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									Lord of the Flies
          by William Golding
William Golding
William Golding

 Born: September 19, 1911
 Cornwall, England
 School teacher when World
  War II broke out
 1940, served in the Royal
William Golding

 After the war, he returned to
  teaching and writing.
 1954: Published Lord of the
 Several million copies are in
William Golding

 Other  novels: Pincher Martin,
  Free Fall, The Inheritors, The
  Spire, and The Pyramid.
 Lives in England with his wife.
Lord of the Flies
                     The  horrific
                     exploits of a
                     band of young
                     children who
                     make a striking
                     transition from
                     civilized to
Lord of the Flies

 The Lord of the Flies
 commands a pessimistic
 outlook that seems to show
 that man is inherently tied to
 society, and without it, we
 would likely return to savagery.
The Characters

 Ralph:

     We  follow his psychological
      and actual physical struggle to
      establish some kind of rational
      order on the island.
The Characters

 Jack:

     He  changes from leader of the
      choirboys in the first chapter to
      chief of the savage hunters by
      the last.
The Characters

 Jack   (continued):
  He  is largely responsible for the
  heinous crimes perpetrated by
  some of the boys on their
The Characters

 Piggy:
  He  is the intellectual in the
  He is physically weak and is
   given to complaining a good
The Characters

 Piggy   (continued):
  As the novel develops, he becomes
   close friends with Ralph.
 Simon:
  He is a unique character in the
The Characters
 Simon   (continued):
  He  stays neutral during the power
   struggles between Ralph and Jack.
  He has a saint-like vision of the
   world, and who comes to
   understand the truth about the Lord
   of the Flies and the beast.
The Characters

 Roger:
  He  is kind of an alter ego to Jack.
  He is constantly by Jack’s side.

  He unleashes his sadistic will on
   the weaker boys.
The Characters

 Samneric   (Sam and Eric):
  Twins  that remain close to Ralph
  While with Ralph, there is hope that
   all reason is not lost.
  While with Jack, they are forced to
   betray Ralph.
The Characters

 “Littleuns”:
   Generic title for the youngest boys
   on the island.
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