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									                       North Wiltshire Orienteers (NWO)

                    1-hour Score, Yellow course and Maze

                    Upper Burytown Farm, 19 March 2011

Come and enjoy yourselves at our event at Upper Burytown Farm, near Blunsdon, Swindon, by kind
permission of Nikky and Dave Field.

This will be the first time NWO will be using our own EMIT equipment, and the first time we will have tried
Maze Orienteering.

Date /Venue:      Saturday 19 March 2011, Upper Burytown Farm, Blunsdon. SU 155908 . The event
                  must be approached along Burytown Lane – the parking field is about 300m from the church.

Courses:          1-hour novelty score event; Yellow Course 2 km, Maze Orienteering

Times/Fees:       Registration from 1030. Starts between 1100 and 1200. Senior £4, Junior £2. There is no
                  charge for the Maze Event. EMIT card hire for Score/Yellow and/or Maze £1 (lost card
                  charge - £35).

Map:              New map, overprinted at 1:7,500. We will print maps (on waterproof paper) for the expected
                  number of participants. In the event of a larger turnout, finishers will be asked to recycle their
                  maps for later competitors. Copies of the map will be forwarded to you on request in this

                  Control descriptions will be printed on the Score/Yellow maps, but separate sheets will also
                  be available.

Dogs:             … are allowed, but must be on a lead, and must remain within the parking field.

Facilities:       Basic First Aid. Toilet. Please bring your own drinks

Terrain:          Farm fields, with some small copses. Runners will generally use the open gates to move
                  from one field to the next. However, you may also cross fences, at your own risk, EXCEPT
                  at the one place where this is prohibited (marked by red Xs on the map).

Score event:      There will be 28 controls, with scores from 10 to 40. The aim is to collect as large a score
                  as possible in 1 hour (penalty of 10 points for every minute or part of a minute late). 14
                  even-numbered controls will be on one side of the map, and 14 odd-numbered controls will
                  be on the other side of the map. Competitors must do either even-numbered controls
                  followed by all odd-numbered controls, or vice-versa. For example you might do 11 even-
                  numbered controls, then decide it is better to turn over and do odd-numbered controls rather
                  than trying to get the last three even-numbered controls. Competition rules will be printed on
                  the map.

                  The control codes will be numbered 151 to 178, but only the last two digits will be shown on
                  the maps (to minimise clutter).

Maze event:       Test your skill and speed on our specially constructed maze before or after the Score/Yellow

Results:          To be published on:

Officials:        Score/Yellow Organiser/ Planner: Nikky Field 01793-700595 nikky39 AT
                  Maze Organiser/ Planner: Ken Stimson 01793- 535759 kenstimson AT

 All competitors run at their own risk and must report to the finish whether they complete their course or not.

             Details of future events will be posted on the club’s website

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