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					                                                                         February 18, 2010
                         Highland District Council Newsletter
In This Issue                                                                         Quick Links

HDC Events Calendar                                                       Highland Issues Forum
                                                                                  City of St Paul
Learn more about Becoming an HDC Board                                 Highland District Council
Member                                                                Mississippi River Calendar
Pipeline Safety Community Meeting                                 Highland Business Association
                                                                         Park and Rec Programs
Community Development Update                                      West 7th Business Association
                                                                                 Ramsey County
Transportation Meeting                                                               Census 2010
Home Improvement Fair                                             Friends of the St Paul Library
                                                              Metropolitan Airports Commission
Zoning and Licensing Training                                   St Paul Public Schools Calendar
Recreation for Adults                                                   Subscribe to Our Newsletter!

Friends of the Parks- Volunteer
Composting & Rainbarrels
St Paul Public School's Budget Update
Culteral Preficiency Workshops
Sidewalk Poetry Contest
Lemonade Day
Ramsey County Committee Openings

HDC Events Calendar

February 16 - Community Development Meeting 6:30 pm
              Update on Carondelet Village Project
              Bill Tschida -St Paul Regional Water Services
             Water Tower Antenna's Clearwire, Police
              Hillcrest Rec Center Activity Room

February 26 - Garage Sale Planning Meeting 1:00
              Volunteers needed!!
              Hillcrest Rec Center

March 1 - Executive Committe Meeting 6:30 pm
          Set the agenda for Board Meeting
          Hillcrest Rec Center Activity Room

March 2(Date Change)- Transportation Committee Meeting 7:00 pm
            -update on Montreal/West 7th/Lexington intersection
             St Paul Smart Trips will talk about their Neighborhood Program
             Hillcrest Recreation Center Activity Room

March 10 - Pipeline Safety Community Meeting
           6:30 pm March 10, 2010
           Hillcrest Recreation Center

March 10 - Community Services Committee Meeting
           Will be attending the Pipeline Safety Meeting

March 11 - Senior Advisory Meeting 1:00 pm
          Store-to-Door, other project Updates
          Hillcrest Rec Center Village View

March 11 - HDC Board Meeting
           Board vacancies in Grid 4 and Grid 7
           Hillcrest Rec Center Community Room

March 19 - Interested in Finding out more about the HDC?
           Informal New/Prospective Board member informational meeting
           8:30 am Highland Cafe and Bakery

March 24 - Interested in Finding out more about the HDC?
           Informal New/Prospective Board member informational meeting
           7:00 pm Highland Cafe and Bakery

March 27 - Art at Highland is a juried one-day indoor spring art fair sponsored by
           Highland/Macalester/ Groveland Community Education in cooperation
           with Artists' Circle, a non-profit educational advocate for fine crafts which
            promotes the exhibition and sale of work by quality artists.
           When: Saturday March 27, 2010, 10 am - 5 pm
            Free Event.
           Where: The field house at Highland Park Senior High School, 1015 S.
            Snelling Ave, St. Paul.

Future Dates

April 10 - Home Improvement Fair Cretin -Derham Hall High School

April 21 - HDC Annual Meeting at Highland Junior High School Auditorium

May 22 - Spring Clean Up Ford Plant Parking Lot

June 12 - Canadian Pacific/HDC Railroad Clean up
          All Scout Groups, Church Groups, High School Students and Neighbors
          are welcome to participate!!!!

June 27 - Homecroft Night Out
          3 on 3 Basketball tournament/ Neighborhood night out
          Homecroft Fields
          For more information email hdccrime@visi.com

July 16-18 Highland Fest

Interested In Learning More About the Highland District Council -Have you
Ever considered becoming a Board Member but don't have enough

These meetings are for You!
Friday March 19
8:30 am
Highland Cafe and Bakery

Wednesday March 24
7:00 pm
Highland Cafe and Bakery

Please join us for coffee and discuss what it means to join the Highland District Council Board.
How much time does it take? What kind of projects are they involved with? Will I meet fun
People? Can I volunteer in the Community?

If you are interested in attending please email hdc@visi.com or call 651-695-4005.

Pipeline Safety Community Meeting

The Highland District Council would like to invite you to a Question and Answer session on
Pipeline Safety. Due to the recent house explosion on Villard Ave, many residents have questions
about the safety of gas lines in Highland Park. The District Council has set up an informational
meeting to have those questions answered.

We have invited:

Xcel Energy
MN office of Pipeline Safety
City of St Paul -Public Works
Fire Marshall -Public Information Officer
Fire Chief -Tim Butler

This issue goes beyond Highland Park, all are welcome to attend.

Please contact the Highland District Council office with any questions at hdc@visi.com or call

Please share this flyer and distribute/ email to neighbors that may be interested in attending.
Thank you for your help.

Community Development Update
Walgreens - An appeal of the Planning Commissions decision on the Walgreens site plan was put
on hold. The Highland District Council and the Highland Business Association were asked not to
appeal by Walgreens. It is their project and we want to respect their wishes. Semper
Development is working on a completely new site plan and did not want this one to be approved.
We will send out the new site plan as soon as it is received. We are looking forward to working
with Semper Development, Walgreen's, the Highland Business Association, the City Councilman's
office and the neighbors to develop a project that is the best for Highland Park.

