Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP)

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					  Security Cooperation
Information Portal (SCIP)

   Ad Hoc Query Instructions
         To Produce
Customer Status of Closed SDRs
Advantages of SCIP Ad Hoc Report
• Timely
   – No production / mail / distribution delays
   – Data is current – daily downloads
• Easy to use
   – Just change report timeframes once query is
     established and saved
• Flexible
   – Country-unique data requirements and qualifiers
   – Data saved to EXCEL
      • Easy to sort, count/total, search, select and tailor data
      • Easy to distribute to required users
• Efficient
           CISIL Report versus SCIP
             Data Element Names
CISIL                  SCIP
TC (Type of Case)      Not Available
CC                     Country
Case                   Case Designator Code
Document               Requisition Document Number
                       Plus Requisition Document Number Suffix
SDR                    Customer Assigned SDR Number
SF                     SDR Number Suffix
NSN                    NSN/Part/Reference Number
MRO RIC                Processing RIC
      CISIL Report versus SCIP
   Data Element Names (continued)
CISIL                           SCIP
Qty                             Quantity Discrepant
Unit Price                      Unit Price
Ext Value                       SDR Value
TY DC                           Discrepancy Code
AC DS                           Action Code
Adj Value                       Adjudicated Value
Bill No                         Interfund Bill Number
Intr Stat (Interim Statement)   Not available
Act Tkn                         Action Taken Code
Prg Cde                         Progression Code
Prg Dte                         Progression Date
        Closed SDR Report
          1. Select Ad Hoc
              Module by
             on “Ad Hoc”

2. Select “SDR
 Ad Hoc” from
 Drop Down                   3. Left-click on
     Menu                      “Continue”
Select Data Elements for Report
1. Highlight Data Element
   From “Available Fields”

                                  3. Partial
                               Listing of Data
                                Elements on
                                Closed SDR
     2. Use -> arrow to move
     Selected Data Element
        to “Selected Fields”
Select Data Elements for Report,

                                          Use “up” and
                                         “Down” arrows
                                            to view all
                                          selected data
       Left-click on “Detailed Report”
        once all data elements are
             selected for report.
Determining Sequence of Report

                  Left-click on “down arrow” of
                   data element to be sorted.
                  Left-click on “Ascending” or
                  “Descending’ as applicable.
                     Repeat as necessary.
Determining Sequence of Report,

                       Use Screen
                     Positioning Bar
                     at left to position
                     screen to show
                       Lower View.

                  Left-click on “Confirm”
Select Data Element as Report Qualifier

                   1. Left click on “Add Filter Criteria”
                    after it changes from light gray
                                color to black

   2. Left-click on Down Arrow to display
                                                                            4. Key in
      data elements able to be qualified. 3. Left-click on Down Arrow
                                           and select desired qualifier.    value to
      Left-click on desired data element.
                                                                             to be
      5. Repeat steps 1-4 to add
                                          6. Left-click on “Continue”     be selected
additional Selection Criteria, changing
                                                when finished.           (alpha values
     “And/Or” logic as applicable
                                                                            Must be
                                                                         Upper Case)
Report Data Sequence

              Left Click on Down
               Arrow to display
              Drop Down Menu

              Select Sequence
                Option from
              Drop Down Menu
Report Sequence, Continued

                      Use Screen Position
                        Bar at Right to
                       display bottom of
                        screen (if large
                        Number of data
                        elements have
                        been included)

             Once Report Sort is finalized,
                left click on “Confirm”
Confirmation of Query Detail
                     Report Display

Left-click on “Save Ad Hoc Query”         Left-click on “Convert to MS Excel”
 To save query for later access.         To convert Report Output to Excel File

                          Data is displayed here.
Saving Ad-Hoc Query

      Key in name of query
      (25 characters limit)
         for future use.

    Left click on “OK” to proceed
Saved Query Confirmation
  Accessing Saved Queries

                                Left-click on Down arrow
                               to display all saved queries.

                                Select desired query and
                                Left-click on “Continue.”
Note: user must leave Ad-Hoc
before accessing saved query
        after saving it.
Modifying Saved Query

                   Key in new dates
                    as required for
                      next report.

         When finished keying in changes,
             left-click on “Continue.”
MS Excel File Access

                            Left-click on “Open”
                           Or “Save” as applicable

  Country specific data deleted.

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