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					The Treaty of Versailles

  “To be able to explain how the
  treaty of Versailles could have
contributed to the causes of WW2”
• Turn to page 155, quickly in the back
  of your book list the differences you can
  find between the map on that page and
  the map on page 154
  What were the key terms..?
• Germany took the blame (war guilt clause)
• Germany had to pay reparations (the actual
  figure of 6.6 billion pounds was decided upon
• Germany lost its colonies and some territory.
• Germany’s army was massively reduced, it
  was banned from having an air force and
  could only have a tiny navy
  What did people think of the
• Well one observer at the conference clearly
  wasn’t impressed, he said:
• “This is not peace, it is a truce for 20 years.”
• Some French thought that Germany had not
  been treated harshly enough, whilst Woodrow
  Wilson felt they had gone too far!
        What about now…
• With the benefit of hindsight it is often
  suggested that the Treaty was too harsh
  and contributed towards the rise of
  Hitler and WW2.
• However others have suggested that it
  wasn’t harsh enough and the problem is
  that is wasn’t enforced.
 Looking at cartoons from the
• Go to
• Log in and then click on ‘GCSE history’
• Then go to “4. The Peace Treaties after
  World War One’
• Then all the way down to ‘Interactive
  cartoon analysis.’
      Which cartoons to do?
• Start with this one:

• Then save it to print later…
• Then do this one…
• What can you
  see in this
• What do you
  think this
• What do you
  think the
  cartoonist is
  trying to say?
   What is the message of the
• 1 mark = correctly states that the cartoon is about the
  Treaty of Versailles and how it was too harsh
• 2-3 marks = as above but also give examples from the
  cartoon OR includes supporting knowledge e.g. the army
  was reduced, reparations were too high, germany lost land
• 4 marks = as above but includes BOTH supporting
  knowledge AND examples from the cartoon along with a
  developed explanation.
How useful are cartoons for
  leaning about History?

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