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					      Parish Magazine 1886 - Parish of Winterbourne
Website address… www.frenchaymuseumarchives.co.uk                         children, regularity of attendance is so important that the Managers
                                                                          are thinking of instituting a new scheme of rewards for those who
Parish Magazine.                                                          make 400 attendances, instead of the halfpenny a week that is now
[This Magazine, in these early years, was a combined one for the          returned.
parishes of Winterbourne and Winterbourne Down. The pages were                    And now I would commend you to God's keeping and God's
delivered together with a national publication of general interest,       guidance for the coming year.
stories and tracts. The copies being transcribed here are just the                       I remain your faithful Friend,
local parish pages for Winterbourne and Winterbourne                                     ARTHUR H AUSTEN LEIGH.
Down,(though in some years Winterbourne Down was not included) Parish Magazine.
bound together and published in one book covering the years1883 to 1886, JANUARY.                        All Saints, Winterbourne Down.
1890 inclusive.]                                                                  A happy and a prosperous year to our readers, and to all our
                                                                          friends, young and old, rich and poor.
[Items of religious instruction and forthcoming services will                     Christmas passed off very happily here: there were 75
generally be omitted from this transcription.]                            Communicants at the Lord's Altar - somewhat in excess of last year -
                                                                          and a very good number when we remember that several were ill, or
Parish Magazine.                                                          away from home. The Church was decorated with an abundance of
1886, JANUARY.                  St Michael’s, Winterbourne.               evergreens; the font and pulpit were resplendent with holly, flowers
        My dear Friends,                                                  being confined to the Altar. Carols were sung as last year: and the
In sending you my letter of New Year's Greeting, I would invite you Choir Boys spent two evenings reminding their friends that the
to look back and to look forward.                                         Bristol Pantomime would run away with some money.
        The past year has been a marked one to many of you as being               Almanacs. Large Sheet Almanacs, containing a variety of
the year in which yon have been Confirmed, standing forward and           useful local information can be had from the Vicar or Visitors. (1d
taking upon yourselves the responsibilities which come with               each) The first 100 were sold in a couple of days, so a second 100 are
increased years. Still more marked has it been for those - alas! too      being printed.
few of you, who during the course of it have begun to seek and to                 Christmas Entertainment.              There will be a Tea and
gain at the Lord's Table strength to bear their responsibilities well.    Magic Lantern, on Thursday, January 7th. Payments on the same
        Two matters of general interest in the Parish are connected       principle as for the summer excursion.
with the year just past. One is that some of the Ladies of the Parish             Sunday School.         In order that parents may know how
have kindly undertaken to act as District Visitors, which has the         many marks the children get, each Scholar will be provided at the end
double advantage of making them better acquainted with their              of each month with a card, shewing plainly how many marks have
neighbours, and of bringing to my notice those who want my advice been gained or lost.
or assistance. The other is the establishment of a Working Men's                  Provident Clubs.       There are 72 depositors in the Coal Club,
Club. Whether the Club succeeds or not must depend on the way in          39 in the Clothing Club, 115 in the Sunday School Clothing Club,
which it is used and managed. If those for whose benefit it is started and (at present) 54 in the Day School Boot Club. This very large
are determined to support it, and to meet one another there in a          increase in the number of members will mean a large increase in
friendly sociable way, it will do well and be a boon to the place. If     bonus at the end of the year - about £20 in all. The Vicar is therefore
not, it will dwindle and die.                                             obliged to give notice that he cannot guarantee a larger bonus than
        The past year has also been a marked one owing to the             1/6d on each card, though he hopes be may collect sufficient to pay-
Election. Elections are apt to give rise to excited and even angry        at the same rate as last year.
feeling, and they are certain to bring differences of opinion to the              Collections. Dec 6, £1. Dec 13, £1/7/3d. Dec 20, £/13/9d.
fore; but I trust that in this Parish these feelings and differences have Dec 21, 2/9d. Xmas Day (for Charity Fund), £4/10s. Dec 27, £1/7/3d.
not grown to such a head as to interfere with general neighbourliness Also £9 for Altar. Total, £19/1/1d.
and goodwill. One advantage which has certainly resulted from it is               Communicants.          Xmas Day 75. 4 Sundays 40. 3 Holy
that is has drawn Churchmen of all parties closer together and            Days, 10. 10 Weekdays, 43.            Total, 168.
directed public attention to the rights, the duties, and the work of the          Baptisms.
Church.                                                                   Dec 4          Emily Stanley,
        Of the year before us there is less to be said, as we know not                   Alice Stanley.
what it may bring forth. Let me mention one or two points upon            Dec 18         Caroline Roach.
which I could wish for an improvement to take place amongst us in         Dec 26,        John Henry William Mees.
the course of it.                                                         Dec 27         Alice Rosina Balston,
        First in the matter of Churchgoing. I do not think that this is                  Albert Edward Carver,
looked upon in the right light. It ought to be regarded as a duty. Many                  Sarah Annie Carver,
come to Church only when it pleases them, or when there is a chance                      Sophia Carver,
of seeing or hearing some new thing, and not regularly as a mark of                      Eva Carver.
respect to God, and a means of growing better and holier themselves.              Burials.
        Next, I desire to lay before those who can give the need there Dec 26            William Lloyd, aged 85.
is of your supporting the Clothing and Coal Clubs more liberally than                    Eliza Cooksey, aged 72.
you do. They are in my opinion the best form of giving that can be
devised, because they are a direct encouragement to thrift. And yet, if
it were not for the help which I get from members of my own family,
who have no connection with this parish beyond the personal tie
which connects them to myself, I should be obliged to reduce the
bonus to such an extent as to seriously impair the benefit of the
        Lastly, I ask those Parents who send their children to the
National School to do so more regularly. Both for the School and the
       Parish Magazine 1886 - Parish of Winterbourne
                                                                                He will also be glad to receive any donations towards the
St Michael’s Home              January 1886                              Colouring and Repairs of the School, which were carried out last
         Our Christmas has necessarily been a quiet one, since we have   August, ten pounds are still due on this account.
had a case of measles, and one of chicken pox in the Home, but we               Entertainments.
can safely say that it has been a very happy one, thanks to our kind     A very successful Concert was given in the School, Jan 27th. The
friends who have given us the means of supplying our children with       performers were Miss Hall Say, Miss Crossman, Miss Lloyd, Miss
the usual good fare, and also with toys, cards and other gifts on        Ludwell, Dr Eager, Mr Trower, Mr A Hill, Mr P Turner, and the
Christmas Day.                                                           Choir Boys, with readings by "a coon hunter," and "Mrs Caudle"
         We were intending also to have had a Conjuring Entertain-       About 30s was realized for the School Fund, thanks chiefly to Mrs
ment on the Holy Innocents' Day but in the morning we received a         Lloyd for the loan of her piano.
letter from the Conjurer telling us of an outbreak of scarlet fever in          On Thursday, Feb 4th, there will be another Entertainment in
his house, so his visit has to be postponed to some future, but we       the School at 7-30. Admission 3d and 1d. The proceeds will be given
hope not very distant date.                                              to the Workman's Club.
         We have only to add our grateful thanks to all who have so             Baptisms.
kindly remembered us and our children at this happy season and           Nov 8         Charles Henry Thomas Maggs.
contributed to their enjoyment by the following gifts…                   Nov 17        Laura Howell.
Parcel of Clothing             Mrs Belfield                              Nov 22        Emma Goodfield.
Parcel of Clothing             Mrs Mears                                 Dec 13        George Walker,
Sack of Potatoes               Mr Holder                                               Eliza Pullen.
Parcel of New Clothing         Miss Turner                               Jan 10        Sidney Cook.
Parcel of Clothes              Mrs Rogers                                Jan 24        Henry James Price.
         Special for Christmas…                                                 Weddings.
Toys, Books, Cards, Cossaques         Miss Ayling                        Dec 14        George Barnes and Anne Angel.
Groceries, Nuts, Figs, Fruits, &c Mr Sperring                            Dec 25        James Pearce and Harriet Sollis.
Clothes, two Dolls, Scrap Book        Miss Henderson                            Burials.
Parcel of New Clothing                Miss Dorothy Snelgrove             Nov 22        Fred Augustus Cook, aged 9 months.
Two Knitted Petticoats         A French Lady Per Miss Francklyn          Dec 1         Sarah Ricks, aged 29 years.
Toys, Dolls, &c                       Mrs Price and Miss Parker          Jan 3         Emily Louisa Goodman, aged 21 years.
Toys, Dolls, &c                       Miss Sarney                        Jan 24        Thomas Winstone, aged 78 years.
Cakes, Oranges, &c                    Mrs & Miss Callaghan
Warm Scarves, &                       Mrs Blackman                    Parish Magazine.
Puddings, Cakes, Sweets, Dolls, &c          The Asylum                1886, FEBRUARY.               All Saints, Winterbourne Down.
