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                        OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE “STEP” PROGRAM

                           A SEASONAL EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM
                        OF THE U. S. FOREST SERVICE FOR STUDENTS



     *   Seasonal, temporary positions only.
     *   Mostly entry level, technical, field-going jobs.
     *   Pay $9.61 – $14.95 per hour depending on position and qualifications.
     *   Positions generally available in:

          =   Archeology
          =   Biological Technician
          =   Fire Control
          =   Forestry Technician (Timber Management)
          =   Recreation Management (Trails, Wilderness, Information Services)


     * Positions available at:

     Mt. Hood                       Columbia River Gorge         Gifford Pinchot
     National Forest:               National Scenic Area:        National Forest:

     =   Dufur                      =   Cascade Locks            = Mount St. Helens
     =   Estacada                   =   Hood River                 National Volcanic
     =   Mt. Hood-Parkdale          =   Multnomah Falls            Monument
     =   Zigzag                     =   Stevenson                = Packwood
                                    =   The Dalles               = Randle
                                                                 = Trout Lake

          NOTE: Government housing NOT available at National Scenic Area.


     * A degree seeking student.                  * Enrolled at least half-time.
     * Continuing in school Fall 2007             * GPA 2.0 or better
     * Minimum age 18.


           Send Resume, Pre-Employment Eligibility Form, and Transcripts (Un-Official), and
           Student Interest Form to:

                 USDA-Forest Service
                 ATTN: David Gross
                 780 NE Court Street
                 Dufur, OR 97021

                 Your name will be placed on a list and made available to those hiring for seasonal positions
                 on all three units.

                 Note: Please quantify your work experience; ie, “3 months summer 2002, 40 hrs /week” or
                 “June – September 2002, 20 hours /week”; not “summer 2002”. This will help qualify you for
                 a specific pay grade.


           Mt. Hood National Forest

           * Contact David Gross at:                       or          Genie Ott-Mendiola at:

                       = Phone: 541-467-2291                                       = Phone: 1-888-801-7210
                       = e-mail:                                  = e-mail:

           Gifford Pinchot National Forest

           * Contact Terry Durazo at: or                               Chad Clark at:

                       = Phone: 360-891-5000                                       = Phone: 360-891-5115
                       = e-mail:                                 = e-mail:

           Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

           * Contact Patti Ann Monzie at:

                       = Phone: 541-308-1701
                       = e-mail:

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, age,
disability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal,
or because all or part of an individual’s income is derived from any public assistance program. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) Persons with
disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc.) should contact USDA’s TARGET
Center at (202)720-2600 (voice and TDD). To file a complaint of discrimination, write to USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence
Avenue, S.W., Washington, DC 20250-9410, or call (800) 795-3272 (voice) or (202) 720-6382 (TDD). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and
  2007 Temporary Employment Opportunities
                                   On the
                           Mt. Hood National Forest

              These are possible positions that may be filled for the 2006 season.
                     You may contact the supervisor listed for the positions
                       to inquire how and if they will be filling the positions.

                                     (Fire Positions)
Forestry Technician – GS-46
GS-3/4/5 (Engine)      Dufur or Maupin, OR            Supervisor: Ray Weiss (541) 467-5128
GS-2/3/4/5 (Hand crew) Dufur or Maupin, OR             Supervisor: Ray Weiss (541) 467-5128
GS-2/3/4/5 (Engine)    Parkdale, OR              Supervisor: Leo Segovia (541) 352-6002x638
GS-3/4 (Hand crew)     Parkdale, OR              Supervisor: Leo Segovia (541) 352-6002x638
GS-2/3/4 (BD Crew) Estacada, ORSupervisor: Santos Rodriguez (503) 630-6861
GS-3/4 (Engine)    Estacada, OR      Supervisor: Bill Shannon (503) 630-6861
GS-4/5 (Prevention) Estacada, OR Supervisor: Jerry Herandez (503) 630-6861
GS-3/4 (Engine) Zigzag, OR Supervisor: Jennifer Harris (503) 622-3191x671
GS-4/5 (Prevention) Zigzag, OR Supervisor: Jennifer Harris (503) 622-3191x671
GS-3/4 (Hotshot) Zigzag, OR Supervisor: Diego Mendiola (503) 622-3191x644
GS-4/5 (Prevention) Estacada, OR Supervisor: Jerry Herandez (503) 630-6861

                                 (Non-Fire positions)
Park Ranger GS-0025
GS-4                        Mt. Hood, OR          Supervisor: Susan Cox (541) 352-6002

YCC Crew Leader GS-102
GS-5                        Dufur or Maupin, OR Supervisor: Dave Gross (541) 467-2291
Info Recep GS-304
GS-3/4                        Mt. Hood, OR             Supervisor: Susan Cox (541) 352-6002
GS-3/4                        Estacada, OR             Supervisor: Dina Wiley (503) 630-6861

