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									                                         FROM THE BALCONY
                                               The latest news and happenings from Squash NZ

                                                                                                     December 2010

Office Closure

Squash NZ will close at            Palmerston North Host Successful Women’s Worlds Team Champs
12pm Thursday 23 Decem-
ber and re-open 8.30am
                                   Australia may have won the       It is also the end of the line The success of the Palm-
Monday 10 January 2011
                                   2010 Women's World Team          for Shelley Kitchen. After erston North event is no
                                   Squash Championships, but                                       fluke. Several months and
                                   you can also put it down as                                     countless hours of prepa-
                                   a victory for New Zealand.                                      ration were put in by a
In this Issue...                                                                                   very dedicated organising
                                   Several of the players have                                     committee, led by the in-
Palmerston North Host Successful
Women’s World Team Champs          proclaimed the event as the                                     spirational Grant Smith,
                                   best world championships                                        who wouldn't even slow
KiwiSport: A Great Opportunity     they have ever attended.                                        down for a bout of celu-
for Squash Clubs                   Sell out crowds over the last                                   litis. So determined was
                                   two days and raucous sup-                                       he to make sure the event
Show Appreciation for Your         port more akin to a football                                    was a success, Grant was
Volunteers                         match than squash, have                                         checking himself out of
                                   seen our international visi-                                    hospital each morning to
An Update from the Squash
                                   tors leave NZ with lasting                                      keep an eye on how things
                                   memories of our renowned                                        were going, before going
History of Squash now Available    Kiwi hospitality. One of the                                    back on the IV in the eve-
                                   most popular initiatives was       Retiring champion Shelley ning.
District Development Grants        the adoption of each of the                  Kitchen
2010-2011                          16 teams by a local school.      giving birth to daughter        Congratulations to Grant
                                   Many of the teams were           Amalia in February, Shelley     and his team from Squash
Joelle King crowned Maori          welcomed at the airport by       returned to the NZ team for     NZ on running such a suc-
Sportswoman of the Year            their adopted fans, and the      the world championships in      cessful event.
                                   students attended a number       the hope of going out on a
New Hall of Fame Inductees
Welcomed                           of matches to cheer their        high.       The 31-year-old
                                   players on.                      nearly got her wish, with NZ
SPARC Highlights a                                                  going agonsingly close to
Collaborative Approach             Australia thrived in the         beating England in the semi-
                                   friendly atmosphere, beat-       finals, before eventually
Danielle Fourie wins               ing England 2-1 in the final.    finishing fourth overall.
Scholarship                        The victory added yet an-        However, there was some
                                   other chapter to Sarah Fitz-     personal success for Shelley,
Squash NZ Coach of the Year
                                   Gerald's glittering career.      who was unbeaten at num-
Awards 2010
                                   The five times World Cham-       ber three and racked up just
Squash NZ Awards                   pion came out of an eight        her second ever victory over
                                   year retirement to try to        English nemesis Tania Bai-
Don Cotter Elected as              resurrect Australia's flagging   ley. Shelley has now offi-
Squash NZ Life Member              fortunes in the event, after     cially retired, although her
                                   they finished 10th in 2006       partner, national coach An-
Tips from the Editors              and 6th in 2008. Mission         thony Ricketts has been
Themselves                         accomplished, Sarah is now       bombarded with sugges-          NZ’s Jaclyn Hawkes against
                                   planning to hang her rac-        tions he try to change her              Hong Kong
SNZ Contacts
                                   quet up again.                   mind.
                                    December 2010                              FROM THE BALCONY                                 Page 2

                                             KiwiSport: A Great Opportunity for Squash Clubs

                                             KiwiSport is a Government funding ini-        laborate in increasing opportunities for
                                             tiative to support sport for school-aged      organised sport.
 “Schools are a vital
                                             children, launched in August 2009. It
 catchment area in                           provides funding for school-aged chil-        So what does this mean for your club?
                                             dren via Direct Funding with primary
 which we can introduce                      and secondary schools and through the         Firstly, it means that primary and interme-
                                             Regional Partnership Fund, given to           diate schools now have money specifically
 young New Zealanders                        Regional Sport Trusts.                        targeted to sport, which they have not
 to organised sport”                                                                       had before. So now would be a great time
                                                                                           to contact your local school and suggest
 Prime Minister                                                                            working with them on a junior squash
 John Key                                                                                  programme.