Clothes, Pudding, Dripping, Bacon, sweets, toys, &c Mrs Charles               Day School.           The Inspection and Examination is fixed
Clothes, Groceries, Books, Prints, &c       Mrs Bewsher               for early in March: we are therefore doing our best to prepare for it;
Box of Oranges                              WS Sedgewick, Esq         the number of children to be examined is very much larger than last
Holly and Misletoe, a Joint of Meat & Potatoes Mrs Turner             year, and it is hoped that the result will be better. Parents are
Boxes of Sweets                       Mr Colburn                      requested to let nothing interfere with the children coming every day
Clothes, Cards, &c                    Miss Drake                      this mouth. Sickness and bad weather have reduced our numbers
Books, Sweets, Cards, &c              Miss Cheales                    lately, but (thanks be to God) both are passing away. A new method
Clothes for G. S and Cards            Mrs Basevi                      of reward has been introduced in addition to the half-penny a week
Cards                                 Mrs Plowden                     which each child can earn by being regular and punctual, viz., a
Cards                                 Miss Erle                       Penny Bank Card value 6d to all who have gained the half-penny
Various donations in cash from other Friends.                         each week in the quarter, and a 3d card to all who have only missed
We will ask our friends to remember us and our work in their Prayers  one week.
that God’s Blessing may descend abundantly upon us throughout the             Sunday School.
New Year.                                                             The same two causes have been at work here too; but the numbers are
                                                                      very good. Prizes for 1885 will be given at Easter.
Parish Magazine.                                                              Subscriptions to the Day School should be paid this month.
1886, FEBRUARY.             St Michael’s, Winterbourne.               The Vicar regrets that his appeal to subscribers at 2/6d a year has met
       The following contributions have been sent up from the Parish with no answer. Surely there are many who feel that the cause of
during 1885,                                                          Religious Education should be supported, and that we should do our
       SPG.                                                           best to avoid a School Board with its many evils and its great
Collected at Meeting, Sept 21                            £1/0/1       expense. Our parish, unlike its Neighbours, is so poor that we are
Collected in Church and Parish Room, Dec 6               £1/7/3       bound to appeal to them to help us, and specially to those who reside
Annual Subscription                                      £1/1/0       at Winterbourn and Frenchay, who would be taxed for the support of
9 Collecting Boxes                                       £1/19/8      a School on the Down if ours were closed.
       Additional Curates' Society.                                           Men's Club.
Collected at Meeting, Oct 13                             £0/13/6      It is proposed to hold in the Club Room over the School a Discussion
Collected in Church, Dec 25                              £1/10/0      Class or Debate on Political and other matters, on the Saturday
Annual Subscription                                      £1/1/0       evenings of this month, at a quarter to       nine in the evening. Open
       Diocesan Association.                                          free to all.
Collected in Church, June 14                             £1/10/0              Collections. Jan 1st, 4/1d; Jan 3rd, £1/12/4d; Jan 6th, 14/9d,
Annual Subscription                                      £1/1/0       and 10s for Sick Fund; Jan 10th, £1/12/7d; Jan 17th, £1/6/8d; Jan 24,
       The School.                                                    £1/2/1d; Jan 25th, 2s; Jan 31st, £1/5/6d. Total £8/10/3d.
The School year ends Feb 28th. The Rector will be much obliged if             Communicants.         5 Sundays, 37; 3 Holy Days, 19; 12
Subscribers will send him their donations in the course of the month. Week Days, 34.         Total 90.
       Parish Magazine 1886 - Parish of Winterbourne
       Baptisms.                                                                   Baptisms.
Jan 1         Florence Victor Wheeler.                                    Feb 14           Sareh Anne Tandy,
Jan 5         Henry William George Hayward.                                                Sarah Anne Mayyell,
       Burrial.                                                                            Edward Lowe,
Jan 16        Bertha Ann Amos, aged 9 months.                                              Leonard George Alway,
                                                                                           Eliza England,
St Michael’s Home              February 1886                                               Frederick Upton,
        We must ask our friends to be content with a short account of                      Alice Hollister,
our affairs this month, as it has been a very busy time for us, and has                    Sarah Jane Evans.
left us somewhat fatigued. Sixteen of our children have had the           Feb 23           James Ricketts.
measles, eight chicken pox, one croup and subsequent inflamation of                Burials.
the windpipe, and one congestion of the lungs; but we are thankful to Feb 7                Edwin Hathway, aged 67 years.
say that fifteen are now quite convalescent, and the last, and most       Feb 14           William Wheeler, aged 80 years.
anxious case, is on the road to recovery.                                 Feb 14           George Amos, aged 62 years.
        We beg to thank the kind donors of the following gifts since
our last report.                                                          Parish Magazine.
A basket of firewood                 Rev the Chaplain                     1886, MARCH.                   All Saints, Winterbourne Down.
Vegetables                           Mrs Howes                                     The past month has been very uneventful, in fact there is little
Basket of potatoes                   Mr Henry Colborn                     to chronicle in the doings of the parish. But Lent is now close at hand,
Joint of beef                        Rev the Chaplain                     the time for a fresh start and a new beginning.
Parcel of clothes                    The Odd and End Society              Lent. There will be no special Mission Sermons in Church this year,
Vegetables                           Mr Gilbey                            but the Vicar hopes on Sundays Evenings to speak on those simple
A quantity of new clothing…                                               duties which form the usual subjects of Mission Addresses. The Rev
        and vegetables               Lady Cave and Miss Symthe            NY Birkmyre, Vicar of S Simon's, Bristol, will give a course of
Toys                                 Mrs Dufaur Clark                     Instructions on Holy Communion on the Thursday evenings,
Clothes                              “Ida”                                specially intended for those who are preparing to come to the Lord's
                                                                          Table on Easter Day. There will be a series of sermons on our Lord's
Parish Magazine.                                                          sufferings on Friday evenings.
1886, MARCH.                         St Michael’s, Winterbourne.          The Day School Examination took place on the 2nd and 3rd of
Notices.                                                                  March, but the result is not yet known. All in the parish will
9th and 10th. Examination and Inspection of the School by HM              sympathize deeply with the School Master in his present great trouble
Inspector.                                                                (the death of his wife, RIP) and will pray that he may bear up with
10th. Ash Wednesday.           Morning Prayer in the Church at 10-30- patience. The School begins its work for the new year on Tuesday,
and on every Wednesday during Lent.                                       March 9th.
12th. Evening Service in the School at 7.30, and every Friday during               The Men's and Boys' Clubs have now closed until next winter.
Lent.           The Rev HL Thompson will preach on the 12th instant. The Discussions on Saturday Evenings (on Ireland, on Public Houses,
And the Rev G Jackson on the 19th.                                        on Allotments, on Local Rates, and on Free Trade,) have been very
21st. 2nd Sunday in Lent. The Rev CHV Pixell will preach in the           instructive and very useful.
afternoon.                                                                         Collections.          Feb 2nd, 8/6d. Feb 7, £2/0/7d. Feb 14,
        Lending Library.                                                  £1/7/3d. Feb 21, £1/13/4d, and 2/6d for School. Feb 24, 2/3d.
Several new and attractive books have been added to the library.          Feb 28, £1/15/8d and £2/4/6d for School.             Total, £9/14/6d.
Books are given out every Monday at 12-30. The subscription is at                  Communicants.         Feb 7 (General Communion), 56.
the rate of 1d a month, to be paid yearly or half-yearly. In spite of the 3 other Sundays, 22.           2 Holy Days, 13.      9 other days, 32.
advantages thus offered of obtaining many interesting books at so                  Total, 123.
cheap a rate, there were only 18 subscribers during the last year,                 Baptisms.
Either the thirst for knowledge and the love of reading is not great in Feb 14             William John Lloyd,
Winterbourn, or else every one works too hard to find any time for                         Henry Charles Andrews.
study.                                                                    Feb 21           Florence Louisa Prosser.
Paid by Members from Jan 1 to Dec 31: £1/1/6                                       Marriage.
New Books                                           £0/15/7               Feb 7            John Mills and Sarah Ann Mundy.
In Hand                                             £0/5/11                        Burial.
        Parish Clerk.                                                     Feb 27           Kate Noyce, aged 24 years.
The following have been Clerks in Winterbourn, The Rector will be
glad to receive any further information about them.                       St Michael’s Home              March 1886
John Meyrick, died 1769, see Tombstone.                                            Our hopes as to the recovery of little Alfred M (the case
John Webb.                                                                mentioned in last month's Magazine) have proved vain. He passed
Jeremiah Webb (shoemaker).                                                away peacefully and quietly on last Sunday afternoon. Although the
Mark Harcombe (hatter) 1817-1820.                                         little fellow had quite got over the measles and croup, a kind of ulcer
Robert Harcombe 1820 - 1830.                                              formed in the roof of his mouth, which in spite of all remedies
James Harcombe (carpenter) 1830 - 1847.                                   gradually extended and eventually proved fatal. This is the fourteenth
John Webb (gardener) 1847 – 1852.                                         child his father has lost, and he has now only three left.
George Webb (cooper).                                                              Our long postponed Conjuring Entertainment has at length
William Morgan (carpenter).                                               taken place, and gave great satisfaction to our young people, who
William Turner.                                                           were very much Mystified at the extraordinary changes which coins,
George Tanner.                                                            handkerchiefs, hats, &c, underwent, and above all when a glass full of
There has been no Parish Clerk for several years.
