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									                                               FULLERTON COLLEGE TRANSFER MAJOR SHEET

                                           CSUF                                  CAL POLY POMONA                                             SDSU
DANCE                                                                                                                                     DANC 100 F
BALLET I                                                                                 DANC 105 F
MODERN DANCE I                        DANC 107 F                                         DANC 107 F
                                      DANC 108 F
MODERN DANCE II                    (Must take 2 units)                                   DANC 108 F
CHOREOGRAPHY                          DANC 202 F                                                                                         * DANC 202 F
BALLET II                             DANC 106 F                                     DANC 106 F
JAZZ I                                                                         DANC 111 F or DANC 115 F
TAP DANCE I                         (1)   DANC 113 F
JAZZ II                             (1)   DANC 112 F                                     DANC 112 F
TAP DANCE II                        (1)   DANC 114 F
STAGE MAKE UP                       (2)   THEA 145 F
DANCE PRODUCTION                                                                        DANC 203 F                                        DANC 203 F
DANCE REHEARSAL &                                                                          or
                                                                                        DANC 204 F
PERFORMANCE                                                                                or
                      (1, 2) Must complete a minimum of 7            Required Major courses are:                         * Transfer students will be subject to placement
OTHER                 elective units with at least one course from   - THEA 140AF, THEA 140BF, THEA 120BF,                 examinations and/or auditions regardless of
                                                                       THEA 120CF, THEA 129 F and THEA 121 F.              coursework completed at other institutions.
REQUIRED              footnote 1 and one course from footnote 2.
COURSES                                                              Other required support courses are:                  For B.F.A. Degree, need to take two units of
                      CIS 100 F or MUS 116 F or THEA 100 F           - ENGL 234 F and THEA 290 F.                                lower division dance electives.
                      or THEA 120AF can also be taken under
                      footnote 1.                                    Choose one: THEA 133 F, THEA 137 F,                    Completion of 3rd semester college level
                                                                     THEA 142 F, THEA 149 F, or THEA 290 F                        foreign language required.
                         See for more
                      information.                                   13 units of electives required (with approval of
                                                                      - CRTV 126AF or CRTV 126BF or CRTV 131 F

RECOMMENDED G.E.                          CSU G.E.                                        CSU G.E.                                          CSU G.E.
                         Department is under Theater and Dance.        Major is under Theater with option in Dance.            Dance Majors can choose between
ADDITIONAL                                                                                                                B.A. Degree in Liberal Arts & Science or a
                                                                                                                               B.F.A. in Applied Arts & Science.
INFORMATION                                                                                                               An audition is required for the B.F.A. and B.A.

                                                                                                                        ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON REVERSE
                                          FULLERTON COLLEGE TRANSFER MAJOR SHEET

                                                      UCI                                                            UCR
BALLET I                                                                                                      (1)   DANC 105 F
BALLET II                                                                                                     (1)   DANC 106 F
MODERN DANCE                                                                                                    DANC 107 F
MODERN DANCE II                                                                                                 DANC 108 F
BALLET FOLKLORICO                              (1)   DANC 110 F                                               (1)DANC 110 F
TAP DANCE I                                    (1)   DANC 113 F                                               (1)   DANC 113 F
TAP DANCE II                                   (1)   DANC 114 F                                               (1)   DANC 114 F
HIP HOP DANCE I                                (1)   DANC 115 F
SOCIAL DANCE                                   (1)   DANC 116 F
MIDDLE EASTERN DANCE                           (1)   DANC 122 F
FLAMENCO DANCE                                 (1)   DANC 132 F
CHOREOGRAPHY                                     DANC 202 F                                                   (2)   DANC 202 F
OTHER                  (1) Take one course.                                           (1) Students must complete 8 semester units from courses listed
REQUIRED                                                                              above.
COURSES                THEA 120AF and THEA 144 F required for B.F.A. in
                       Choreography & Performance Specialization plus 4 units from (2) Must be taken for 4 semester units.
                       UC-transferable course in Art History, Drama, Music, or Studio Art
                       if course(s) are not required for major.

RECOMMENDED G.E.                                     IGETC                                                          IGETC
                            All students must audition for enrollment in the major.
                                                                                           Please access the above website for the most updated
                                                                                                          articulation information
                                                                                               SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE
                                                                                                  COUNSELORS: Kelly-Mandich / Armani
                                                                                                      Updated by Lee / Moon (11/07)
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