                                             KiwiSport has three aims...                   More importantly, it now means there is a
                                             1. Increase the number of school-aged         fund available through Regional Sports
                                                children participating in organised        Trusts with the purpose of getting more
                                                sport                                      kids playing sport. Now is the time to take
                                             2. Increase the availability and accessi-     advantage of this fund by contacting your
                                                bility of sport opportunities for all      local sports trust - there is a full list at
       Upcoming Events                          school-aged children.                      www.sparc.org.nz/en-nz/our-partners/
                                             3. Support children in developing skills      Regional-Sports-Trusts/List-of-all-RSTs/
            December 2010                       that will enable them to participate
                                                effectively in sport.                      If you would like to discuss how your club
 M Tu W Th Fri Sa Su                                                                       could make the most of KiwiSport, please
              1     2    3     4      5      The KiwiSport Regional Partnership            call the Club Development Director, Pen-
                                             Fund encourages schools, clubs                nie Ball on 09 815 0970 or pen-
 6      7     8     9    10   11     12
                                             and community organisations to col-           nie@squashnz.co.nz
13      14    15   16    17   18     19

20      21    22   23    24   25     26

27      28    29   30    31
                                            Show Appreciation for your Volunteers

• 24 Dec: Squash NZ closed for               We all know just how important volun-
     Christmas Period                        teers are to the delivery and development
                                             of our game, so Sport and Recreation
• 29 - 31 Dec: Mt Maunganui Open.
     Visit www.squashbop.co.nz to
                                             (SPARC) New Zealand are making it easy
     enter and for more details              for you to say THANKS!

• 10 Jan 2011: Squash NZ re-opens            They want to make it easy for you to say
                                             thanks to all those important people who
                                             give up their time and energy to help
                                             make squash happen. This could be your
                                             coach, trainer, referee, marker, orange
                                             cutters, uniform washer or perhaps some-
                                             one who just drives you to games.

                                             You can select from six designs at
                                             http://alt.sparc.org.nz/ecard/ to send an
                                             electronic card to one or more of your
                                             club or District’s volunteers. Start thank-
                                             ing your volunteers today!
December 2010                                FROM THE BALCONY                                  Page 3

 An Update from the Squash New Zealand AGM
 Squash NZ (SNZ) held their    received and the following      Gerard de Courcy reported
 Annual General Meeting        were elected to the SNZ         on behalf of the World
 on 4 December in Palm-        Executive Board - Tony          Squash Federation Man-
 erston North, during the      Alexander and Warren            agement Team which he
 recent Women’s World          Patterson.                      has been a member of for
 Team Squash Champion-                                         four years (although has
                               Discussion took place over
 ships.                                                        recently stepped down).
                               a remit to change the SNZ
                                                               Highlights included re-
 Under the rules of SNZ two    affiliation levy system, lead
                                                               search into glass floors,
 members of the Executive      by Squash Bay of Plenty
                                                               high definition TV leading
 Board stepped down by         delegate Ash Brownrigg.                                                  The Squash NZ Annual
                                                               to better coverage, the
 rotation - Warren Patter-     The remit was removed                                                     Report is available to
                                                               Commonwealth       Games,
 son and Paul Cameron.         from the table, and a work-                                                   download at
                                                               the next Olympic bid in
 Paul Cameron was not          ing party will be formed to                                               www.squashnz.co.nz
                                                               2013 and NZ’s excellent
 seeking re-election.          research and refine the
                                                               performances internation-
                               levy process.
 Two    nominations    were                                    ally.

 History of Squash now available

                               “Long or Short? - The Story     stories of important squash
                               of New Zealand Squash”,         figures from the last 80
                               written by sports journalist    years. "Long or Short?" is         To order your copy of the
                               and squash enthusiast Jo-       full of humour, colour and         book, please contact Squash
                               seph Romanos (with fore-        magnificently illustrated. It      NZ or visit the website. An
                               word by Dame Susan De-          will be compelling reading         invoice will be sent with the
                               voy) is a 340 page A4 Hard-     for many thousands of              book,     which      will   be
                               cover coffee table book         squash enthusiasts.                dispatched within three days
                               with 370 illustrations.                                            of receipt of order via post or
 Just in time for Christmas,                                   The book has retail value          courier.
 a comprehensive history of    Romanos has brought             of $80 but is available to
 Squash in New Zealand is      squash's history alive by       you for just $50.00 + $8.00
 now available.                uncovering long forgotten       postage (GST inclusive).