       Parish Magazine 1886 - Parish of Winterbourne
bran turned into a glass full of sweets, which being distributed        average daily attendance for the year was 132, instead of 102 in 1885,
amongst them, left no doubt as to their reality and goodness.           and the children presented for examination, in the standards were 92
       Owing to the prevalence of the measles and other causes, we      instead of 62; but our most sanguine hopes had never reached so high
have not lately had our usual number of visitors, and we have           as to expect a grant of only 3/6d. short of £100, and yet such is the
therefore taken advantage of the opportunity, to do some much           case, £99/16/6d. being received from Government. To show how
needed painting, white-washing, &c, but when the consequent             highly satisfactory this is, we insert the Grants received for the last 5
confusion of having workmen in the house is over, we shall hope to      years: 1882, £58/17s.          1883; £66/15s:        1884, £68/2/8d.
have the pleasure of many friendly visits once more.                            1885, £62/8/10d.       1886, £99/16/6d.
       The issue of our Yearly Report has been much delayed, but -              The percentage of passes is equally encouraging. 1882, 53 in
now hope shortly to find time to give it our attention.                 each 100 passed in all three subjects; in 1883, 60;in 1884, 70. In
       We beg to thank our friends for the following gifts received     1885, 68, and now, 83. The School has earned the "good," instead of
since our last report…                                                  the "fair" merit grant. The Report of HM Inspector states that "there
Two joints of meat                   The Rev the Chaplain               is a great change for the better in the condition of the school --- the
Parcel of clothes                    Mrs Howes                          elementary Work in general passes fairly well and some of it well ---
                                                                        the marked improvement of the School in six months is very
Parish Magazine.                                                        creditable to the teachers.” The report will be given in full in the
1886, APRIL.                         St Michael’s, Winterbourne.        Annual Statement of Church Accounts which will be ready at Easter.
        Notices.                                                        It will he sufficient to say, now that the result does very great credit
There will be Morning Prayer at 10-30 in the Church, every              to the children, and specially to Mr Noyce and his sisters, who have
Wednesday during Lent, every day during Passion Week, and on            worked so hard and so successfully. We trust they may long continue
Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday.                                       with us and produce such good work as this year.
There will be Evening Service at 7-30 in the School every Friday                Collections. For General Fund, March 7th, £1/9/2d. 10th,
evening during Lent.                                                    5/7d. 14th;£1/8/2d. 21st, £1/12/2d. 25th, 56d. 28th;£1/10/10d. For
April 4.       Sunday.        The Preacher in the afternoon will be the Central African Missions, 3 Friday evenings, £1/2/7d. 3 Sunday
Rev FE Warren, Rector of Frenchay.                                      afternoons, 10/7d. Total; £8/4/8d.
April 11.      Sunday.        The Preacher in the afternoon will be the         Communicants           4 Sundays, 64.        1 Holy Day, 10.10
Rev HB Heberden, Rector of Stapleton.                                   other days, 43.         Total, 117.
April 18.      Palm Sunday. An Address on the. Holy Comma. nion                 Baptisms.
will be given in the morning by the Rector.                             March 24        William Sydney Graham Adams.
The Evening Service will begin this day et 6.                           March 28        Joseph Strange,
Service in the Parish Room at 2-45.                                                     Francis Jesse Carpenter.
Sunday School at 2-30.
April 23.      Good Friday. Morning Service in the Church at 11,        St Michael’s Home              April 1886
.with the Holy Communion. Evening Service in the School at                      Since last month we have admitted a three months old baby
7-30.                                                                   boy named Harry, and we have been asked to receive another of
April 25.      Easter Day. The Holy Communion will be ad-               eight months old as soon as possible.
ministered at 8 a.m., as well as after the Morning Service. _ 1hW4              In connection with this subject we will ask our readers if any
The Offertories at these services will be for the Sick, that in the     one can spare a disused single perambulator for the use of our infants
afternoon for Church Expenses.                                          in arms, who are getting too heavy to carry, and have not reached the
April 27.      The Vestry for electing Churchwardens will meet in the walking age.
School at 12-15, and will be followed by a meeting of all the                   We are happy to say that our papering, painting, &c., is
churchmen of the parish to choose two Pariah Representatives for the completed, and the Home is reported to be in excellent order.
Ruridecanal Conference.                                                         In common, we do not doubt with the rest of the parishioners
May 1.St. Philip & St. James' Day. Evening Service in the Church at we are lamenting the loss of many kind friends who have left, or are
7.                                                                      about to leave the parish.
May 2.Sunday.          Children's Flower Service at 3.                          We have nothing further to record this month beyond the fact
        ACS                                                             that our store-cupboard is completely bare of boys' outer garments.
The Rev CHV Pixell preached for the last time in Winterbourn            Will any one think of our needs in this matter when replenishing their
Church as Rector of Frampton Cotterell, for the funds of the            wardrobes for the summer, that is to say, will they send us such
Additional Curates' Society. The collections amounted to £l/15/6d.      articles of their winter clothing as they deem too unfashionable, or
        Coal Club.                                                      too much worn to be laid by for further use?
Payments into the Coal Club will begin on Monday, April 5 th.                   We beg to thank our friends for the following gifts received
        Parish Magazine.                                                since our last report.
Any one who wishes to take in the Pariah Magazine should apply to Box of Potatoes and Apples .                        Rev E Machin
Miss Elliott. About 100 copies are circulated each month. The           Clothing and Furniture                        Mrs Pixell
account is as follows                                                   Pot of jam                                    Mrs Stone
PAID.          Wells, Gardner & Co. for Magazines, £4/4s.               Two ditto                                     Miss Sarney
Gibbs for Outsides;£2/5s.            Total, £6/9s.                      Chapel Furniture, Toys, and Games             The Rev the Chaplain
RECEIVED. By Sale of Magazines, £4/15/9d. Deficit, £1/13/3d,            Vegetables                                    Mrs Howes
                                     Total £6/9s.                       Clothing                                      Miss Pendred
                                                                        Parcel of new clothing, books, toys and articles for our Autumn sale
Parish Magazine.                                                                                                      Miss H Gillard
1886, APRIL.                  All Saints, Winterbourne Down.            Parcel of clothing and fancy articles for Autumn Sale
        The result of the Day School Examination has just reached us,                                                 Mrs Bacon
and is most satisfactory. It was expected that the Grant from           Parcel of new clothing                        Miss Merryweather
Government would have been higher than the last few years, as our
        Parish Magazine 1886 - Parish of Winterbourne
Parish Magazine.                                                         were not larger; but the sudden, though long desired, arrival of fine
1886, MAY.                          St Michael’s, Winterbourne.          weather, and the lateness of Lent, combined to make garden and field
NO,tic3ds.                                                               work an absolute necessity in the evenings, especially in Holy Week.
May 1.St Philip and St James' Day. Evening Service in Church at 7        Good Friday, will long be remembered by the children for the
May 2 Sunday.         Children's Flower Service at 3.                    touching Service of the "Stations of the Cross," even the smallest will
        School.                                                          have learnt some lessons from the pictures which were displayed. The
The School was inspected by the Governmant Inspector on March 9th        Three Hours Service was even better attended than last year.
and 10th, and a Gtant £96/2s received.                                            Easter Day was a very bright and happy one. The Church had
        The Needlework of the past year is now for sale, Application     been effectively decorated by many willing helpers, and was crowded
should be made to Mrs Underdown.                                         at all the Services. The number of Communicants was - at 8am, 60; at
        The Bye Laws of School Attendances have lately been altered.     9.30am, 27. Total, 87,slightly less than last year, but this was
Children are no longer exempt if they have attended regularly for 5      expected through sickness and other unavoidable causes. Yet "what is
years. They must have passed the 4th Standard or remain at School        that among so many" who have been confirmed and been
until they, are 13.                                                      communicants in the Parish. There are some village Churches where
        HW Marsh, Esq, and Mr E Eden Jones have been chosen:             the Easter Communicants are a quarter of the whole population. Shall
Parish Representatives for the Ruri-decanal Conference.                  we ever see 220 at the Altar for the Christian Passover?
        Blanket Club                                                              At the Easter Vestry, our old Churchwardens, Dr Crossman
List of Subscribers for the Year, 1885.                                  and Mr Robert Jones, were re-elected; Mr Justice and Mr Tuck
Austen Leigh, Rev AH           …          10/-                           were re-elected Sidesmen and were also subsequently chosen as
Austen-Leigh, Mrs              ...        10/-                           Parish Representatives for the Diocesan Conference:
                                                                                  Last year's Balance Sheet is now in the press. It is impossible
Callaghan; Mrs                 ...        10/-
                                                                         to publish it until the School Financial Year has closed, hence the
Callaghan, Miss                …          2/6                            lateness of its appearance.
Clarke, Miss                   ...        5/-                                     Cricket Club commences its season on May 1st. The annual
Cook, Mrs                      ...        2/6                            subscription is half-a-crown (1s on entrance, and 2d, a week
Hayward, Mrs                   ...        5/-                            afterwards until the 2/6d is paid up). Practices Tuesday and Thursday
                                                                         nights, and Saturday afternoon. Will not some more young men from
Howes, Mrs                     ...        5/-
                                                                         the Down join us on the Common then?
Johnson, Mrs                   ...        10/-                                    Communicants.         Easter Day, 87. 3 other Sundays, 65.
Jones, Mrs Eden                ...        5/-                            12 Week Days, 53. Total, 205.
