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									Case Study

             Julie, Abby, Jess and Stephen
                                    Block D
• Evaluate the use of case studies in research

• Explain how a case study could be used to investigate a
  problem in an organization or group (e.g. a football team, a
  school, a family)

• Discuss the extent to which findings can be generalized
  from a single case study
What is case study?

• In-depth investigation of human experience

Characteristics of case study:
•   Descriptive study
•   Narrowly focused
•   Combines objective and subjective data
•   Process-orientated
      Different types of case study?
                   Intrinsic                     Instrumental
            Examines one particular       Represents and studies more
           phenomenon, chosen by            general phenomena of
           researcher’s own interest                interest

                  Descriptive                     Explanatory
         Generates detailed description    Aims to describe and find
          of a phenomenon, but data       possible explanations for a
          are not analyzed in terms of     phenomenon, theoretical
                 existing theory          analysis is based on existing

•   Person : one individual
•   Group: single distinctive set of people
•   Location: particular place ( and people of that place)
•   Organization: Single organization or company
        Strengths of case study
• Insight into social processes in a group

• Investigate unique phenomena

• Stimulates new research

• May contradict established theory
           Weaknesses of case study

• Is case study really definable?
(Willig (2001): Is case study a series of related studies put together or
   collection of studies dealing with same question?)

• Sometimes difficult to generalize findings

• More unreliable and unscientific

• Prone to researcher-bias
Koluchova (1971, 1991)

Case study of Czech twin, effect of
  deprivation on development
                   The case…
• Czech twins were born and their mother died 11 months
  after their birth

• Their father remarried a woman and the boys, from the age of
  18 months to 7 were kept in a severe deprivation
                   The case…
• Nobody knew of their existence until their situation
  came to the attention of the authorities

• They could hardly walk, play, or speak

• After a year in a supportive environment, they made
  a great progress

•Longitudinal twin study

• Discuss the extent to which findings can be
  generalized from a single case study?
• How could this be used to investigate a
  problem in an organization/group?
Design your own case study!

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