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									           Managerial Economics and Organizational Architecture, 5e


Chapter Case                                          Topic
                                                      Introduction to Organizational
     1 AirTex Aviation HBS Case #9-800-269            Architecture
         O.M. Scott & Sons Company Leveraged          Introduction to Organizational
         Buyout HBS Case #9-190-148                   Architecture
         *”Meltdown – Barings Bank Collapse,”
         Sunday Times (London), March 5, 1995
         *A. Kohn, “Why Incentive Plans Cannot
         Work” Harvard Business Review (Sept.-        Alternative View to Economic
     2   Oct. 1993)                                   View Stressed in the Book
         *R.A. Radford, “The Economic
         Organisation of a P.O.W. Camp,”
     3   Economica, November 1945                     Exchange and Markets
         Cetus Computer Corporation Sales Force
     5   CASENET                                      Input Selection
         Pricing NY Telephone Private Line
     7   Services CASENET                             Pricing
         *Wal*Mart Stores, Inc. HBS Case #9-
     8   794-024                                      Strategy
         Growth and Profitability: A Tale of Two
         Competitive Industries CASENET               Strategy
         Goodyear Restructuring HBS Case #9-          Diversification and the Market
         288-046                                      for Corporate Control
         *Note on Structural Analysis of Industries
         HBS Case #9-376-0543                         Porter’s “Five Forces”
                                                      Organizational Architecture
       Nordstrom: Dissension in the Ranks HBS         (Decision Rights, Performance
    11 Case #9-191-002                                Evaluation, Incentives)
       AirTex Aviation HBS Case #9-800-269            Decision Rights and Incentives
                                                      Decision Rights & Incentives
                                                      (also can be used as an
    12 AirTex Aviation HBS Case #9-800-269            introductory case)
         Pepsi-Cola US Beverages (A) HBS Case
         #9-390-043                                   Subunit Structure
         Smashing the Cube: Corporate
         Transformation at Ciba-Geigy, Ltd. HBS
         Case #9-795-041                              Subunit Structure
    Mark Twain Bancshares                      Decentralization
    HBS Case #9-385-178
    Visionary Design Systems: Are Incentives   Decentralization & Incentive
    Enough? HBS Case 9-495-011                 Compensation
    Mrs. Field’s Cookies HBS Case #9-189-      Technology & Allocation of
    056                                        Decision Rights
   Pepsi-Cola US Beverages (A) HBS Case        Divisional Structure (also deals
13 #9-390-034                                  with issues from Chapter 12)
   Smashing the Cube: Corporate                Divisional Structure,
   Transformation at Ciba-Geigy, Ltd. HBS      Decentralization (also deals with
   Case #9-795-041                             issues from Chapter 12)
                                               Internal Labor Markets,
   United Parcel Service (A) HBS Case #9-      Promotion Incentives,
14 488-016                                     Organizational Architecture
   Gerald Weiss’ Stock Options HBS Case
15 #N9-899-258                                 Options
    Compensation at Level 3                    Relative Performance Evaluation,
    Communications HBS Case #9-202-084         Indexed Options
    *Brian J. Hall, “What You Need to Know
    About Stock Options,” Harvard Business
    Review (March-April 2000)                  Option Primer
   *Kevin J. Murphy, “Executive
   Compensation,” in Handbook of Labor
   Economics, vol. 3, O. Ashenfelter & D.
   Card (Eds.) (Elsevier Science, BV, 1999)    Executive Compensation
   General Dynamic: Compensation &
   Strategy (A) and (B) HBS Cases #9-494-
16 048 and #9-494-049                          Incentive Compensation
    Lincoln Electric Company HBS Case          Performance Evaluation and
    #376-028                                   Incentive Compensation
                                               Lincoln Electric’s Struggles
    Lincoln Electric: Venturing Abroad HBS     Attempting to Implement
    Case #9-398-095                            Incentive System Internationally
    Performance Pay at Safelite Auto (A) and
    (B) HBS Cases #N9-800-291 and N9-          Performance Evaluation and
    800-292                                    Incentive Compensation
    RKO Warner Video Incentive
    Compensation Plan                          Performance Evaluation
    HBS Case #9-190-067
    Gerald Weiss Stock Options HBS Case
    #9-899-218                                 Executive Compensation
           Al Dunlap at Sunbeam HBS Case #9-899-
           218                                     Executive Compensation
                                                   Linking Strategy to Divisional
          *“What is Value-Based Management,”       Performance Measurement &
       17 McKinsey Quarterly, vol. 3 (1994)        Incentives
          Medtronic, Inc. (B) HBS Case #9-400-
       18 042                                      Board of Directors

           The Enron Collapse HBS Case #IMD164     Corporate Governance

          Enron: 1986-2001 Darden School CD        Corporate Governance
          BhS plc: Global Sourcing HBS Case #9-
       19 392-083                                  Outsourcing
          Eastman Kodak Co: Managing
          Information Systems Through Strategic
          Alliances HBS Case #9-193-506            Outsourcing

           Nucleon, Inc. HBS Case #9-692-041       Vertical Organization
           Offshoring at Global Information
           Systems, Inc. Offshoring HBS Case
           Cathay Pacific: Doing More with Less
           Outsourcing HBS Case #303106

          Sealed Air Corp. Leveraged
          Recapitalization Leadership and
       20 Corporate HBS Case #9-294-122 Change
           Martin Marietta: Managing Corporate
       22 Ethics Ethics HBS Case #9-393-016
* Supplemental Readings

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