 District Development Grants 2010-2011
 At the annual SNZ confer-     ing with all Districts to get   ensure that everyone in                  “We will be looking
 ence, Pennie Ball, new SNZ    an    Agreement        signed   the sport is working to
 Club Development Director     which will take them            achieve the same out-                    for collaboration
 updated the attendees on      through to 31 March 2011.       comes.                                   and a strong plan
 the District Development
                               The new process will be         CoachForce grants will also              for development.”
                               contestable funding proc-       be available on a contest-
 A new system will be im-      ess and will require Dis-       able basis. Criteria and                         Pennie Ball,
 plemented from 1 April        tricts to plan their develop-   further information will be                Club Development
 2011 for the funding, but     ment programmes in align-       available prior to Christ-                           Director
 until then, Pennie is work-   ment with Squash NZ to          mas.
                               December 2010                            FROM THE BALCONY                              Page 4

                                        Joelle King crowned Maori Sportswoman

  “It’s a huge honour to win            22 year old double medal winner Joelle     haul made her the most successful New
                                        King was named the Senior Sports-          Zealand athlete in Delhi and she was
  this award, and to join a             woman of the Year at the 20th National     awarded the honour of carrying the New
                                        Maori Sports Awards in Manukau on          Zealand flag at the Closing ceremony.
  list of such supreme                  Saturday 4 December.
                                                                                   However, the Commonwealth Games tell
  athletes as Leilani and
                                        King (Ngati Porou) was one of three        only part of the story. In the past 12
  Shelley.”                             finalists in her category, along with      months King has stormed up to number
                                        rugby player Carla Hohepa and kayaker      17 in the world rankings, counting former
                  Joelle King           Lisa Carrington. She was the only          world number one Rachael Grinham from
  Maori Senior Sportswomen              squash player shortlisted amongst all of   Australia amongst her victims.
            of the Year 2010            the categories. King’s cup last had a
                                        squash name engraved upon it when          King was unable to personally collect the
                                        Shelley Kitchen won the award in 2005.     award as she was in Palmerston North at
                                                                                   the 17th Women’s World Team Champi-
                                        King burst into the media spotlight at     onships at the time of the Ceremony!
                                        the Commonwealth Games in Delhi,
                                        when she claimed gold with Jaclyn          King can add the Award to her recent ac-
                                        Hawkes in the women's doubles. She         quisition as Waipa District Sportswoman
                                        then backed it up with a silver in the     of the Year. SNZ would like to congratu-
                                        mixed doubles with Martin Knight. The      late Joelle on her success.

 Joelle King in action at the
 Women’s World Team Champs
                                       New Hall of Fame Inductees welcomed

                                        On Thursday 2 December, a function in        John Gillies: Former NZ champion and
                                        Palmerston North welcomed eight new          Vice President of SNZ. He passed away
                                        members to the NZ Squash Hall of Fame,       in 1993, aged 81. Hailing from England,
                                        joining the eight existing members who       John opened NZ’s eyes to a new era for
                                        were inducted in 2009 (its first year of     the game.
                                                                                     Nancy New: First NZ Women’s cham-
                                        Neven Barbour: Former NZ champion            pion (1951-55) and member of first NZ
                                        (1973-74), NZ team manager, Vice Presi-      Women’s team to play an international
                                        dent World Squash Federation, SNZ Chair,     match.
                                        and major contributor to the National
                                        Association for the last 40 years.           Carol Owens: World No. 1 (2003), Com-
                                                                                     monwealth Games gold medal (2002)
                                        Allen Johns: Former NZ champion (1947,       NZ Championship titles. An Australian
                                        1949), SNZ Management Committee, Na-         import who added great value to
                                        tional selector. He passed away in 1999,     squash in NZ.
                                        aged 77.
www.nzsquashhalloffame.co.nz                                                         Susie Simcock: Involved in many areas
For more information and                Don Green: Former NZ champion (1956),        of squash in NZ, Susie made a huge con-
the latest news from the                SNZ Management Committee and the             tribution to the international game as
NZ Squash Hall of Fame                  International Squash Rackets Federation      President of the World Squash Federa-
                                        (1975-81). Don, along with Allen and         tion (‘96-2002).
                                        Neven above, made huge contributions as
                                        players and administrators, both nation-     Charlie Waugh: Five times NZ champion
                                        ally and internationally.                    (1960-64) and the 1st NZ squash player
                                                                                     to bring squash to the NZ public eye.
December 2010                                FROM THE BALCONY                                 Page 5

