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									Animal Report
by David Riley
             Interesting facts
• The bald eagle has strong bones. They can see
  in the front and also to the sides at the same
  time. The eagles can see the fish in the water
  from several 100 feet above. They can fly at a
  height 1,000 feet. The bald eagle could spot
  prey almost three square miles away. Young
  eagles could might make mistakes until there
  older. Many eagles catch dead fish because that
  the live fish would be hard for the bald eagles to
  catch. Every eagles has color vision.
• Did you know that the bald eagle has an
  Interesting habitat. It is located in united states,
  Canada, and Alaska. The American eagle is
  found migrating to the states in united states in
  the winter. Each year the bald eagle of north
  America's pacific coast meet in Washington and
  Alaska in the summer because the salmon all
  come lay their eggs and die. * Nest of eagle
  become huge each time. Other raptors benefit
  from occasional surges in the number of they`re
  prey such as locust and mice lag use. Show
  owls and rough – leagued hawks!
              Body parts
This is about bald eagle body parts. The
 bald eagle has black feathers and a white
 head. It has tall yellow feet, a big head,
 yellow eyes, a yellow bill and wings. Here
 are the body parts head feet tall beck. The
 bald eagle weight l 31 – 37 w 70 – 90 and
 around 11 pounds.
           Food and nutrition
• The bald eagle a lot of eat fish. They get it from
  lakes, ocean and rivers. The bald eagle can only
  consume a pound a fish in four minutes. The
  bald eagle can hold the pray with only one talon,
  holds onto the perch with the others, then tears
  off with a bit with the beak. The bald eagle steal
  food from another bald eagle as well as other
  species. Bald eagle do not have to eat every
  day. But if the bird able to hunt effectively in
  order to survive.
                Life cycle
• The female lays 2-3 eggs. The egg will
  hatch in 5-6 weeks. They stay with their
  parents until they are 20 weeks. they lock
  talons tog there at high altitudes and then
  tremble and somersaulting to ward the
  ground and finally break in apart at the last
  minute! The eggs hatch in 5-6 weeks. If
  you want more information keep reading.
 Enemies and survival functions
• Migrate in the winter. Babies have tooth to peck it out of
  the egg. Specula tiny sparks on its food to help hold its
  slippery pray. Eagles have eight times more resolving
  power then a person. The bald eagle have bones that
  give it strength. The bald eagle have about 7,000 feather
  on its body. The bald eagle has no enemy expect
  people. DDT is no longer used because of the law
  banning it. It is now illegal to kill or bother an eagle. We
  now protect eagles and even raise some in shelter to
  increase the eagles population. Bald eagles will to be
  endangered if we don't do our part to protect them.
         Body characteristics
Did you know The bald eagle could fly to
  space (well almost to space or to space.)
  Did you know the bald eagle is ``black ,
  white and yellow.`` Did you know that the
  bald eagle when it led eggs the young bald
  eagle need to learned to fly. Did you know
  the bald eagle could find food for it's self. If
  you want more information, keep reading.
          Closing paragraph
• The bald eagle is an intrusting bird. The
  bald eagle can fly several hundred feet. All
  eagles are famous from excellent eye
  sight. Baby eagles have one tooth to beck
  the egg. All the eagles gather around
  before they die they laid there eggs.
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