Off Auto Clerk GS-326
GS-3/4                        Dufur, OR                Supervisor: Kitty Filbin (541) 467-2291
GS-3/4                        Zigzag, OR Supervisor: Angela Crawford503/622-3191

Bio-Technicians GS-404
GS-4/5 (Fish)                 Zigzag, OR        Supervisor: Duane Bishop (503) 622-3191x645
GS-2/3/4/5 (Fish)      Estacada, OR Supervisor: Tom Horning (503) 630-8798
GS-3/4/5 (Fish)        Estacada, OR Supervisor: Katie Serres (503 630-8784
GS-4/5 (Wildlife) Estacada, ORSupervisor: Sharon Herandez (503) 630-8713
GS-3/4/5 (Fish)        Mt Hood, OR Supervisor: Darci Morgan (541) 352-6002 x627
GS-3/4/5 (Wildlife)    Mt Hood, OR Supervisor: Rich Thurman (541) 352-6002 x626
GS-4/5 (Soils)                Dufur, OR              Supervisor: John Dodd (541) 467-5116
GS-3/4/5 (Wildlife)           Dufur, OR            Supervisor: Rich Thurman (541) 352-6002 x626
GS-3/4/5 (Fish)               Dufur, OR              Supervisor: Chris Rossel (541) 467-5119
GS-7 (Fish)                   Mt Hood, OR           Supervisor: Darci Morgan (541) 352-6002 x627
GS-7 (Fish)                   Zigzag, OR        Supervisor: Duane Bishop (503) 622-3191x645

Forestry Technician GS-462
GS-3/4/5/6 (Trails)             Zigzag, OR                  Supervisor: Kathleen Walker (503) 622-3191
  GS-3 is Announcement # ADS04-WOFSJOBS-013, GS-4 is Announcement # ADS04-WOFSJOBS-016
                             GS-5 is Announcement # ADS04-WOFSJOBS-017,
                    GS-6 is not announced yet. Will be posted in the USAJOBS website.
                            Need 2 positions May-Oct and 2 positions June-Sept.

GS-3/4/5/6 (Wilderness)       Zigzag, OR                  Supervisor: Kathleen Walker (503) 622-3191
  GS-3 is Announcement # ADS04-WOFSJOBS-013, GS-4 is Announcement # ADS04-WOFSJOBS-018
                           GS-5 is Announcement # ADS04-WOFSJOBS-019,
                  GS-6 is not announced yet. Will be posted in the USAJOBS website.
                          Need 2 positions May-Oct and 2 positions June-Sept.

GS-5/6 (Climbing)             Zigzag, OR                  Supervisor: Kathleen Walker (503)
                      Not yet announced. Will be posted in the USAJOBS site.

GS-3/4/5 (Presale)            Estacada, OR       Supervisor: Jerry Polzin (503) 630-8761 x761
GS-3/4/5 (Rec)                Estacada, OR       Supervisor: Jim Tierney (503) 630-8751 x751
GS-1/2/3/4/5 (Trails) Mt Hood, OR Supervisor: Ken Kollas (541) 352-6002 x643
GS-2/3/4/5 (Campgrounds) Mt Hood, OR Supervisor: Denise Hilkey (541) 352-6002
x643GS-3/4/5 (Wilderness) Mt Hood, OR Supervisor: Susan Brun (541) 352-6002
GS-3/4/5 (Presale)       Dufur, OR   Supervisor: Fred Temler (541) 467-5123
GS-3/4/5 (Silv)        Dufur, OR    Supervisor: Fred Temler (541) 467-5151
GS-2/3/4/5 (Rec)Dufur/Maupin, OR Supervisor: Linda Cartwright (541) 467-5181
GS-3 (YCC)             Dufur or Maupin, OR     Supervisor: Dave Gross (541) 467-2291
GS-5 (River Ranger)    Hood River, OR           Supervisor: Sue Baker (541) 308-1729
GS-5 (Disperse Rec)    Zigzag, OR          Supervisor: Kathleen Walker (503) 622-3191
                 MT. HOOD NATIONAL FOREST
                                  WHERE YOU MIGHT WORK


The Barlow District is the eastern most Ranger District on the Mt. Hood National Forest. The District
office is located in the community of Dufur. The Bear Springs and Rock Creek Work Centers are located
in the southern part of the District. The District is comprised of 200,000 acres, ranging in elevation from
1,600 feet to 7,000 feet.

Unique features include a popular lookout rental program, Badger Creek Wilderness Area, historic
Barlow Road, two municipal watersheds, groomed snowmobile trails, rock climbing area, mountain bike
and hiking trails.

