kasai rex by O055uE8i


									The Kasai Rex is a strange animal allegedly living in the jungles of central Africa said to
resemble a large, predatory dinosaur.

There have been several sightings throughout the years, but the most popular one took place in
1932. A Swedish plantation owner, named John Johnson, and his African servant were once
walking through the Kasai valley in Africa (the location of this particular sighting was where the
creature got its name), when they came across a grazing rhinoceros. They were careful not to
disturb the animal. All of a sudden, a 40-foot-long, two-legged lizard-like beast ambushed the
rhino. During this attack, Mr. Johnson actually fainted while his servant ran away in terror.
When Johnson woke up, the creature was still feeding on the rhino carcass. He described the
animal as having have long, sharp teeth, big jaws, a long, thick tail, and thick legs, which he said
reminded him of the legs on a lion. He also described the color of the creature: a dark red, with
dark-colored, vertical stripes running down its neck, back and tail. He then saw the huge beast
walk back into the jungle after it had eaten its fill.

The few sightings of this creature generally agree with one another; the size of the creature
differs slightly in the sighting descriptions (possibly due to specimens of a different sex or age),
but the animal's coloration remain the same: red with dark stripes.

These general descriptions certainly seem to fit a large carnivorous dinosaur. Candidates include
not just T-rex, but also Tarbosaurus (a very close relative of Tyrannosaurus rex), Allosaurus,
Megalosaurus, and the recently discovered Giganotosaurus, among others.

No expeditions have yet been launched that have focused on the Kasai Rex.

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