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                    1                 2
         J. GÓMEZ , P. FERNÁNDEZ
  INTEMA, Univ. Nac. de Mar del Plata, Mar del
Plata, Argentina. E-mail: comat@fi.mdp.edu.ar
   UCHILE, Univ. Nac. de Chile, Santiago de
Chile, Chile. E-mail: comat@fi.mdp.edu.ar

Abstracts must be submitted with the format of
this document and must be sent as e-mail
attached file in Microsoft Word 97 format. The
easiest and most convenient way to write an                    Fig. 1. Relative concentration of
abstract is by using this template.                      hydroxymethylols phenol as a function of F/Ph
Page size must be letter size (21.59 x 27.94              molar ratio:  experimental points, --- model
cm). Mirror margins must be selected. 2.5 cm
top and bottom margins, 3.5 cm inside margin        Furthermore, tables must be numbered (see
and 2 cm outside margin must be used. A two-        Table 1). A short legend must be included in the
column format of 7.54 cm in width with 1 cm of      table heading.
separation between columns must be used. The
abstract must not exceed 2 pages for oral           Table 1. COMAT Symposia.
presentations and posters, and 4 pages for          Symposia         Year Country
main lectures.                                      COMAT            2001 Argentina
A 10-point type size and a sans-serif typeface      COMAT            2003 México
Arial must be used, except for the                  COMAT            2005 Argentina
acknowledgements and references that must be
8-point type size. The official language of         References to the literature must be indicated in
COMAT 2005 is English.                              the text by a number between brackets [1] in the
Paper title must be centred and bold type must      order in which they appear. A full list of
be used. The same font size and font type for       references must be inserted at the end of the
paper title and authors names must be used. A       abstract [2-4]. The reference format is to be in
single line must be included between paper title    accordance with Chemical Abstracts. Equations
and authors names. Use upper case for names         must be consecutively numbered as shown in
and upper and lower case for affiliations as        the following example:
shown above. Be sure to underline the                              G  H  TS                  (1)
Presenting Author´s name. In the example, P.        IUPAC recommendations are to be followed for
Fernández is the presenting author. At least the    names of polymers, physico-chemical quantities
electronic address of one of the authors must       and units.
be included.
Begin typing your abstract leaving a blank line.    Acknowledgements
No blank lines must be used through the body.       The Organising Committee thanks you for your interest in
Although the abstract must follow the usual         participating in the COMAT 2005.
format of scientific papers, (Introduction,
Experimental, Results and Discussion), these        REFERENCES
subtitles must be included only when essential.     1.     Gordon, M., Chermin, H., Koningsveld, R.,
Figures must be introduced as they are                     Macromolecules, 2 (1969) 934
                                                    2.     Flory, P.J., Principles of Polymer Chemistry, Cornell
mentioned in the text. Captions to figures must            Univ. Press, New York, 1953
be included below related figures. A brief          3.     Hirano, S., en: Chitin Handbook, 1997, p. 71
description of the figures must be included as is   4.     Rodríguez, A., Tesis de Doctorado, Univ. Nac.
illustrated in Fig. 1.                                     Autónoma de México, 1996

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