Lloyd, Mrs                     ...        5/-                                     Collections.          General Fund. April 4th, £2/2/9d. April
                                                                         11th, £1/11/9d. April £1/13/5d. April 22nd, 5/6d. Good Friday, 13/6d.
Matthews, Mrs SY               ...        5/-
                                                                         Easter Day, £5/18/5d. For Central African Mission
Matthews, Mrs Jeffrey          …          5/-                            - 3 Sunday afternoons, 13/5d. 3 Friday evenings, £1/-/6d. Total,
Matthews, Miss                 …          5/-                            £14/0/6d.
Sargent, Mrs Charles           …          5/-                                     Baptisms.
Smith, Mrs Moses               …          5/-                            April 4         Frank Matthias Skuse.
                                                                         April 9         Clara Fowler.
Withers, Mrs                   …          2/6                            April i6        Mary Skidmore.
                               ... Total £4/17/6
                                                                         April 18        Ernest Stanley Green.
        124 Blankets were lent to the poor in November, 1885.
SPECIAL NOTICE.              The Blankets must be returned to Mrs               St Michael’s Home                    May 1886.
Shipway, on Saturday, May 9th, at 10 o'clock.                                   ABRIDGED ANNUAL REPORT, 1886.
Any persons not sending in their Blankets on that day, will not have a  We must apologise to our friends for the unavoidable delay which has
blanket lent to them next Winter.                                       occurred in presenting, them with our Fifth Yearly Report; owing to
        Parish Officers.                                                an outbreak of measles, which fully occupied us for two months, and
Churchwardens         Mr SY Matthews and Mr JSH Lloyd.                  other causes connected with important changes in the parish. We are
Guardians             HW Marsh, Esq, and Mr W Perry.                    very thankful to state that no case of illness occurred during 1885 and
Overseers             Mr J Gibbs and Mr E Morgan.                       those children who have since had measles are completely recovered.
Waywarden             E Crossman, Esq.                                  Our kind friend, Mr Crossman, has appended his usual Medical
Assistant Overseer Mr C Dunster.                                        Report, and we desire to thank him very gratefully for his gratuitous
        Baptisms.                                                       attendance and medicines supplied. Financially we have experienced
March 14              William John Fletcher,                            great difficulty in meeting our expenses, even with the reduced
                      Stafford Sylvester Bisp,                          number of children necessitated by our School arrangements
                      Emma Louisa Bisp,                                 mentioned in our last Report. We should have preferred to augment
April 11              Gerald Arthur         Underdown.                  our numbers, as the applications we have, received have rather
        Burials.                                                        increased than lessened, and we are continually, assured; that our
April 9               Joseph Thornell, aged 74 years.                   Institution meets a great need. But, as all who read our Yearly
April 25              Mary Player, aged 45 Years.                       Reports will see by our Statement of Accounts, (which is sent to all
                                                                        subscribers) our Subscriptions last year and for the two previous
Parish Magazine.                                                        years have materially decreased. We can. only earnestly urge every
1886, MAY.            All Saints, Winterbourne Down.                    reader of this Magazine to become a subscriber to this most useful
        Lent passed off very quietly, and we trust has left permanent   Charity, even if it be for only a small amount; or if already a
result in some form or other in the hearts and lives of our people. Our Subscriber to make an effort to gain at least one more, in order to
thanks are due to Mr Birkmyre for his very instructive instructions     provide room for the many pitiful cases which are continually
on the Holy Communion; our only regret is that-the congregations
         Parish Magazine 1886 - Parish of Winterbourne
brought before us. We should be glad to supply any applicants with           whom application should be made if the visit of a clergyman is
collecting cards.                                                            desired.
         The only regret we have to express with regard to our experi-              The District Visitors are requested to communicate with him
ment of teaching the children under our own roof is that it has obliged      in any case of emergency.
us to curtail our numbers for want of space. Otherwise, it has proved               Band of Hope.
a complete success. The health, morals and discipline of the children        The Band of Hope will meet, at the School on Whit Monday at 10-15,
have much improved, and give us great cause for encouragement and            and proceed from thence to Church.
perseverance.                                                                       Flower Show.
         We desire to allude to another experiment made by us for the        The Show will take place on Wednesday, Aug 18th, at "Malmains,"
first time at the Dedication Festival of the Orphanage last year, viz.,      Frenchay, by permission of Captain W Belfield, who has kindly
our Sale of fancy and useful Articles for the benefit of the Institution.    consented to throw open his grounds and houses to the public.
It was very successful considering the shortness of notice we were
able to give, and as we intend (DV) to hold a similar sale annually at       Parish Magazine.
the same time, but on a more extensive scale, we ask all our friends to      1886, JUNE.            All Saints, Winterbourne Down.
make an effort and begin at once to send us any and every description                An apology is due for the very late appearance of our
of saleable fancy and useful articles; and more especially clothing of       Statement of Accounts: but the Vicar must ask for pardon and plead
all kinds (old or new), which will be very thankfully received.              stress of work as the reason. "Better late than never."
         Many thanks must be given to all who have so generously sent                The Plans of the Organ Chamber and Vestry are being care-
us various useful articles, and in any other ways assisted us through        fully considered, and it is hoped that the building will commence by
the past year; and also to those who responded to our Christmas              Mid-summer. Our friends must not be surprised if, after the Organ
appeal.                                                                      Chamber is built, their contributions are asked for a more worthy
         Medical and Surgical Report.                                        Instrument to be placed inside it,
I have much pleasure in reporting that during the year now                           Ascension Day, Thursday, June 3rd. The services will be as
terminated, the inmates of the "Home" have been particular free from         last year. Full Choral Evensong, with Sermon and Procession on
general illness. Those admitted with chronic diseases have of course         Wednesday Evening at 7-30. Holy Communion at 5 o'clock, halfpast
required the attention of the Sisters, as well as occasionally that of the   Six, and Eight o'clock in the mornino; the 6-30 a.m. Service will be
Doctor, but except for these the Home has been practically spared            Choral; the Service at 5 is intended for those who have to work early.
from illness.          Hambrook,              EDWARD CROSSMAN,               Children's Service at 11-15 a.m. Evensong at 5 p.m.
                       January, 1886,         Hon Medical Officer.                   Whitsun Day will be observed as a day of General
[ Handbill pasted into the book… ]                                           Communion, as well as Ascension Day. Services as at Easter.
       THIS TROUPE NEVER VISITED THIS TOWN BEFORE                            Our late Vicar, Mr Acland Troyte, will shortly be spending a few
           NATIONAL SCHOOL ROOM, WINTERBOURN.                                months in England. It is proposed to welcome him to a Tea and
             REV AH AUSTEN-LEIGH, Rector, Chairman.                          Social Evening some time during the month of June.
                   On SATURDAY, April 17th, 1886                                     Communicants.         4 Sundays, 56.        14 Week Days, 49.
                  THE C0LOURED VOCALISTS AND                                                 Total, 105.
                           JUBILEE SINGERS                                   Collections. General Fund, May 2nd, £1/7/3d. May 9th, £2/0/11d.
 (MALE AND FEMALE NEGROES FROM NORTH CAROLINA)                               May 16th, £1/14/0d, May 23rd, £1/19/5d.             Total, £8/1/8d.
     Will give a CONCERT of SACRED and ORIGMAL MUSIC                                 Baptisms.
                             at the above place                              May 7           Florence Smith,
        Admission - General Admission, 6d, Children Half-price                               Joseph Flook.
                           a Few Back Beats, 3d                                      Burials.
                      Tickets to be had at the Door                          April 29        James William Parry Skuse, aged 2.
                Doors open at 7. Chair to be taken at 7-30                   May l           Mary Walters, aged 52 years.
      Joy & Brown, Steam Printers, &c, All Saint’s Street, Bristol           May 8           Absalom Cooper, aged 69.
[ Another Handbill pasted into the book… ]                                   May 15          Daniel Ralph, aged 55.
                      Schoolroom [May ?] 16, 7-30                            May 22          Mary Ralph, aged 50
                Home Missions of the Church of England.
               ADMIT THE BEARER AND FRIENDS to                                 St Michael’s Home                    June 1886.
                   REV E ANDERSON'S LECTURE,                           Nothing special has occurred during the past month. We are glad to
                                  Subject…                             be able to give a good account of the children’s health which is
        "A Night with the Thieves in Liverpool and Manchester"         excellent.
                          ILLUSTRATED with                                     The Visiting Committee of the Orphanage held their
          CURIOSITIES FROM THE DETECTIVE'S CHEST.                      customary meeting at the Home on the 20th of April, and gave their
                 J Oliver, Printer, 47, George St Oxford.              usual satisfactory account of their visit, which was duly entered in
                                                                       their report book.
Parish Magazine.                                                               We are afraid we appear to be always begging, but if our
1886, JUNE.                         St Michael’s, Winterbourne.        readers knew how difficult we are finding it at the present moment to
        Rogation Tuesday.                                              produce frocks for our elder girls, we think they would be moved to
Last year there were several Collection Boxes out in the Parish, and   consider whether they could not spare at least one discarded dress, or
considerable interest was shewn in the cause by those who had charge some similar garment to meet this great emergency. It has not perhaps
of them. It is hoped that the amouut of money collected will. not fall occurred to them that our working girls are growing and that to an
off this year. The Rector will be happy to entrust a Box to any one    alarming extent, since very few people think of sending us "grown-
who may apply for one.                                                 up" garments. Dressing gowns, petticoats (in many joins) have been
        The Rector will be absent during June. His place will be taken pressed into the service, without much regard for appearances, save to
by the Rev JS Williams, who will be resident at the Rectory, and to    avoid rags and dirt.
