

May, 2008
Peter Cowley, MD of Digital Media, Endemol UK

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