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					             C HILDCARE             AND      P ARENT S ERVICES (CAPS)
                 S e c t i o n 6 1 0 0 : Ch i l d Ca r e P r o g r a m Re q u i r e me n t s
     REQUIREMENT         Eligibility for the Childcare and Parent Services (CAPS) program is based on: U.S.
                         citizenship or legal status; Georgia residency; family unit income and need for care.
 BASIC                   6102 - Waiver Request
 CONSIDERATIONS          A waiver may be considered in cases when a family experiences extenuating
                         circumstances that puts a child’s safety or well being at risk and the family is unable to
                         pay for child care.

                         The following waivers may be granted on a case-by-case basis:
                             Income - Families whose gross income exceeds CAPS maximum allowable
                                income may be granted an income waiver on a case-by-case basis.
                                The County Director or designee may grant an income waiver up to a year for
                                families who have an open CPS case.
                                Only the Child Care State Office can issue income waivers for non CPS related
                                cases. The county staff may complete the CAPS waiver request form, however,
                                the Regional Field Program Specialist will submit it to the Child Care State
                             Fee - Fee waivers must not exceed 60 days per occurrence and cannot extend
                                beyond the certification expiration date. County Director or designee may
                                grant fee waivers to eligible clients.

                               State Approved Activity Hours- Federal guidelines require participation in a
                                State Approved activity except those explained in Section 6303.

                                The activity requirement cannot be waived. However, the Child Care State
                                Office may grant a waiver for clients who are participating in a State
                                Approved Activity, but do not meet the CAPS minimum 24 hour

                               Children with Special Needs - If the child care provider rate exceeds CAPS
                                 maximum reimbursement rate, a waiver must be submitted to the CAPS State
                                 Unit for consideration.

                         Other -Waiver request for extenuating circumstances or issues not specifically covered
                         in policy must be submitted to the State Child Care Unit.

                         Note: Waivers cannot be extended automatically. The CM must re-evaluate the
                         client’s circumstances for changes to determine if an extension is warranted or if other
                         services are available. The CM must assist the client in exploring other resources to
                         assist them in becoming self-sufficient.

Volume VI – CAPS: MT-2 September 2010                                                                 Page 6100-5

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