4 Supreme Court Project by MH93IVF


									The Supreme Court in our Times

Use the links below to help you complete this project. Insert the answer/task
after the appropriate number.



1. Briefly describe the present makeup (who are these people anyway?) of
the Supreme Court. Include the year appointed, by which president, age,
and any important/interesting background information you come across. (20)

2. Consult the Supreme Court Case Handling guides. There are 3 different
sections depending on how you file a case. Briefly explain 5 different
procedures/rules that you find. Choose things you find interesting or unique.

3. Search the web and find 3 articles about the Supreme Court. Summarize
them and attach them at the end of this assignment. (You may substitute one
cartoon for one article if you wish) (20)

4. Using the links above, or any other that you choose, research one
Supreme Court case. Analyze and summarize your case in 1-3 paragraphs.
Make sure you use the correct citation for the case. (20)

5. Write a brief 2-4 paragraph summary explaining the importance of the
Supreme Court in our society. Try and include information you have
learned during this exercise. (20)

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