 SPARC Highlights a Collaborative Approach

 Sport    and     Recreation    through the Collaborative      some of the questions on
 (SPARC) NZ Chief Executive     Network diagram above.         the right hand side?
 Officer, Peter Miskimmin,
 recently travelled around      Whilst clubs and Districts     Working with other organi-
 the country, with the an-      may not need to engage         sations bring many bene-
 nual SPARC Roadshow.           with all of these organisa-    fits and you may just be
                                tions (namely SPARC, NZOC      surprised at how other                      DO YOU
 Miskimmin talked about         and NZ Academy of Sport),      groups out there can help
 SPARC’s new focus on com-      you should have a healthy      your District / Club achieve             COLLABORATE?
 munity sport and high-         relationship with most of      your goals.
 lighted the many “players”     them. So at your next                                               Some questions to ask at
 involved in delivering sport   Board or Committee meet-       Contact Pennie Ball, Club          your next Board / Committee
 to     our    communities,     ing, how about asking          Development Director, if                     meeting?

                                                                                                  • Do we engage with our
                                                                                                    RST? [Do we know what
                                                                                                    RST stands for??!!]

                                                                                                  • Do we know what support
                                                                                                    our RST offers our Club /

                                                                                                  • Do we have a good
                                                                                                    relationship with our local
                                                                                                    Council? [Did you know
                                                                                                    that $800 million of the $1
                                                                                                    billion sports funding is
                                                                                                    from Councils?!]

                                                                                                  • Do we have a relationship
                                                                                                    with potential funders
                                                                                                    and/or sponsors?
                                                                                                    [relationship is the key
                                                                                                    word here! Not just
                                                                                                    sending them an
                                                                                                    application each year!]

                                                                                                       Congratulations also to
                                                                                                       Kathryn Austin
 Danielle Fourie wins scholarship                                                                      (Whakatane) who won a
                                                                                                       Service to Sport Award
 Danielle Fourie, member of     dary Schools Squash Tour-      Manawatu in tertiary study               at the Sport Bay of
 the NZ World Junior Elite      nament held in Christ-         or trade apprenticeships.                 Plenty Awards.
 Squad, has won a scholar-      church and is ranked 4th in
 ship from Sport Manawatu       in the Under 19 Girls cate-
 which will assist in her       gory. Sport Manawatu’s
 Bachelor in Sport and Exer-    500 club partners local
 cise at Massey University.     businesses with local ath-
 Danielle was recently se-      letes, providing three-year
 lected as the Number One       scholarships    for    local
 player from the NZ Secon-      sportspeople to stay in the         Danielle in action
                           December 2010                            FROM THE BALCONY                                Page 6

                                    Squash NZ Coach Of the Year Awards 2010

   And the                          The Squash NZ Coach of the Year            DISTRICT PERFORMANCE Coach of the
                                    Awards were announced at the AGM on        Year
winners are...                      Saturday 4 December. This year’s three     (A coach who is working with athletes at
                                    awards were aligned to the new Squash      District representative level or above and/
                                    NZ Coach Development Framework             or working with a District Performance
                                    The Coaching Advisory Panel had some
                                    very tough choices to make in their se-    Joanne Williams (Waikato)
                                    lections after there was a 120% increase
                                    in nominations. After much deliberation    • Junior District Squad Coach at Develop-
                                    the winners were…                            ment, Elite and Top Juniors
                                                                               • Conditioning sessions for player’s Term
                                    NEW Coach of the Year                        1 and 2.
                                    (A coach that has been coaching for 2      • Individual support for developing Wai-
New Coach of the Year
                                    years or less at any level)                  kato players
Winner Jason Wilson with
National Coaching Director                                                     • Mentor and Coach to Kylie Lindsay
                                    Jason Wilson (Canterbury)                    (World Ranking in Top 50)
Dave Clarke
                                                                               • Coach for Hamilton High School
                                    Some of Jason’s achievements include:      • Attendance at events providing player
                                    • Working with junior programmes,            support
                                      group and individual coaching at the     • NZ Coach for National Development
                                      Richmond Squash Club.                      Squad Camps
                                    • Assistant Coach to the Canterbury
                                      Junior Development Squad                 The awards reflect the equal value placed
                                    • Head Coach for the South Island Age      on all coaches at every level recognising
                                      Group Teams Event.                       that often many coaches contribute to a
                                                                               player’s development over their career
                                    CLUB AND SCHOOL Coach of the Year          and each is an important part of the puz-
Club and School Coach of            Jared Gravatt (Northland)
the Year winner Jared                                                          Other Finalists included:
Gravatt                             • Working with junior programmes,          • Walter Rika (BOP)
                                      group and individual coaching at the     • Mike Martin (Waikato)
                                      Whangarei Club with a large increase     • Geoff Spencer (Central)
                                      in playing members and players play-     • Anna Weterman (Auckland)
                                      ing competitively at external events.    • Manu Yam (Auckland)
                                    • Ran a 6 week introduction to squash      • Paul Cadogen (Otago)
                                      programme that resulted in gaining       • Nic Dann (Wellington)
                                      10 new club members.
                                                                               • Brodie Davies (BOP)
                                    • Assisting with the junior programmes
                                                                               • Chris Jarrett (Canterbury)
                                      at Mid Western and Maungaturoto
                                                                               • Ellis Matthews (Waikato)
                                      Clubs and sourcing funding for the
                                                                               • Mary Helm (Waikato)
                                      coaching programme.
                                                                               • Tim McVie (Canterbury)
                                    • Weekly coaching and support pro-
                                                                               • Graham Randolph (BOP)
District Performance                  vided to Kaiwaka Club.
                                                                               • Lindsey Walters (Waikato)
Coach of the Year winner            • Coach to the Whangarei Boys Secon-
Joanne Williams                       dary School Team at Nationals
                                                                               Congratulations goes to all winners and all
                                    • Co-coach Northland Nationals Team
                                                                               coaches who have contributed to Squash
                                    • Trained Coach Facilitator for Squash
                                                                               in NZ throughout the 2009/2010 season -
                                      NZ Get Started Modules
December 2010                                   FROM THE BALCONY                                 Page 7