        Parish Magazine 1886 - Parish of Winterbourne
        As the warm weather is (we hope!) approaching, no doubt
some people will be looking over their winter blankets, and perhaps         Parish Magazine.
deciding that some are not good enough to lay by. These would be            1886, JULY.                   All Saints, Winterbourne Down.
most acceptable gifts, for having recently done the same ourselves, it              The Organ Chamber and Vestries are now in course of
was rather appalling to find that many were entirely worn out, and          erection, and within three months are to be ready for use. A
our ingenuity was considerably exercised in piecing two or three            temporary vestry has been fitted up at the west end of the Church.
together to make one, which perhaps might last another winter! We           Our congregation may he somewhat incommoded by the loss of
once, and once only, had a new pair given us by a resident who has          space, but it is a necessary evil.
since gone to her rest.                                                             Alteration in Church Services.       There is now a Celebration
        We have gratefully to thank the kind donors of the following        of the Holy Eucharist every morning in All Saints' Church. The hours
gifts during the past two months…                                           are, Saints' Days, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8am;
Mrs Howes              Several gifts of rhubarb, vegetables and clothes.    Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 7-30am. It is hoped that some
Mrs CHV Pixell                               A joint of Meat                at least of our Communicants will avail themselves of the blessed
Mrs Callaghan                                New Clothing for Boys          privilege of being present at this daily offering up of the Holy
Mr H Colborn                                 A Basket of Potatoes           Sacrifice.
Miss L Ward                                  Frock for Mary M                       Sunday, August 1st.          Mr Acland Troyte writes that he
Mrs Tovey                                    Several Gifts of Vegetables    hopes to be with us on this day: many of our people will doubtless
Mrs Gilbey                                   Toys                           rejoice to see him once more at the Altar and in the pulpit. The Tea
Mrs Basevi                                   Clothes for George S           Party to meet him will probably be on 1'uesday, August 3rd.
Mrs Graham                                   Easter Eggs and Butter                 The Children's Flower Service will take place in the afternoon
Mrs Belfield's three elder children       Cakes and Sweets for Easter       of Sunday, July 11th, 3-30pm. Adults will please have to wait outside
Miss Henderson and Miss Peters               Parcel of Clothes              until all children have been provided with seats.
Mr Gilbey                                    Basket of Vegetables                   School.        The Bye Laws of School attendance have lately
Mrs Rogers                                   Baby Clothes                   been altered. Children are no longer exempt if they have attended
Mrs Hope                                     A Perambulator                 regularly for five years. They must have passed the 4th Standard, or
Rev E Machin           Two Joints of Meat and a Sack of Potatoes            remain at school until they are 14.
Mrs Gale Coles                               Three Frocks and a jacket              Communicants.         General Communicants:
                                                                            Ascension Day, 50.            Whitsun Day, 63. 4 Sundays, 51.
Parish Magazine.                                                            3 Holy Days, 25.              17 week days, 43. Total 232.
1886, JULY.                           St Michael’s, Winterbourne.                   Collections. May 30th (for Choir Boys' Fund), £4/10/10d.
        DIOCESAN CONFERENCE.                                                Ascension Day, 18/1d.         June 6, £l/17s/4d. June 11, 3/8d.
The following have been elected Members of the Diocesan                     June 13, £1/13s.              June 20, £1/16/2d.
Conference for the Rural Deanery.                                           Corpus Christi (for Altar), 19/6d; (for Organ,) 26d.
        Clerical Members.                                                   June 25th, 1/6d.              June 27, £1/19/6d. Total £14/2/2d.
Rev HB Heberden (Stapleton).                                                        Baptism.
Rev D Wright (Stoke Bishop).                                                June 20         Charles Henry Stallard.
Rev AH Austen Leigh (Winterbourn).                                                  Burials.
        Lay Members.                                                        June 2          Henry William George Hayward, aged 5 months.
J Randall, Esq. (Tockington).                                               June 26         Joseph Blinman, aged 70 years.
E Crossman, Esq. (Hambrook).
Captain Strachan Bridges (Henbury).                                                 St Michael’s Home                    July 1886.
D Sykes, Esq. (Almondsbury).                                                        Since last month's report we have admitted a little girl, aged 3
        QUEEN VICTORIA.                                                     years, from Oxford.
On the 20th of June, our most gracious Majesty entered upon the 50th                Our children's summer holidays will be soon here. Will any
- the jubilee year of her reign. With characteristic modesty she has        one help us to give them the great pleasure of a day at the Clifton
desired that all public celebrations of the event should be put off to      Zoological Gardens? We think the cost of conveying so large a party
the end of the year. Next June, if it please God to preserve her life, we   and admission to the Gardens would be from 30s to £2. Last year
must devise some way in which the anniversary of her Accession              through the kindness of friends we were able to give them a day at the
may be kept, so that all in the Parish may be able to show their            sea side. This year we should like to vary the entertainment.
thankfulness to God for having given England so good a Queen for so                 Again we venture to remind our readers of our Annual Sale of
long a time.                                                                useful and fancy articles, clothing, &c., in connection with S
        The following lines were written by a distinguished statesman,      Michael's Day; the exact date of which will appear in the August or
who has served Her Majesty many years.                                      September Magazine. Any saleable articles will be thankfully
        Queen! more than Queen! Lady of tenderest heart,                    received. As our funds are very low, we are anxious to realise as
        Gracious as Great! Called to that glorious part,                    much as possible on this occasion.
        To rule o'er half the Earth and all the Sea                                 Can any one supply us with one or two Surgical Aid Society's
        Imperial mistress of the brave and free,                            Letters, for the use of a young man in the village, injured in one of
        Thou with such homage has not been content                          the colliery accidents which occasionally occur in the neighbouring
        As loyal souls to kingly worth present;                             coal pits?
        But in thy natural goodness, scorning pride,                                We are anxious to hear of an opening for the entire adoption of
        The fountains of thy love hast opened wide                          a healthy baby girl, now under our care, about one year old. Will our
        To all thy people, making still thine own                           friends remember this, if they hear of any such opening?
        Such joys, such sorrows, as Thyself hast known.                             Many thanks are due to the kind donors of the following gifts
        So hast Thou won thy people's hearts; they see                      during the past month…
        Wife, Mother, Friend, not Queen alone in thee!                      Vegetables                           Mr J Wail
                       June 20, 1886.         S.                            Baby's High Chair                    Miss Machin
       Parish Magazine 1886 - Parish of Winterbourne
Articles for Sale                 Miss E Lansley                         14th last, a crowded congregation was gathered to welcome him in
Toys                              Mrs CHV Pixell                         their midst, and to be present at the asking of God's blessing on the
Cups and Saucers                  Miss Sarney                            work. S Swithin served us somewhat badly in the way of rain, but,
Parcel of Clothes and Scrapbook from London - Donor unknown              for all that, we felt very happy at the commencement of this much
Baby's Frocks and Bonnet          Mrs Belfield                           needed addition to the Church. And even now the Vicar is not
Rhubarb and Gooseberries          Mrs Howes                              satisfied, he wants a larger and a better instrument to put into the new
Vegetables                        Mrs Tovey                              Chamber, so we collected that afternoon over £30 to add to £50 in
New Clothing                      Mrs CD Higham                          hand for that purpose: and now he wants from £20 to £40 more: and
Clothes and Dolls                 Miss Mereweather                       he intends to get it. Mr Acland Troyte has kindly consented to come
Wool Rug                          Miss Henderson                         and beg for part of it on August 1st, and the rest will be willingly and
Dolls and Toys                    Rev T Oldham                           gratefully received by the Vicar in any sums however small,
Milk                              Major Graham                                    Congregational Gathering.            The great Political Tea in
Dress                             Miss Thompson                          honour of our new MP on Thursday, August 5th, has eclipsed and
Dress Material                    Miss Pole                              rendered impossible a Parochial Tea, as proposed, on Tuesday,
Two Dresses and Muff              Mrs Callaghan                          August 3rd, but instead of a tea on that evening, it is now arranged to
                                                                         have a social gathering of our people to say "how do you do?" to Mr
Parish Magazine.                                                         and Mrs Acland Troyte.
1886, AUGUST.                        St Michael’s, Winterbourne.                  The School Excursion         will (DV) be on Thursday, Aug
        The School.                                                      12th, when we hope to spend a very happy day at Weston. The same
The number of children attending the School has been larger during       rules for payment as last year; but as it is expected that a larger
the last few weeks than it has ever been. The average for the last       number of children will go this year, there is need of additional funds
week was 177.                                                            to make up the deficit. Last year we had to collect for this purpose
        The collection on Sunday, July 18th, was £2/6s.                  about £10, so our friends must be prepared for a call on their purses
        The School Tea,       which was fixed for Friday, July 23rd,     for this most desirable object.
was put off to the following day owing to the wet. Saturday was                   The Day School breaks up after an Examination on Friday,
fortunately a beautiful day. “Punch” and Mr Hill's String Band took Aug 13th. The Sunday School has no holidays.
the place of the Swings and the Winterbourn Brass Band, which was                 Communicants.         4 Sundays, 68.        24 week days, 63.
engaged elsewhere, and afforded much amusement both to the 255                                          Total, 131.
children who had tea in the Barn, and to many of their friends who                Collections.          For General Fund, July 4th, £2/l/3d.
came into the field in the evening.                                      July 11, £1/4/7d.       July 18, £2/0/7d.     July 25, £1/5/9d.
