Sol Gold Miner questionnaire by Tw7269Hb


									                                Solomon Gold, Inc.
                           Potential Miner Questionnaire

1.   Company Name, Principals of the company, State of incorporation.

2. Proposed Mining Technique, desired depth of water to work within, amount of ground/material
   you expect to process, expected gold recovery.

3.    What is the size of the vessel(s) you intend to utilize? Are they US Coast Guard approved to
     operate in the Norton Sound area. How do you intend to get your vessel(s) to Nome? What
     insurance coverage do you have and will you carry on the vessels and your workers? Please
     provide a certificate of insurance demonstrating these coverages. Are you aware of the Jones
     act requirements?

4.   Experience in Mining, particularly offshore in Nome.

5.   Have you applied for the State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, Alaska Placer
     Mining Permit? If the permit is finished, permit number. To conduct exploration or mining
     activities in the State of Alaska, permits and licenses are required by as many as 12 State and
     Federal agencies.

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