Staff NCO Wives Club Scholarship Application by 2JoQJo


									            2012 Staff NCO Wives Club Scholarship Application

Name                                                          Sponsor and/or Parent or Guardian

                                                              Relationship to Applicant
Permanent Address, must be in Onslow Co
                                                              Military Address

Date of Birth                                                 Rank               Work Phone
                                                              # in household in grades K-12
SSN                                                           # in household in college

College Student ID #(if you have one)                         Total number in household
School Presently Attending
                                                                                  Financial Information
                                                                         Budget for school year (1st choice)
Your anticipated degree/certification
                                                              Tuition/ Fees
Membership/Activities/Honors/Awards/Offices held              Room & Board
                                                              Misc./ Personal Spending Necessities
GPA                SAT/ACT Score                              Total                                $
Name and address of college you plan to attend (Must be the   Parental Contribution
address that scholarship monies would be sent to)
                                                              Student Contribution


Why did you choose this college?                              Students Loans

                                                              Pell, NCSIG & other grants

                                                              Work Study

What other sources of financial aid have you applied for?     Other sources of assistance

                                                              What are your goals and career plans?

Why do you want to attend college?

                                                              Narrative – How has your relationship to the military influenced your
                                                              education and career choices?
                                                              (Use a separate sheet of paper)

Special circumstances/ hardships (Use a separate sheet of

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