        Flower Show.                                                     Also on July 4, (for Sick Fund) 13s,          and on July 14, (for
The Show will be held on Wednesday, August 18th, at Captain              Organ Fund) £31/6/10d.                        Total, £38/12/1d.
Belfield's, Frenchay. Prices of admission, after 3 o'clock 1s, and after          Baptisms.
5, 6d. There will be fireworks in the evening.                           July 2          Winnefred Maggs.
        A show of Bees, Hives and Honey, and a Honey Fair, will take July 18             Ethel Matilda Fowler.
place on the ground.
        Schedules of Prizes, and Rules of Competition, may be                     St Michael’s Home                    August 1886.
obtained from the Rector, or from the Post Office, or from Mr RW         We have received a few donations towards the Children's Outing, but
Marriott, Hambrook.                                                      we have not yet sufficient. We hope to go to the Gardens about the
        Baptisms.                                                        9th or 10th, if fine.
May 9          Lilian Ellen Butchers,                                             We shall be glad to receive further contributions towards our
               Jim Maggs.                                                Annual Sale.
June 13        Fred Augustus Cook.                                                We have just admitted a little boy-baby of four months old
July 11        Ada Maggs.                                                from Taunton.
July 18        Ernest William Petsie,                                             We beg to thank our kind friends for the following gifts…
               Edith Annie Mann,                                         Gifts of Fruit (2)             Mr Martin
               Joseph William Bignell.                                   Fruit                          Miss Ward
July 25        Graham Smart,                                             Fruit                          Mr Morle
               Hannah Smart.                                             Clothes and Toys               Mrs Belfield
        Wedding.                                                         Fruit andClothes (2)           Mrs Howes
June 17        Jeremiah Isaac and Mary Jane Adams.                       Bacon, Clothes, &c             Mrs Charles
        Burials.                                                         Clothes                        Miss Johns
May 2          Annie Webb, aged 64 years;                                Cake and Loaves                Mr. Belcher
May 2          Elizabeth Amos, aged 26 years.                            Fruit                          Mrs Gale Coles
June 6         Mary Dora Hollister, aged 26 years.                       2/6d                    Anonymous Donation, per Rev Dr Belcher
June 19        Henry Collett, aged 6 months.
July 11        Henry Garnett Horsman, aged 12 months.                    Parish Magazine.
                                                                         1886, SEPTEMBER.                      St Michael’s, Winterbourne.
Parish Magazine.                                                                  HARVEST HOME.
1886, AUGUST.                 All Saints, Winterbourne Down.             Harvest Thanksgiving Services will take place on Sunday, Sept. 26th,
        Organ and Organ Chamber.             In 1880, our first Vicar    and on Michaelmas Day, Sept. 39th, at 4pm.
wrote that he had in hand "a sum of £5/7/5d, collected in 1876, for an The Harvest Home Tea will be on Michaelmas Day in School at 6.
Organ Chamber;" but he added, it was “a design which it has been         Tickets 1s each at the Door.
found necessary to postpone indefinitely on account of its serious                CHOIR OUTING.
expense." Little did he then think that in six years he would be laying At the invitation of the Rector, the Choir and Sunday School
its cornerstone: and yet such is the case - for in the afternoon of July Teachers made one day's expedition to Symond’s Yat on the Wye, on
        Parish Magazine 1886 - Parish of Winterbourne
Monday, Aug 30th. The weather, the scenery, and the interesting            2 Sundays, 16;       13 Week-days, 37. Total 127.
journey over the Severn Bridge and through the Forest of Dean, all                Baptisms.
conspired to make the day a pleasant and memorable one.                    July 31        May Cordy.
        THE WORKMANS' CLUB.                                                Aug 14         Amy Maria Badman;
The Club has been reopened for the Autumn and Winter seasons. The                         William Thomas Upton.
Committee have unanimously decided upon the following changes.                    Burial.
1.      No Member shall be admitted under the age of 18.                   Aug 5 Thomas Bilby, aged 10, from Hambrook Village Hospital.
2.      Members must pay ls a quarter, of which 6d be paid in
advance, and the balance at the end of six weeks.                                  St. Michael's Home.                   September 1886.
3.      A woman has been engaged to live at the Club, and keep it in               We have admitted an orphan boy of seven years old from Bed-
order.                                                                     minster since last month's issue.
        It is hoped by these changes that the club will be made more               On the 17th of August the children and Sisters started in a
comfortable to those who wish to spend a quiet and sociable evening.       brake for the Clifton Zoological Gardens, where they spent a most
Negotiations are in progress for acquiring a bagatelle, or small           successful and enjoyable day; the weather being perfect. We have not
billiard table.                                                            yet received sufficient donations to cover the expenses of this treat, so
        The annual meeting of Subscribers will take place at the Club      that we are still open to receive further gifts towards this special
on Monday, Oct 4th, at 8pm.                                                object.
        BAPTISMS.                                                                  We have received various contributions for our Sale, and we
Aug 8           Annie Elizabeth Mann,                                      hope to have a large and good assortment of fancy and useful articles,
                George Mann,                                               especially clothes, at moderate prices.
                Bertha Smith,                                                      We take this opportunity of stating that the Sale will be held
                Jane Annie,                                                on S Michael's Day, September 29th, commencing immediately after
                Alice Arable Rogers,                                       Morning Service, and continuing throughout the day, at what was
                Jonathon Ralph,                                            formerly the Club Room, at the New Inn [Frampton Cotterell], which
                Sarah Young,                                               is now the Close, where the Rev W Murray resides, who has kindly
                Mary Young,                                                placed the room at our disposal. We think that some of our readers
                Alice Mary Mann,                                           may not be aware that there is an outside entrance to this room
                William Rodman,                                            independent of the house. We trust that all readers of the Magazine
                George Giffard.                                            will do their best to make our Sale known amongst their friends, and
Aug 17          Fred England.                                              not only come themselves, but bring as many as they can with them,
        BURIAL.                                                            for as our funds are extremely low, we are looking forward to a good
Aug 11          Cuthbert John Malpas, aged 13 years.                       sale to enable us to pay off some of our most pressing debts. A
                                                                           Refreshment Stall will be provided.
Parish Magazine.                                                                   For the list of Services in connection with our Dedication
1886, SEPTEMBER.                All Saints, Winterbourne Down.             Festival, we must refer our readers to another part of the Magazine.
        Sunday, Aug 1st was a day to be remembered among us for                    We beg to thank the kind donors of the following gifts
the long looked for visit of the late Vicar: after an absence abroad of    received since last month…
nearly two years he came back to his old home for that day,                Articles for Sale by Mrs Crane and daughters; Miss H Gillard, Miss
celebrated the Blessed Sacrament in the early morning, and preached        Henderson and Miss Peters, Miss Drake, Miss Merryweather, and
to a large congregation in the evening. We hope that we shall often        Four Servants.
see him again among us.                                                    Captain and Mrs Justice               Fruit and Vegetables
        Tuesday, Aug 3rd. We assembled for an informal parish              Miss Gunyon                           Furniture and Clothes
gathering in the schoolroom to welcome Mr and Mrs Acland                   Two Servants                          Knitted Quilt
Troyte. Those present, though fewer in number than had been                Mr Martin                             Fruit
expected, represented all classes of our parish and congregation;          Mrs Huish                             Fruit and Vegetables
speeches, music and singing formed the programme, which gave
great satisfaction to all. We must give Mr Acland Troyte his "free         Parish Magazine.
tea" some other time.                                                      1886, OCTOBER.                St Michael’s, Winterbourne.
        The Alterations in the Church are proceeding very rapidly, and             HARVEST & DEDICATION FE5TIVAL.
the manner in which they are being carried out gives much                  Thanksgiving Services were held on Sunday, Sept 26th, and on
satisfaction. It was felt to be almost impossible to get through all the   Michaelmas Day. The weather was beautiful, and the Church never
rough work of pulling down walls, building arches, cleaning and            looked better than it did on Sunday, filled with good congregations
colouring the roof, without closing the Church for two Sundays; but        and decked with bright flowers. Being the last Sunday of the month
what must be done must be done; so for two weeks the Vicar has             the collection was for the expenses of the Church, a suitable object at
been taking a short holiday, and the people have had to go elsewhere       this season of the year, seeing that the 29th, St Michael and All
for their spiritual privileges. But we hope, all being well, to meet       Angels' Day, is the birthday of the Parish Church.
together again in a very clean Church on the 1st Sunday in Septem-                 The preacher on the 29th was the Rev GH Jackson, Vicar of
ber.                                                                       Tytherington ; the collection, £3/2s, was for the Village hospital. In
        The Organ is being re-constructed, and enlarged, and will be       the evening there was the usual Tea in the School-room, followed by
re-opened on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday in October. Meanwhile we must           speeches and songs. The Rector, Dr Crossman and Mr Seymour
do without it.                                                             being the speakers; Mrs and Miss Crossman, Miss Clarke, Miss
        The Day School will re-open on Monday, Sept 6th.                   Lloyd, The Misses Marsh, and Mr G Winter, the singers.
