Daniel Jezek by 5KtPD94Z


									                                                 Daniel Jezek
                                       2888 Ala Ilima Street, Apt# 1505
                                           Honolulu, Hawaii 96818
                                               (808) 833-1985

Objective:      To obtain a challenging position as a Programmer or Programmer Analyst in area of design,
                coding, testing, and maintenance of software application systems.

Education:      Kapiolani Community College, Honolulu, HI
                Associate in Science in Information Technology, December 1998

                Applications Programmer
May, 1998 -     First Hawaiian Bank, Systems Development Services, Honolulu, HI
Present         Supporting applications on both the IBM Mainframe and PC platforms including ACH, PEP+,
                Funds Transfer, Business Payroll and EDP Calendar; lead analyst and production support for ACH
                Billing, Quicktax and Starpro.
                Performing all database maintenance of 200+ users who record time spent on projects every week;
                setting up new employees; maintaining and enhancing batch processing; developing ad-hoc
                Starsho reports as requested by management.
                Upgraded and merged First Hawaiian Bank’s and Bank of the West Electronic Funds Transfer
                systems into one single-source, multi-bank application; upgraded PEP+ with NACHA 2000 rule
                Heavily involved in the Y2K issue including modifications to programs, unit and system testing
                and FDIC integrated certification testing; involved in Tandem migration, branch number and
                account number expansion, Cardpac to Vital/Total Systems conversion, ACH new customer
                additions and multi-bank processing.
                Developed a complex Y2K contingency software in Easytrieve+ that simulates ACH processing
                with no prior knowledge of the language

                Clerk Typist
March, 1998 -   State of Hawaii, Department of Health, Honolulu, HI
May, 1998       Maintained a HEITS database of all children in Hawaii ages 0-3 with special needs; transfered
                files; installed new software; provided phone technical support.

Experience:     Designer and Administrator – Brickbay.com
                Brickbay which is written in ASP/VBScript, Javascript and HTML, running on SQL server 7.0 is
                an online shopping mall/auction bazaar where Lego fans from all around the world can buy and
                sell/ auction off Lego parts and kits.
                Anyone can register to open a virtual store, start building their inventory and have a ready-to made
                shopping cart for all of their items. Sellers have many options they can set, for example a
                minimum order, selling in bulk or placing all items in their inventory on sale. All orders are
                tracked and can be viewed online. Sellers can update orders and add additional information to
                each order after they are submitted.
                The site also includes a search engine, feedback rating system, a calendar which lists how many
                members signed up and how many new items were added each day, price tracker which helps
                sellers determine how to price their items and a wanted list – people who are looking for certain
                parts/kits can enter them into their wanted list and get notified by e-mail when these items become
                available. The site also includes an accounting system listing each seller their current account
                balance and fees from each order they received and each auction they held.
Skills:   IBM Mainframe:      AS/400:     PC:                      Internet:
           MVS/ESA            OS/400         DOS                 HTML
           COBOL              RPG/400        Windows 3.1         ASP
           JCL                CL             Windows 95/98       CSS
           CICS                               Microfocus COBOL    VB Script
           DB2                                Foxpro              Java
           VSAM                               MS Access           Javascript
           TSO                                MS Excel            Perl
           ISPF                               MS Project          MS Frontpage
           Changeman                          MS Word             Netscape Communicator
           Connect:Mailbox                    MS Works            Internet Explorer
           Lanres                             Visio               SQL
                                                                    SQL Server

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