 Squash NZ Awards
 Along with the Coaching Awards, SNZ also has three other accolades awarded annually...
                                                                                                            How are our
 Lion Foundation Club of         Personality of the Year         Chairman’s Award
 the Year Award
                                                                                                           Kiwis ranked ?
                                 Joelle King has shot to         The 2010 Commonwealth
 United Matamata Squash          fame in the past few            Games Team, consisting of
 Club are the 2010 recipient     months after her double         gold medal winners Jaclyn                   Current Kiwi Top 100
 for this award. Key success     medal success at the Com-       Hawkes and Joelle King,                      World Rankings...
 factors for the club include:   monwealth Games (CWG).          silver medalist Martin
 • Solid finances                Off court her honours in-       Knight, Campbell Grayson,                 12 Jaclyn Hawkes
 • facility upgrades             clude being the first squash    Tamsyn Leevey, Kylie Lind-
 • Excellent junior squash       player to carry the flag at     say,     Coach    Anthony                 17 Joelle King
   programme                     the CWG Closing Cere-           Ricketts and Manager Dave                 41 Kylie Lindsay
 • successful club night         mony, Maori Sportswoman         Clarke, achieved great re-                84 Amanda Cranston
 • good use of technology,       of the Year, Waipa Sports-      sults after months of plan-
   including website             woman of the Year and NZ        ning, training and hard
 • Business house league,        Herald Sportswoman of           work.                                     46 Martin Knight
   leads to new members          the Year Finalist!                                                        49 Campbell Grayson
 • club spirit                                                   They brought squash into                  71 Kashif Shuja
                                 Achieving all of the above,     the media spotlight and
 • links with local schools      and more, Joelle always
 • on-court successes                                            into the hearts of New Zea-
                                 has a smile on her face.        landers.