        Collections. Aug 1, £13/13/1d for Organ. Aug 8, £5/5s for                  CONFIRMATION.
Organ; £5 for Organ Case; £2 for Altar Fund; £1/14/11d for General         There will be a Confirmation at Iron Acton, on Saturday, Oct 30th.
Fund. Aug 15, £1/16/9d for General Fund.             Total, £29/9/10d.     Those who wish to be confirmed should communicate with the
        Communicants.           Aug 1 (General Communion) 74;              Rector at once.
        Parish Magazine 1886 - Parish of Winterbourne
        COAL CLUB.                                                        Belcher, for so kindly placing a room in the Rectory at our disposal,
Payments must be made up by Oct 25th, and all the cards given in          and for the trouble she has taken to make the Sale a success; and to
then. On the following Monday the orders for coal will be given out.      Miss Ayling for so generously and kindly herself furnishing and
        BLANKET CLUB.                                                     presiding over a stall.
The Blankets will be given out on Saturday, Nov 6th, at 10-0. It is               It has come to our knowledge that a somewhat erroneous
requested that all Subscribers who have not yet paid their annual         impression prevails as to the class of children under our care for
subscription will send them to the Secretary, Miss Callaghan.             whom we are so earnestly asking help; and we therefore take this
        ACS.                                                              opportunity of informing the public that whenever there is a living
The Rev E Corfe, Secretary to the Additional Curates' Society, will       parent, we insist on that parent contributing to the utmost of his or her
hold a meeting for the Parishes of Winterbourn and Winterbourn            power, towards the support of the child, especially in cases of
Down, in the School-room at Winterbourn Down, on Thursday, Oct            illegitimacy.
14th, at 7-30pm.                                                                  We have a certain number of free cases, children from whom
        CLASSES.                                                          it has pleased Almighty God to remove both parents, (some of whom
Miss Elliott is now holding the following Classes and hopes to con-       have also no other living relative) and no friends except ourselves. Of
tinue them throughout the Winter…                                         course our readers will also know that a widow or widower left with a
        At Watley's End. Sunday, in the Parish Room at 5, for Young       large family of little children is seldom able to pay more than a small
Women and Girls. At Winterbourn. Monday at 7, for Boys belonging          sum towards the support of one or more of his or her children. Such
to the Church of England Temperance Society. Tuesdays, alternate.         cases as these, being often the least known, receive no help from their
For Girls belonging to the CETS, at 7. Friday. Missionary                 richer neighbours, and it is for the maintenance of this class of
Working Party at 6-30.                                                    children, of whom we have at present about 26 in the Home, that we
                                                                          specially appeal to the public.
Parish Magazine.                                                                  We beg to thank the donors of gifts received since last
1886, OCTOBER. All Saints, Winterbourne Down.                             month…
        On Thursday, October 14th, there will (DV) be a Meeting in        Mrs Huish                      Fruit and bread.
our School-room on behalf of the Additional Curates' Society, which Miss Gray                            Clothes.
provide funds for the Home Missions of the Church of England. The Friend of Miss Gunyon                  Boys' clothes.
Organizing Secretary (Rev CE Corfe) will give a lecture on the            Mrs Higham                     Clothes.
subject. As it is two years since we have had a Missionary Meeting in Mrs Howes                          Clothes, fruit, and vegetables.
the School, it is hoped that we shall have a good attendance.             Mrs Justice                    Fruit and vegetables.
        On Sunday, Oct 17th, we hope to be able to see our new organ Miss Smythe                         Shirts and knitted caps for boys.
in its place, and to hear how great an improvement it is on the old       Also the donors of contributions for the Sale of Work:..
one: we shall be glad to welcome it, for it has been rather trying work The Misses Turner, Mrs Underwood, Mrs Blackwell, Miss A
to sing without any instrument, but our choir and congregation too        Lansley, Mrs Belcher, Miss Swanston, Miss Sarney, Mrs Price, Miss
deserve much praise for being equal to the emergency.                     Parker, Miss K Huish, Mrs Callaghan. G Callaghan, Esq, Mrs and
        The Vicar feels that he ought not to miss this opportunity of     Miss Pendred, Mrs Harvey, Miss Henderson, Miss AJ Peters, Miss
expressing both the sorrow the Parish (and specially the Pye Corner       Laishley, Miss Machin, Friends of Miss Machin, Mrs Graham, Miss
portion) feel at Miss Kathleen Ward's departure, and also the good Gunyon, Mrs Howes, Mrs Charles and Miss Murray.
wishes of all for her future happiness.
        Should there be any parishioner or regular member of the          Parish Magazine.
congregation who has not yet received the " Statement of Accounts " 1886, NOVEMBER.                              St Michael’s, Winterbourne.
just published, the Vicar would be glad to send one.                              THE CLOTHING CLUB.
        Collections for General Fund.        Sept 5, £1/3/7d.             Monday, Nov29th, will be last day for paying into the Club. The
Sept 12, £2/0/8d, (also £2 for Organ).       Sept l9, £1/12/2d.           Cards must be given in on that day, and payments made up to 8s, 12s,
Sept 21, 4/4d.         Sept 26, £4/1/0d, (also 10s for Organ).            l 6s, or 24s. The Clothing Cards will be given out on Wednesday, Dec
Sept 29, 5s.           Total, £11/16/10d.                                 1st, at 12-30 in the School.
        Communicants.          4 Sundays, 74.       2 Holy Days, 13.              The Rector will be glad to have subscriptions to the Clothing
18 Week Days, 50.             Total, 137.                                 and Coal Clubs paid to him.
        Baptisms.                                                                 WATER.
Sept 13         Samuel Charles Winter.                                    The Dew Water Company are prepared to lay on water in
Sept 17         Edith Evans.                                              Winterbourn along the line of the pipes. This has already been done
Sept 4          Harriet Monks,                                            at the Schoolmaster's house, and one or two in other places. A good
                Alice Bowyer.                                             supply of fresh water is of the greatest importance both for health and
        Burials.                                                          convenience. Bad water is now known to be a common cause of
Sept 6          John Alfred Wake, aged 22 years.                          fever, and it often happens that wells which are near to houses get
Sept 25         Florence Smith, aged 5 months,                            polluted from the drains, and become a source of sickness and death.
                                                                                  The clearness of water and the absence of smell are not certain
                                                                          signs of the water being good. Besides the danger arising to health
        St. Michael's Home.                  October, 1886.               from a bad water supply, much loss and inconvenience is occasion in
        We are writing in the midst of our Sale of Work, and cannot       dry seasons from the short supply failing. Wherever there is no well
therefore give our readers full particulars of receipts, &c, until next   belonging to a cottage, or wherever the well suspected, the owner
month, but we know they will he glad to hear, that so far we have         ought to be at the cost of having the water laid on; and the occupier,
done well.                                                                for his own sake, and the sake of his family, ought to be quite willing
        We cannot sufficiently thank all the kind friends whose efforts to pay the Water Rate. He will save it over and over again in better
have so largely contributed in various ways to attain this result. 1stly, health, and less fetching and carrying. The cost of laying it on will, it
by sending us such a large and varied collection of articles; and         is believed, come to 1s a yard, or a little more.
2ndly, by coming to buy. Above all, thanks are especially due to Mrs              The following are the rates for using it, for…
       Parish Magazine 1886 - Parish of Winterbourne
Premises under the annual value of £7    2/2d per Quarter.               Perhaps it may astonish our readers to hear that one week we bake a
Premises under the annual value of £8    2/6d per Quarter.               sack, and the other half a sack of flour, all the year round.
Premises under the annual value of £9    3/0d per Quarter.               We thank the kind donors of the following gifts received during the
Premises under the annual value of £10 3/4d per Quarter.                 past month…
       It should be remembered that the water must not be given          Master Lionel Warner          ..     Packet of Little Folks
away to neighbours. To do so will make the givers liable to a very       Miss Ayling           ...     ...    Toys
heavy penalty.                                                           Lady Cave ...         ...     ...    Jam
       BAPTISMS.                                                         Mrs Justice ...       ...     ...    Fruit
Sept 12       Minnie Rogers,                                             Mrs Charles ...       ...     ...    Tea and a Cake
              Bertha Rogers.                                             Mrs Huish ...                 ...    Some Loaves
Oct 10        Charles Rodman,                                            Miss Thompson         ...     ...    Boys' Clothes
              Henry Rodman,                                              Miss F Ellacombe ...          ...    Parcel of Clothes
              Joseph Rodman,
              Elizabeth Anne Rodman,                                     Parish Magazine.
              William Henry Hiscox.                                      1886, DECEMBER.                      St Michael’s, Winterbourne.
Oct 24        William Henry Creed.                                       NOTICES.
       BURIAL.                                                           Dec 16, Thursday. There will be a Missionary Meeting in the
Oct 24        Anne Lock, aged 67 years.                                  School at 7-30pm. The Rev JH Geare will attend from the SPG.
Parish Magazine.                                                         All who have Collecting Boxes are requested to give them up on
1886, NOVEMBER.                All Saints, Winterbourne Down.            Thursday, December 16th at the meeting in the School.