Carondelet Village Update - the Sisters of St Joseph and Presbyterian Homes updated the
Committee on the project at the February 16 meeting. They are hoping to break ground on May
1, 2010. The project will take two years to complete. The first phase will take 14 months and
then the Bethany building will be torn down and the 2nd phase completed in 10 months. Site
Some of the features of the Carondelet Village project are:

       an Integrated Service Center
      149 Independent living 1 and 2 bedroom apts
      46 Assisted living units
      19 Memory Care units
      45 Skilled Nursing units
      60% of the projects heating will be produced by geothermal heat
      Roof gardens
      Natural landscaping that is low maintenance
      44 overflow parking spots for Staff in the O'shaunessy lot at St Kate's University
      Chapel
      Theater
      Art museum
      occupational therapy
      dental health
      podiatry
      massage center
      fitness center

They have already had over 800 people interested in receiving more information. They will have
a certain percentage open to the public, but have to wait until the project is about 6 months
from completion to see exactly what that will be available.

St Paul Regional Water Services met with the CDC to discuss placing antenna on one of the
Water Towers. The Committee recommended that they go ahead.

Clearwire wireless broadband antenna

SPPD antenna

Transportation Meeting - March 2 (New Date) 6:30 pm Hillcrest Rec Center
Laura Baum with Smart Trips will be speaking about the Smart Trips Neighborhood program.
Highland is one neighborhood they are looking at for 2010, and the selection will be made by the
meeting on March 2.
Monica Beeman with Traffic and Engineering will give an update on the West 7th, Montreal,
Lexington intersection.
Lee Bennett with the MTC will be answering questions on the Southwest bus stop on Cleveland

Home Improvement Fair
The 18th Annual Highland MacGroveland Home Improvement Fair will take place on Saturday,
April 10, from 10 am to 3 pm at Cretin-Derham Hall High School. Once again we will have over 80
Exhibitors and 20 workshops, including Rain Barrels and Backyard Composting.
For more information go to http://www.highlanddistrictcouncil.org/home-improvement-fair

Leadership Training for Zoning and Licensing

Wednesday, March 10, 2010, 6:00-8:30 pm
North Dale Recreation Center
1414 St. Albans Street North 55117 (#3, 61 or 65 bus)
District councils play an essential advisory role in city development decisions. This session will
expand your toolbox of strategies for effectively assessing and making recommendations on city
plans and zoning and licensing proposals. The training will include presentations from city
staff and District Council representatives.

Training is free of charge but
requires advance registration.
To register, contact Diane Wanner,
651-266-8572 or

Recreation for Adults 50 +
Spring Programs -March, April and

Information contained in this newsletter advertises recreation
programs offered through Saint Paul Parks and Recreation's
Recreation for Adults 50+, City Passport, A Place for People 50
and Better, Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Centers and several
other senior serving agencies.

Friends of the Parks -Volunteer Some Time
Volunteers are needed to help restore natural and endangered areas along the
Mississippi, Minnesota and Saint Croix River Valleys. Volunteers will help plant trees
and seedlings, spread native seeds and remove invasive shrubs like buckthorn and
tartarian honeysuckle and invasive weeds.

Great River Greening is seeking veterans who know the ropes as well as budding
environmentalists who are willing to receive training to become volunteer supervisors.
Volunteer supervisors will lead groups of 8-10 who will pull, dig, haul and plant. New
supervisors are paired with more experienced volunteers until they are comfortable
working as a crew leader.

For more information contact Mark Turbak at volunteer@greatrivergreening.org or call
651-655-9500 X 11.

Interested in composting, rain barrels or native plants?
Sign up for an FMR workshop
Thinking about starting to compost but not quite sure how it works? Interested in installing a
beautiful and beneficial raingarden to capture stormwater runoff on your property, but not sure
where to start? There may be a couple snowstorms left, but now is the perfect time to sign up for
FMR's spring workshops to learn about these topics and more.

You can review the offerings and even sign up directly through our events calendar.

St Paul Public Schools
Budget Update
Chief Business Officer, Michael Baumann, provided an update on the Fiscal Year 2001 Budget
Situation Update and the Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Process Update. Highlights of the presentation

The financial situation for the District projects a growing shortfall on a scale not seen in its long
The District is seeking multiple sources of input and doing all it can to include stakeholders in the
difficult task of determining reductions to achieve a balanced budget.
The budget cannot sustain the existing education delivery model as shown in the large shortfall;
changes must be implemented.
To view the complete presentation, click here.

Cultural Proficiency Workshops
Learn about Somali, Latino and Hmong Cultures
American Indian and Ethiopian workshops added!Article Headline

Winter Cultural Proficiency Workshops:
Full-day Introduction to Somali, Latino and Hmong Culture: Wednesday, February 24, 8:30 a.m.
and Wednesday, April 21, 8:30 a.m. Introduction to American Indian Culture: Wednesday, March
17, 8:30 a.m.
Introduction to Ethiopian Culture: Wednesday, March 17, 10:30 a.m.

