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Naloxone to treat opiate overdose by 5KtPD94Z


									    Where to keep your Naloxone
Naloxone does not have to be stored in a fridge.

      Ideally, carry it with you at all times
Alternatively store it in a specific place at home
           or the place you use drugs
Tell other people (friends/relatives) where you
               keep your naloxone

                                                     Naloxone to treat
                                                     opiate overdose
       Obtaining more Naloxone                       East Sussex Substance Misuse
Another Naloxone minijet will be provided if the
previous minijet has been used, lost, broken or
   the medication’s expiry date has passed.

Further supplies can be obtained from a doctor
  or nurse from the substance misuse service
following a discussion about the reasons why a
 replacement is required, and a review of your
     knowledge of naloxone and overdose
          What is Naloxone?                                      Response to Naloxone
                                                        Response varies from person to person
     Naloxone is an opiate antagonist.
                                                    Increased rate and                   Becomes wide awake
                                                  depth of breathing, but               and complains of severe
                                                      remains drowsy                      opiate withdrawals
It blocks (antagonizes) the effects of opiates
                                                   Depends upon: type of opiate used, dose of
    such as heroin, methadone, Subutex,
                                                 opiate taken, whether any other drugs or alcohol
             Suboxone, DFII8 etc
                                                                 has been taken.
                                                     If the person has not taken opiates then
     It is used to treat opiate overdose
                                                       Naloxone will not produce any effect.

 How is Naloxone administered?                        What to do after giving Naloxone
                                                 Overdose victims require a period of assessment
Quicker and easier to inject into muscle and      in hospital to ensure they do not fall back into a
        its’ effects may last longer.                   state of overdose after the naloxone
                                                                    has worn off.

                 Best administered into          ● Dispose of the needle safely and give the naloxone
                 the outer side of thigh           syringe to the ambulance crew when they arrive
                                                 ● Stay with the patient.
                                                 ● Tell the ambulance crew what drugs the person has
 Naloxone can be injected through clothing          taken and the dose and time you gave naloxone

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