Dufur is a small, friendly community of about 600 people located off Highway 197, approximately 13
miles south of The Dalles, Oregon. Climate is generally warm to hot and dry in the summer

Businesses include a grocery store, antique store, post office, bank, service station, city park with
swimming pool, one hotel, an RV park, an elementary and high school, four churches and one restaurant.

Full services are available in The Dalles, a city of approximately 14,000.

Bunk houses are available in Dufur and at the work centers.


The Clackamas River Ranger District is located on the western slopes of the Northern Oregon Cascades,
within an hour’s drive of Portland, Oregon. This urban District consists of nearly 500,000 acres. The
Ranger Station is located in Estacada, Oregon. The Ripplebrook Guard Station, a satellite work center, is
located 27 miles southeast of Estacada along the Clackamas River.

The District employs about eighty permanent full-time people, and increases its ranks by up-to twenty
temporary employees during the summer field season. The District is organized into three steward teams
and four departments. Each team and department consists of both full time and seasonal employees
working together to meet district objectives

The District is responsible for managing and providing leadership to a complex and controversial natural
resource program with conflicting user desires among local entities and public forest users/environmental
groups and cooperators/partners. The District also manages the Engineering Technical Support, Sale
Administration and Special Forest Products programs for the west side of the Forest. It is also
responsible for managing the Forest Stream Survey program and major hydro re-licensing for six dams
on the Forest.

The most outstanding features of the Clackamas River Ranger District are its rivers and streams, the most
prominent being the Clackamas, Collowash and Roaring Rivers. The Clackamas River and its fast-
flowing tributaries provide challenging whitewater, fisheries, hydropower and drinking water supplies.

The Clackamas River drainage is one of the most popular recreational destinations on the Forest. Most
of the recreational use, concentrated around the rivers and streams, includes whitewater rafting,
kayaking, hiking, sightseeing, picnicking, camping, hunting and fishing. In addition, there are numerous
small lakes accessible by road or trail. The district maintains about 200 miles of trails, including a
portion of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. The trails traverse across a variety of terrain and

The 34,900-acre Bull of the Woods Wilderness is located in the southwest portion of the district and is
characterized by very steep, mountainous terrain, dissected deeply by streams. There are at least twelve
lakes larger than one acre scattered throughout the wilderness. Most are accessible by trail.

The District has a great diversity of wildlife, including elk, black-tail deer, cougar, bobcat, coyote, bald
eagle, osprey, Northern spotted owl, great horned owl and dozens of species of small animals and birds.
Much work is going on to assess the habitat needs of all wildlife in order to maintain or increase their

Estacada is nestled against the Cascade Range foothills, on the scenic Clackamas River. Population of
the town is approximately 2000, but the city serves a rural population of about 19,000. Estacada is a 40-
minute drive from downtown Portland, and about 20 minutes from the greater metropolitan area. The
metropolitan area and nearby communities provide a variety of amenities and cultural activities to suit all
tastes. The Portland International Airport is within a 45-minute drive from Estacada.

Government housing is available but very limited. Bunkhouses are located both in Estacada and at the
Ripplebrook Guard Station and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Rentals are available
within the community, but are very limited also.


The Hood River District is located on the north end of the Mt. Hood National Forest and contains the
Hood River drainage. The District office is located along Highway 35 near the small community of Mt.
Hood. A work center is located in Parkdale, 3 miles to the west of the ranger station.

The small city of Hood River is 16 miles north of Mt. Hood-Parkdale on the Columbia River. Hood
River is a full service community with a wide selection of shopping and recreation and is known as the
wind sailing capitol of the world. In summer the town is filled with people from all over the world and
becomes a mix of the old agricultural town with the new visitor destination.
The District has a heavy work load in recreation and resource management. Part of the Mt. Hood
Wilderness Area falls within its boundary and mountain biking outside the wilderness is a favorite
pastime of wind sailors when the wind isn’t blowing, as well as others.

Bunkhouse facilities are located at the work center.

The Zigzag River is named after the Zigzag River that flows off the west side of Mt. Hood. The District
office is located in the community of Zigzag along Highway 26 at the western base of the Cascade
Mountains about 35 miles east of Portland.

The cities of Sandy and Gresham are located 16 and 25 miles to the west on Highway 26 and provide the
closest major shopping. The heart of downtown Portland is only a 45 minute drive from the ranger

The District has a very heavy work load in recreation as a portion of the Mt. Hood Wilderness Area falls
within the District boundary, as well as Timberline Lodge, Trillium Lake, and Timothy Lake, all high use
areas. There is also work in natural resources

Bunkhouse facilities are located at the ranger station.
                                    Student Temporary Employment Program
                                    PRE-EMPLOYMENT ELIGIBILITY FORM
***This form must be completed and returned to the supervisor who is interested in hiring you, and must
be approved by the Employment Officer (Human Resources) before you can start work.***

                                    SECTION 1 - To Be Completed by STUDENT

STUDENT'S NAME (Please print):

I certify that: 1) I am enrolled or have been accepted for enrollment at an accredited institution as a degree-seeking student.
Please attach most recent transcript which includes grades. 2) My cumulative GPA from the most recent semester/quarter is at
least a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. 3) I intend to return to school within 8 (eight) months of signing this form.