Take all five workshops and save! Register now! Early registration discounts are available.
We can also present a Cultural Proficiency Workshop at your workplace. Call 651.789.2514 or
651.789.2513 to find out more.

Sidewalk Poetry Contest
Saint Paul Sidewalks Are Paved with Poetry
Third Annual Sidewalk Poetry Contest Begins
To enter, please visit: www.stpaul.gov/poetry before March 28, 2010
Please pass information on to Saint Paul Residents of all ages - Guidelines Attached

"Lemonade Day"
Twin Cities "Lemonade Day" is a city wide event designed to teach youth how to start, own and
operate their own business! On Sunday, February 21, there will be an informational meeting at
Hillcrest Recreational Center from 1-2 p.m.

They will also have volunteer needs for mentors at afterschool recreation check programs starting
in mid March. This would require a 6 week commitment for one hour a week to help a young
person go through the guide book. There is a matching mentor guidebook so the adult would
know what they need to say and do. They also will be do a backpack stuffing on March 21st at a
warehouse in South St. Paul if that is of interest to any of the businesses members. For more
information, you may contact Cari Campion at cnpdc07@gmail.com .

Ramsey County Committees
The Ramsey County Board of Commissioners is seeking individuals to serve on various volunteer
committees and boards.

the planning process of the County's Capital Improvement Program. The members advise the
County Board in setting priorities on proposed capital expenditures within Ramsey County.
Applicants are being sought specifically from District 6.

FOOD AND NUTRITION COMMISSION (Joint City/County) The Saint Paul - Ramsey County Food
and Nutrition Commission is a forum for public and private stakeholders to assess how local food
systems are operating and suggest policies, share information and plan for increased access to
safe, affordable and nutritious foods. The Commission will create an action plan laying out a
comprehensive vision of Ramsey County's future in terms of access to healthier foods and
sustainable local food systems for food production, distribution and consumption. Some of the
issues to be considered could be hunger, nutrition, foods available for in-home and away-from-
home consumption, food-related illnesses, culturally specific food availability, economic
development in the food arena, community and backyard gardening, locally grown food, farmers'
markets, transportation for distributing and obtaining food, and environmental concerns related
to food systems.

Description of applicants sought: We are seeking individuals related to the local food systems
such as farmers, employees or volunteers of food banks and food shelves, retail grocers, food
wholesalers, restaurant owners or managers, community gardeners, consumers from areas lacking
adequate food access, food or agricultural economist, representatives from religious
organizations interested in hunger, health professionals, school and local officials. Applicants are
being sought for seven County positions.

Council and Ramsey County Board of Commissioners on issues affecting people who are
experiencing homelessness and recommends policy changes to reduce and eventually eliminate
homelessness in the community. Applicants are being sought for County positions specifically in
the areas of Family Housing Fund, Provider of Housing for Families, Provider of Housing for
Families and Singles, and for three at-large positions.

PARKS & RECREATION COMMISSION members serve as an advisory body to the Ramsey County
Board on matters relating to planning, development and operation of parks, trails, open space
and recreation areas. Applicants are being sought specifically from Districts 2, 4 and 6.

VETERANS REST CAMP BOARD directs the operations of the camp, which is located on Big Marine
Lake. The camp offers summer camping to needy Ramsey County veterans who otherwise might
not be able to afford it. The Board is made up of representatives appointed by the Ramsey and
Washington County Boards, Disabled Veterans Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the
American Legion. Applicants must be veterans to be considered for appointment.

For an application(s) and more detailed information on these committees, call 651.266.8001, or
on the County's Website at www.co.ramsey.mn.us/cb/ma/volunteer.htm. All applications are
due by March 31, 2010.

seven committees, to shape policy, and share their knowledge and opinions with the Ramsey
County Board. The seven committees, each representing a different population served by the
Department are: Adult Services, Chemical Health, Children's Services, Intellectual and
Developmental Disabilities, Low Income, Adult Mental Health, and Children's Mental Health.

Click on one of the following application forms for the CAC Committees. For more detailed
information, call 651.266.4423 kristen.jackelen@co.ramsey.mn.us

Application for Volunteer Membership (PDF)
Application for Volunteer Membership (MSWord)

WORKFORCE INVESTMENT BOARD (WIB) is a committee of individuals (representing business,
education, economic development, labor, community-based organizations, and others) appointed
by the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners and the Mayor of the City of St. Paul. In
partnership with the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners, the WIB provides broad community
leadership in all areas of workforce development, including development of a comprehensive
countywide strategy to meet the community's workforce development needs under the Federal
Workforce Investment Act of 1998. Applicants should be Ramsey County residents. Terms are

Applications for the WIB and Youth Council are available by calling 651.779.5422 or
Thanks you for all your great comments!

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the warmer weather and the end of the snow.


Kathy Carruth
Community Organizer
Highland District Council

                                         1978 Ford Parkway
                                      St Paul, Minnesota 55116

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