Macbeth Anticipation Guide by wanghonghx


									                                    Macbeth Anticipation Guide

Part I Directions: Before reading Macbeth, in the BEFORE column respond to each
statement by putting a plus sign (+) if you agree, a minus sign (-) if you disagree,
or a question mark (?) if you are unsure of your belief. On the back, write a
sentence explaining your choice for each.

Part II Directions: After reading Macbeth, in the AFTER column respond again to
the statements using the same symbols.

Part III Directions: On a separate piece of paper respond in at least one paragraph
(6 sentences) to a statement where your belief changed since reading the play.

Before                                 Statement                                    After

_____                     1. Shakespeare’s writing does not relate to my life.      _____

_____       2. Some things are fated to happen, and we have no control over them.   ______

_____                         3. Supernatural beings can influence our lives.       ______

_____                          4. It’s sometimes okay to betray your friends.       ______

_____ 5. You should seek revenge on a friend if they’ve done something wrong to you. ______

_____                 6. You should always trust your friends.                      ______

_____                 7. It’s almost impossible to resist peer pressure.            ______

_____                 8. Men are more ruthless (cruel, coldblooded) than women.     ______

_____                 9. I would not change who I am if I became powerful.          ______

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