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									                 Chapter 18: “Renewing the Sectional Struggle”
                               ~ 1848 – 1854 ~
 1. The Popular Sovereignty-What does the term popular sovereignty mean? Who was for it and why?

 2. Political Triumphs for General Taylor-what factors helped Taylor to win the Presidency?

 3. “California Gold”-what was the result (political, social and economics) of gold being found in California?

4.   Sectional Balance and the Underground Railroad.-What threatened the balance that Southerners were so
     worried about during the mid nineteenth century? What was the Underground Railroad and who
     “conducted” it?

5.   Twilight of the Senatorial Giants-Who were these Senatorial Giants, where were they from, what was their
     last big contribution to American history?

 6. Deadlock and Danger on Capitol Hill-explain the rationale of the Young Guard regarding slavery
    and compromise.

 7. Breaking the Congressional Logjam-Explain the Compromise of 1850 and how it passed.

 8. Balancing the Compromise Scales-What was so controversial with the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850?

 9. Defeat and Doom for the Whigs-What happened to the Whig Party in the 1852 election?

 10. President Pierce the Expansionist-Who was William Walker, what did he do, how did it end?

 11. What did Commodore Matthew Perry do that forever affected the US and Asia?

 12. Coveted Cuba: Pearl of the Antilles-Explain the Ostend Manifesto.

 13. Pacific Railroad Promoters and the Gadsden Purchase-What was the Gadsden Purchase and how
     did it benefit the South?

 14. Douglas’s Kansas-Nebraska Scheme-Why was Douglas so passionate about popular sovereignty?

 15. Congress Legislates a Civil War-Explain the consequences of the Kansas-Nebraska Act.
         Chapter 19: “Drifting Toward Disunion”~ 1854 – 1861 ~
1. Stowe and Helper: Literary Incendiaries-How did Stowe and Helper’s books educate the public on slavery?

2. The North-South Contest for Kansas-What caused Kansas to become unstable?

3. Kansas in Convulsion-What happened at Pottawatomie Creek in May of 1856? Explain the
   Lecompton Constitution.

4. “Bully” Brooks and His Bludgeon-What was the caning of Sumner about and what affect did it
   have on slavery?

5.    “Old Buck” versus “The Pathfinder”-Explain what, who and why the three parties represented for
     president in 1856 were so different and controversial.

6. The Electoral Fruits of 1856-Why did Buchanan and the Democrats win in 1856?

7. The Dred Scot Bombshell-Explain the controversy and results of the Dred Scot case.

8. The Financial Crash of 1857-What caused the Panic of 1857? Why was it so important in causing
   the Civil War?

9. An Illinois Rail-Splitter Emerges-How did Abraham Lincoln become nationally known?

10. The Great Debate: Lincoln versus Douglas-Explain the Freeport Doctrine?

11. John Brown: Murderer or Martyr? Explain the significance of the raid on Harper’s Ferry by John

12. The Disruption of the Democrats-Explain the Democratic ticket of 1860.

13. A Rail-Splitter Splits the Union-How did Lincoln gain the nomination with the Republican Party?
    What appeal did the Republican Party have for Northerners?

14. The Electoral Upheaval of 1860-Explain the political breakdown after the election of 1860.

15. The Secessionist Exodus-Why was there Northern support for the South to secede? Why didn’t
    Buchanan force (or threaten) them back into the Union?

16. The Collapse of Compromise-Explain Crittenden’s compromise. Why was it rejected?

17. Farewell to Union-Why did states secede from the Union?

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