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					How to Write Note Cards
 for Research Papers
    The Research Paper
        What is a Note Card?
• A note card contains information from the
  sources you plan to use (Citations)
  – Quotation
  – Paraphrase
• A note card also contains:
  – The source # on the upper right hand corner
  – The topic or subtopic on the top line
  – Quotation or paraphrase on the bottom left hand
• Each paragraph (excluding introduction and
  conclusion should contain at least one citation.
Witches’ Words and Macbeth                  1
                Topic or subtopic    Source #

“George Walton Williams, in a recent article,
has shown the importance of verbal echo as a
device in Macbeth by demonstrating the extent
to which the language of the Witches (their
vocabulary and speech rhythms) invades and
infects that of Macbeth’s and Banquo’s”

Witches’ Words and Macbeth                      2
                 Topic or subtopic      Source #

The witches repeated several key words and
phrases like “hail” and “foul is fair and fair is
foul” which remained etched in Macbeth’s head
as he ambitiously sought to gain power to
become Scotland’s next king.

 Paraphrase and Quotation
Witches’ Words and Macbeth                   3
                Topic or subtopic    Source #

"All hail" is a common greeting in the New
Testament…. In Matthew 26.49, Judas prepares
to betray Jesus when he approaches Jesus,
saying, "Hail Master." The Witches greet Macbeth
in a similar fashion, and, as Judas betrayed
Jesus, so do the Witches betray Macbeth.”

• Create Source cards for the following sources used in
  the class notes. All information must be unscrambled
  and written in the correct order
• “Time for Such a Word” pages 153-9, Shakespeare
  Survey, George Walton Williams Volume 47, no 3, 1993
• Your classroom textbook (see class notes)
• URL:
• “All Hail” Author: Amanada Mabillard. Date of access: 12
  December, Date of web site: 2007

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