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									                                            DAVID GRANT
                          745 Chestwood Chase Drive • Orange Park, FL 32065
                             (904) 885- 2557 •


         I am an ambitious technology professional who is passionate about programming and web
         development using both innovative thinking and tested techniques.


         Programming Languages & Frameworks

                PHP4, PHP5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, CSS3, XHTML, HTML, HTML5, Prototype
                Framework, Codeigniter, Java


                NetBeans, PhpMyAdmin, Mysql Workbench, MySQL, SVN, Microsoft Office, Photoshop,
                TextPad, Notepad++, Sublime Editor, PHP Storm, FTP, Apache, XAMPP, WAMP

Work History

         Senior Web Application Developer, Meclabs LLC, 2010-Present

                -   Created and maintain online shopping cart system for The New York Times
                -   Created landing page for a national bank that grossed the company 100 million
                    dollars over their previous landing page
                -   Rapid deployment of new pages based on client’s requests
                -   Collaborate with research analysts and designers to create highly targeted landing
                    pages and shopping carts
                -   Manage team of 4 developers

         Web Developer & Server Maintenance, James Consulting, 2007-2010

                -   Website development
                         (Image Creation, PDF, Flash): Editing of previous code,
                            creation of flash intro and editing of pdf files including image recreation.
                -   Linux Server maintenance and security

         Freelance Web Developer, &, 2004-2007

                -   Code creation and manipulation based on client’s specifications
                -   Enhance script performance as well as server performance
                -   Work alongside designers and other web developers to create a rich user
       -   Logo creation and image recreation

Founder & CEO, Leetcom , 2004- Present

       -   Search engine optimization for all major search engines
       -   Administer servers, DNS, name servers, domains & security
       -   Cross browser HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX support
       -   Responsible for customer and client support tickets and queries
       -   Create, develop, maintain and troubleshoot company websites as well as client
                (PHP, AJAX, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript): Features include:
                   custom CMS for use in high traffic websites, caching & compression, custom
                   image editor.
                (JavaScript, PHP, Weather API): Features include: Custom
                   built PHP class pulls the user’s ip address and inputs it into the weather api.
                   It then pulls the data and converts it to html to display to the user.
                (PHP, XHTML, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript): Features
                   include: an HTML5 and CSS3 compatible website with support for older
                   technologies. Uses new features in CSS3 to add text and input stylings,
                   which would only previously be possible using custom images.
       -   Mobile development: including Blackberry, Palm and Android;

Mobile Programming

       -   Created the #1 selling phone lock application and #7 all-time selling Blackberry
           [StormSlider – Java, Blackberry]

       -   Created 4 apps that won HP’s Hot Apps Contest: Amazing Wallpapers, SkyClimber
           Full, Slot Machine, Sky Climber.
           [HP’s Hot Apps Finalist – WebOS, Prototype Framework, Enyo]

       -   Las Vegas style slot machine application for Android devices. This game supports
           every major Android device and will increase or decrease resolution depending on
           the device. It also features a worldwide leader board.
           [Slot Machine – Java, XML, Android]

       -   An aquarium enthusiast mobile database of information such as maximum fish size,
           compatibility with other fish, preferred water temperatures, etc. I then combined
           this database of information with images and a nice looking interface.
           [Saltwater Fish Handbook – Java, XML, Android]
       XML Programming

               Created complete PHP weather API with cross platform support. Uses cross platform API
               in Blackberry App (SimpleWeather), Palm App (Simple Weather) and web site
               ( Has the ability to fetch current weather and 7 day forecasts based off
               of IP address, City, State or GPS location.
               [ – PHP, XML]

Education & Certifications

    ASSOCIATES OF SCIENCE DEGREE Computer Network Systems, December, 2009
    ITT Technical Institute – Jacksonville, FL
    HTML CERTIFICATION, October, 2010
    Expert Rating -
    PHP CERTIFICATION, January, 2006
    Expert Rating -

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