         On Saturday, Oct 16, the addition to the Church was dedicated           THE PARISH MAGAZINE.
to God's honour and glory; and the organ, in its enlarged and            With the new year the Magazine will start with a different inside, viz,
improved state, used for the first time. Mr Palmer, of S Barnabas,       "The Banner of Faith" A change is occasionally desirable, and it is
Pimlico, and Mr Auger, of Frenchay, have done their best to shew us      hoped that the new Magazine will prove attractive.
the value of our new instrument, and we are all much obliged to them            Miss Elliott will be glad to receive the names of any new sub-
for the treat they afforded us.                                          scribers.
         The Meeting for the Additional Curates' Society in our School          BLANKET CLUB
can scarcely be called a success, as far as numbers are concerned. It    Subscriptions, November, 1886.
seemed a pity to ask a gentleman to give us a lecture, and then to let   Rev AE Austen Leigh 10s,             Mrs. Austen Leigh 10s,
him talk to such a very empty room. Another time we must do better.      Mrs Callaghan 10s,                   Miss Callaghan 12/6d,
November brings with it our own Festival, that of All Saints, and the    Miss C!arke 5s,                      Mrs Cook 2/6d,
Anniversary of the Consecration of our Church. On All Saints' Day,       Miss Crockford 10s,                  Mrs. Hayward 5s,
Nov 1st, there will be Celebrations of Holy Communion at 6, 7, and       Mrs Howes 5s,                        Mrs Eden Jones 5s,
8: and the Sermon at Evensong will be preached by Rev J Dunn, of         Mrs Lloyd 5s,                        Mrs SY Matthews 5s,
Bathwick. There will also be special preachers on Wednesday and          Miss Matthews 5s,                    Miss Perry 5s,
Friday, Nov 3rd and 5th, and on the Sunday in the Octave, both           Mrs Charles Sargent 5s,              Mrs Moses Smith 5s,
morning and evening. The Parochial Tea on Tuesday, Nov 2nd, is           Mrs Withers 2/6d.                    Total £4/17/6d.
restricted to parishioners and congregation, but on Thursday, Nov               On the 6th of November, 133 Blankets were lent to the poor,
4th, there will be, as last year, an Entertainment, at which we shall    being an increase of 8 on the loans of 1885.
welcome "all the world and his wife" at 2d admission at doors.                  Baptisms.
         Provident Clubs will be paid out on Monday, Nov 22nd. A         Nov 1         Lionel Arthur Austen Leigh.
list of our clubs and their Rules is being printed.                      Nov 14        William Henry England,
         Collections for General Fund.         Oct 3, £1/18/4d.                        Arthur Henry Curtis,
Oct 10, £1/6/8d.        Oct 17, £3/5/3d.       Oct 18, 6s.                             Alma Sarah Tucker.
Oct 24, £1/19/4d.       Oct 28, 3/6d. For Organ Fund.                           Weddings.
Oct 16, £6/5/4d.        Oct 17 & 18, £1/15s. Total, £16/19/6d.           Nov 13        George Luton and Elizabeth Kethro.
         Communicants.         Oct. 3rd (General Communion) 56.          Nov 27        James Adams and Eliza Howes.
3 other Sundays 34. 2 Holy Days 11.            22 Week Days 63.                 Burials.
Total 164.                                                               Oct 31        James Ricketts, aged 1 year.
         Baptisms.                                                       Nov 7         Charles Wheeler, aged 5 years.
                Florence Amelia Evans and Alfred.
Oct 8           George Evans.                                            Parish Magazine.
Oct 17          Henry Ernest Coles.                                      1886, DECEMBER.              All Saints, Winterbourne Down.
Oct 20          Lavina Gertrude Turner,                                          The Vicar takes this opportunity of expressing his hope that
                Isabel Huish.                                            the subscribers to the Magazine may not be less in 1887 than in 1886.
                                                                         It is not what may be termed a "paying concern," as it never has paid
St. Michael's Home.                            November 1886.            its own way, and cannot do so unless we have a larger number of
         Our friends will be glad to hear that our Sale was on the whole subscribers at 1d a month, or 2/6d a year. It is a most useful means of
very satisfactory, the amount realised being over £23, and we hope       communication on all parish matters, and it would be an evil day, if,
next year to be able to do better still, for although we have            through lack of funds, it had to be discontinued.
considerably reduced our debt, we cannot say we have cleared it.         1The Parish Almanac 1d. will be ready before Christmas: it makes a
         The nights are getting cold and we are short of blankets. Has   bright ornament in any room, and acts as a daily reminder of the
no one even one they could give ? for blankets are expensive things      flight of time.
to buy. Flour also, is another costly item. Out of the late abundant             Provident Clubs re-opened on Monday, Nov 29th. Members
harvest will no one spare us one sack or even half a sack of flour?      may join up to Monday, December 20th, if they pay up arrears from
        Parish Magazine 1886 - Parish of Winterbourne
Nov 29th. The Sunday School Sick Club requires only to be known to         Two pairs of blankets      ...   Mrs Gale Coles
be appreciated. The Bonus on Clubs and Mothers' Meeting for 1886,          Two ditto ...        ...         Miss Callaghan
amounted to nearly £30, which has to be raised either by subscription      One ditto ...        Miss Henderson and Miss A. J. Peters
or from the General Fund of the Church. The Bonus each year will           Clothes, jam, flowers      ..    Mrs Gale Coles
vary according to the amount of money in hand.                             Some loaves ...      ...   ...   Mrs Huish
        Confirmation.          Ten candidates from this Church             Potatoes      ..     ...   ...   Mrs Turner
received the Grace of Confirmation at Iron Acton, on October 30th,         Flowers       ..     ...   ...   Mrs Wait
and made their first Communion during All Saints' tide. The Vicar is
willing to prepare for and send to Confirmation, and admit to Holy               [Handbill pasted into book…]
Communion, during all seasons of the year. Some are now preparing                                          SPG
for first Communion at Christmas; others have given in their names                                     A MEETING
for Easter.                                                                                     WILL BE HELD IN THE
        Next Year it is proposed to have additional Choral                                          SCHOOL ROOM,
Celebrations of the Holy Eucharist at ten o'clock on the 2nd and 4th                                   Winterbourn
Sundays in the month: this may allow most of our people to be                         ON THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16TH, 1886
present at the Divine Service on the Lord's Day.                                                     at 7.30 p.m., and
        Guilds, with simple rules of life, &c., are being started for                                   An Address
Boys and Girls. Ask the Vicar what the rules are.                                                    GIVEN BY THE
        Christmas Holidays.           The Day School monthly                                         Rev JH GEARE
examination takes place on the Thursday before Christmas. It is most                       All Parishioners are invited to come.
important that children should come to school that week and that day.       Collections will be made in aid of the Funds of the Society for the
Holidays from Christmas Eve, until Monday January 3rd. The                 Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, after the Meeting, and at
children's treat will take place that night; children absent from school             all the Services on SUNDAY, December 19th.
the week before Christmas will have to pay for admission to the treat.     "Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature."
        Entertainment.         Thursday, Jan 6th. The finest                    ROSE & HARRIS, BROADMEAD, BRISTOL, Printers.
performance ever witnessed in our School. A "Star Troupe" of
Amateurs will perform "Aladdin." Proceeds towards School, &c.
Admission 6d.
        Communicants.          All Saints' Day 50, All Saints' Sunday
50, Advent Sunday 59. 3 Sundays 28, 1 Holy Day 4, 24 Week Days
73.     Total, 264.
        Collections. For School, during All Saints' Week, £8/8s.
For GAS on All Saints' Day, 4s. For Organ, 2/6d.
For Altar, 10s.                For General Fund, Oct. 31st, 17/1d.
Nov. 14th, £1/14/1d.           Nov 21, £1/18/6d. Nov. 28, £1/16/3d.
Nov 30, 2/9d.                  Total, £15/3/3d.
Oct 29         Sarah Ann Poole.
Nov 24         Ellen Turner,
               Albert Thomas Hollister.
Nov 18         Kate King, 3 years.
Nov 20         Charles Roach, 78 years.

St. Michael's Home.                         December 1886.
        No doubt most people are beginning to look forward, as we
are, to the happy Season of Christmas, and we shall only have this
opportunity of making our usual appeal to the kind hearted friends,
which have enabled us to make the Christmas Season a bright and
happy time for our children. Groceries for Christmas puddings, and
mince pies, oranges, crackers, sweets, &c, not forgetting more
substantial fare, will be much needed. Also gifts for our elder
children, such as work-boxes, desks, story books, &c. Dolls possess
an unfailing charm for the younger girls; kites, tops, whips, knives,
&c, for the boys, anything and everything will be acceptable. Our toy
drawer is completely empty, and our purse pretty much in the same
condition, so we can but rely on the unfailing kindness of our friends
and neighbours to supply our deficiencies. We most heartily thank all
the kind friends who have helped as in so many ways during the past
twelve months, and we wish them all a Blessed Christmas and a
Happy New Year.
        We have only to add our grateful thanks for the following gifts
received during the past month, especially due to those who have so
kindly responded to our appeal for blankets…
Two parcels of clothing, brocoli and cabbages ...         Anonymous

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