The type of degree/certificate/diploma to be obtained is                                                        .

The program completion date is projected to be                                                                  .

The school I attend operates on a      Quarter /     Semester (check one) basis.

Name of School

Address of School

Date Attendance Began / or Begins                                            Dates available for work

          I am at least 18 (for field-going positions) or will be by
          I am 16 (for office positions) or will be by

          My completed application is attached.                   My completed & signed OF-306 form is attached.

          I have completed the education level indicated on the reverse of this form.          Current transcript is attached.

I understand that in order for me to continue meeting that definition of student in accordance with5 CFR 213.3202 (a)(2),
I must continue meeting all of the criteria in Section I above. When I no longer meet the definition of student, thus
eligibility for the STEP, my employment under this appointment will be terminated.

         Date                                            Student Signature

                SECTION 2 - To Be Completed by ADVISOR/COUNSELOR/REGISTRAR
Is student in good standing with the school? (Not on academic probation):              YES                NO
Is student enrolled at least half time?:       YES               NO

Advisor / Counselor / Registrar (Printed, Signature and Title)                       Date               Phone Number

                        SECTION 3 - To Be Completed by SELECTING OFFICIAL
Selecting Official Name (Printed and Signature)                                                         Date

Employment Officer (Signature) Human Resources ONLY                                                     Date

NAME: _______________________________________

CIRCLE the code indicating your HIGHEST level of education attained at time form is completed.
01    NO formal education or some elementary school - did NOT complete.
02    Elementary school completed - (grade 8 or equivalent). NO HIGH school.
03    Some high school - (grade 9-12). DID NOT graduate.
04    High school graduate or certification of equivalency (GED)
05    Terminal occupational program - DID NOT complete.
06    Terminal occupational program - certification of completion, diploma, etc.
07    Some college - LESS than one year (less than 30 sem or 45 qtr hours).
08    ONE year of college (20-59 sem or 45-89 qtr hours).
09    TWO years of college (60-89 sem or 90-134 qtr hours) - NO degree.
10    Associate degree (2 year program).
11    THREE years of college (90-119 sem or 135-179 qtr hours).
12    FOUR years of college (120+ sem or 180+ qtr hours) - NO degree.
13    Bachelor's degree
14    Post-bachelor's degree
15    First Professional
16    Post-First Professional
17    Master's degree
18    Post-Master's
19    Sixth year degree
20    Post-sixth year
21    Doctorate degree
22    Post-doctorate

IF you circled one of the codes 6-22, COMPLETE the following information:

FIELD of STUDY: __________________________________________________


DEGREE: __________________________________ YEAR OBTAINED: ___________

CIRCLE your status PRIOR to accepting this temporary appointment:
1A    Military
2A    University Employee
3A    Student
4A    Self Employed
5A    Retirement
6A    Foreign Country or Corp.
7A    Private Industry
8A    Unemployment
9A    State or Local Government (NOT Federal)
1B    Other (explain):___________________________________________________________
                                 STUDENT INTEREST SHEET
                                       SUMMER 2007

NAME: _________________________________________________________________

SCHOOL: ______________________________________________________________

MAJOR: _______________________________________________________________

CLASS STANDING: __________                    GRADUATION DATE: ______________

PHONE: _______________________________________________________________

E-MAIL: _______________________________________________________________

Do you drive a standard transmission vehicle, ie, stick shift? (Circle One) Yes No

Do you have a pet? Most ranger districts do not allow pets in bunkhouses. You would be expected to
make other arrangements for care of your pet while employed.

I am interested in employment on the (check all that apply)

    Mt. Hood National Forest (Oregon Cascades surrounding Mt. Hood)

    Gifford Pinchot National Forest (Washington Cascades north of Columbia River)

    Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (along both sides of the Columbia River, Oregon
     and Washington)

I am interested in working in the following resource areas (check all that apply)

    Timber Management (timber sale preparation, reforestation)

    Biology (botany, fisheries, wildlife)

    Recreation (trail maintenance, recreation facility maintenance, wilderness ranger)

    Fire (prevention, suppression)

    No preference

Attach to application packet and return to: USDA-Forest Service
                                            ATTN: David Gross
                                            780 NE Court Street
                                            Dufur, OR 97021

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