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									                    North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission

         NEAFC and IUU Fisheries

João Neves                                   IUU FISHING:
NEAFC Secretariat                 3rd Update and stakeholder consultation

                                  Chatham House         London 8 / 9 May 2007
Convention and Regulatory Areas
         (CA and RA)
• 5 Contracting Parties
     Denmark (in respect of Faeroe Isl. and Greenland)
     European Union                        Iceland
     Norway                                Russian Federation

• 4 Cooperative Non-Contracting Parties
     Canada                            Japan
     New-Zealand                       Belize

• 2 Applicants for Cooperative NCP status
     Cook Islands                      Bahamas
              NEAFC Regulates
• TACs and quotas
• Closed and protected areas
     • Deep water corals         (4)
     • Vulnerable habitats       (5)
• Gear use
     • Temporary prohibition of gillnets
• Specific fisheries measures
     • Shark fining
• Control and enforcement
    Scheme of Control and Enforcement

•   General provisions
•   Control measures
•   Monitoring of fisheries
•   Inspections at sea
•   Port state control of foreign FVs
•   Infringements
•   Measures to promote compliance by NCP
                Port State Control
• Applies to frozen catches caught in the Convention Area
  by foreign FVs landing or transhipping
• CPs designate a restricted number of ports
• Vessel operators shall send form(s) (part A) to port State
  72 hours prior to entry into port
• Port State shall forward form to flag State(s)
• Flag State(s) shall confirm compliance with rules
  returning form (part B) to port State
• Port State authorises/denies landing or transhipment
• Port state forwards form(s) (part C) to Secretariat
• Secretariat displays forms on website
  FV landing/transhipping own catch

                            PSC 1 – Part A
  Vessel                                                  landing
 landing                                                    FV
own catch

                        Coastal                                          NEAFC
      PSC 1 – Part A                         PSC 1 – Part A+B            secretariat
     3 working days
     prior to landing
                                                    PSC 1 – Part A+B+C
       FV landing/transhipping own catch and
        transhipped catches from “donor” FV
                                     PCS 1 – Part A+B
                                            PSC 1 – Part A
               PSC 1 – Part A
   Vessel                       Coastal                                 PCS 1 – Part A+B+C
  landing        3 working
 own catch        days prior     State
                 to landing                                       PCS 2s – Part A+B+C
    and                                                                                      NEAFC
transhipped                                                                                  secretariat
catches from
                                 PSC           PCS 2s – Part A+B

3 donor FVs    PSC 2 – Part A
               PSC 2 – Part A                         Flag Flag Flag
               PSC 2 – Part A                         State State State
                                    PSC 2s – Part A

                                                        donor      donor      donor
                                                         FV         FV         FV

                                                                                             PCS 1 – Part A+B+C
 Measures to promote compliance by NCP
             fishing vessels
• CPs sight or identify NCP vessels engaged in fisheries
  activities in CA and transmit information to the
• CPs that sight NCP vessels shall attempt to inform
  operators that are presumed to be undermining
  Recommendations established under NEAFC
• In case of transhipment, presumption of undermining
  Recommendations also applies to any NCP vessel(s)
  identified as having engaged in such operation
• Secretariat forwards this information to all CPs and to
  the NCP vessels’ flag State
• Masters of NCP vessels that refuse inspection boarding
  at sea shall be presumed to have engaged in IUU
• NCP vessel shall notify port State authorities 72 hours
  prior to entry into port
• CPs shall inspect all NCP vessels entering into port and
  shall not allow any landing or transhipment until
  inspection has taken place
• Masters of NCP vessels not fulfilling their obligation
  during inspections shall be presumed to have engaged
  in IUU activities
• Inspection results and subsequent action shall be
  transmitted to the Secretariat that will display copies of
  the inspection report in website private inspectors area
• Landings or transhipment may be authorised by port
  State if vessels’ operators can establish that catches
  took place outside the RA and if vessels’ flag State
  confirm that catches were legitimate
• In case a vessel is presumed to have engaged in IUU
  activities the Secretariat shall transmit all relevant
  information to all CPs, to other RFMOs and to the
  vessel’s flag State
• Details of vessels presumed to have engaged in IUU
  activities shall be placed by the Secretariat in a IUU
  provisional list (A list)
• The IUU vessel’s flag State is requested to report to
  NEAFC the result of enquires and/or measures taken in
  respect of the concerned vessel
• The Secretariat shall distribute to all CPs any information
  received from IUU vessels’ flag State
• Cooperative NCP vessels shall also be added to the A
  list if they fail to comply with all relevant
  Recommendations establish under the Convention
• Every year PECCOE will evaluate all relevant
  information on the A list vessels and, as appropriate,
  recommend to the Commission that the vessels be
  removed or transferred to the confirmed IUU list (B list)
• Similarly PECCOE shall review annually the B list and
  recommend additions or removal from the list
• Removal from B list will occur if flag State satisfies a
  number of strict preset conditions
• The Secretariat shall transmit the IUU B list to NAFO
  with a request of distribution to its CPs, to other RFMOs
  and shall display both IUU list in its website
• Vessels that have been placed in NAFO’s IUU list shall
  be placed on NEAFC’s IUU B list
• CPs shall take appropriate measures regarding IUU
  vessels in order to:

      • Prohibit the supply of provisions, fuel and other services
      • Prohibit entry into their ports of such vessels
      • Prohibit the authorisation of such vessels to fish in waters under
        national jurisdiction
      • Prohibit the chartering of such vessels
      • Refuse the granting of their flag to such vessels
      • Prohibit imports of fish coming from such vessels
      • Encourage importers, transporters and other sectors concerned, to
        refrain from negotiating and from transhipping of fish caught by such
      • Collect and exchange information in order to detect, control and
        prevent false import/export certificates regarding fish from such
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