 Don Cotter elected as Squash NZ Life Member
                                                                                                     Where are our
                                                                                                     Kiwis playing ?
 With nearly 50 years involvement in             The versatility and spread of his contribu-
 squash in NZ - and still maintaining a high     tion to the sport is very difficult to match.            World Men’s Champion-
 profile in the sport - Don Cotter is consid-    It includes at national level:                            ships, Saudi Arabia
 ered an eminently suitable person to be         • National team representative                                 (2 - 10 Dec)
 honoured as a Life Member of Squash NZ.         • Team manager at youth and senior level                     Martin Knight
                                                                                                            Campbell Grayson
                                                 • Management committee and board
 Don first made his mark on the national                                                                       Kashif Shuja
 scene winning the national Under-19 title       • Inaugural Chairman of Squash NZ
 in 1967. He progressed to represent NZ at                                                                Seoul Woman’s Squash
                                                 • Tournament director of NZ Open Cham-
 both junior and senior level and eventu-                                                                   Open, South Korea
 ally moved on to become one of the                                                                             ( 7-11 Dec)
                                                 • Inaugural chairman of NZ Squash Hall
 sport’s most successful team managers,                                                                        Kylie Lindsay
                                                     of Fame
 guiding the New Zealand men’s team to
 runner-up position at two world champi-                                                                  Pakistan International
                                            It has been his innovative style, commer-
 onships, in 1985 and 1987.                                                                                 Squash Circuit IV
                                            cial approach and accommodating enthusi-
                                                                                                               (11-14 Dec)
                                            asm that makes his record outstanding. He
                                                                                                               Kashif Shuja
                                                                    has always been
                                                                    extremely      pro-
                                                                                                          New Delhi, India: Punj
                                                                    gressive in the
                                                                                                             Lloyd Masters
                                                                    variety of roles he
                                                                                                              (12 - 19 Dec)
                                                                    has undertaken,
                                                                                                             Jaclyn Hawkes
                                                                    particularly with
                                                                                                           Campbell Grayson
                                                                    the establishment
                                                                                                             Martin Knight
                                                                    of the Squash NZ
 SNZ Life Members (L-R): Murray Day, Butch Gifford, Don Green,      Hall of Fame.
 Don Cotter, Susie Simcock, Norm Coe, Bill Murphy, Neven Barbour
December 2010                                 FROM THE BALCONY                                 Page 8

Tips from the Editors themselves
Squash has recently received more newspaper coverage than usual due to the Common-
wealth Games and the Women’s World Team Squash Championships. So now is the time
to engage with your local newspaper editor to raise the profile of squash and your club /

First things first - make an appointment and go to see the editor. Tell them about your                 CONTACT SQUASH NZ
Club / District and any upcoming events planned for 2011, any new programmes you are
running and any successes your club / District is experiencing. Developing a good rela-                        09 815 0970
tionship with your local media can be useful for raising your public profile. The good                      Fax 09 815 0971
thing is that once this relationship is established, future contact with them will be a lot              squashnz@squashnz.co.nz
easier.                                                                                                   www.squashnz.co.nz

• Deadlines! Every media outlet works to deadlines. These are absolute and usually will
  only be extended if absolutely necessary. Find out from your editor what their dead-                        Chief Executive
  line is and then submit any material a day before.                                                           Jim O’Grady
• Deliver! If your editor offers to receive material from you, or you offer to provide it,                     021 875 203
  then do it. Honour the deadline and provide a write up in the agreed format. Email
  the material directly to the paper to reduce the need to retype text.
                                                                                                        Club Development Director
• Make it interesting! Your story has to be interesting. Find an angle that will grab the
                                                                                                                Pennie Ball
  reader’s attention. Focus on people; their achievements; it does not have to be about                   pennie@squashnz.co.nz
  the person who won the most games; someone who tried harder than everybody                                   021 875 202
  else; someone who showed exceptional sportsmanship; and feature the coach and
  other off-court volunteers.
                                                                                                         National Coach Director
• Don’t worry about being journalistic. Leave that up to the paper, but do make your                           Dave Clarke
  article readable! The editor can knock it into shape, but give them something decent                   davec@sportbop.co.nz
  to work with. Keep it to the requested length or word count. Double check the spell-                        027 299 5110
  ing of names and signal somehow in the article that you have checked them.
                                                                                                              National Coach
Here are some general tips to help you get started if you are going to write an article or                   Anthony Ricketts
a media release...                                                                                       anthony@squashnz.co.nz
                                                                                                               021 875 204
• If you only had one sentence to tell your story, say it in the first one. The rest of the
  story will flow from there. Don’t beat around the bush.
• Create your angle and put it up front. Think about a fruit shop. They put their best
  fruit out the front where you’ll see it and go into the store for a look.
• It is better to be clear and concise than brilliant. The first priority should be clarity,
  the second accuracy and the third functionality
                                                                                                          If you would like to in-
• Word economy. Avoid using 50-cent words, when 10-cent words will do. Go for a
                                                                                                          clude something in the
  simple explanation of what you’re trying to get across.
                                                                                                          SNZ newsletter, or on
• Present the facts—of the person, place, event and why it’s a great story for their                      the SNZ website, please
  reader                                                                                                  contact Pennie Ball
                                                                                                          before the 30th of each
• Check your facts, and then check them again!                                                            month.
• Get a feel for the style of the newspaper - would they like stories about more kids
  getting the opportunity to play squash, or local people achieving success?

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